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Thomas the Tank Engine, the much cherised tale of a little railway engine and his friends, is to be turned into a live action movie. 9 director Shane Acker will bring Thomas and friends to the big screen, with a script written by Josh Klausner (Shrek Forever After, Date Night), and Chris Viscardi and Will McRobb (Alvin and the Chipmunks). Starting in March, fresh “Thomas & Friends” content will start rolling out on a weekly basis on its YouTube channel (which has more than 176,000 subscribers).
In addition to the YouTube channel, all of this content will be available on the YouTube Kids app. Now that we've learned about the history and background of Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends, let's take an inside look into how the trains for the television series and movies are created.
To create the characters of Thomas, Henry, Percy, Gordon, and the gang, model-makers start with Marklin model train chassis and then modify the bodies to represent the various characters. The characters' faces are changed between shooting sequences and are held in place with nothing more sophisticated than double-sided adhesive tape. Models are constructed entirely from scratch by a team of three full-time model makers and two part-time freelancers, working under the art director.
The director went on and shared a brief summary of the plot, stating that the film will “revolve around a pre-teen boy who has drifted apart from his father.
We lead such busy lives in Hollywood, always running and hustling, but children tend to slow you down a bit and reconnect you with that inner world.

Initially, the order is for 52 three-minute animated and live-action shorts, which will be developed and produced by Mattel’s global preschool content development division, HIT Entertainment. In development for more than a year, the new mobile app (for iOS and Android) is focused on distributing age-appropriate content in an environment that’s controlled and safe. The son is introduced into this world of Sodor, a place his father visited as a child but can’t remember. Conductor in the first season of the 1990s TV series Shining Time Station, which included episodes Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Under a train's body shell lies the mechanism for moving the engine's eyes -- up, down, sideways, or 'round and 'round -- by radio control.
Thomas alone has more than 40 faces cast for him, while the other engines have five or six each.
Actual movement of the locomotives along the tracks is by conventional two-rail electrification using standard Marklin equipment. Awdry's tales were turned into a television series in 1984, with ex-Beatle Ringo Starr voicing all the characters.
While that visually-stylish effort failed to make a huge dent at the box office, it did establish Acker as an animation talent to be reckoned with – and now, has paved the way for him to portray one of Mattel Entertainment’s most kid-friendly creations in a (odd though it may sound) more stylized fashion.Acker certainly seems like an odd candidate to helm a Thomas the Tank Engine movie – especially when you consider that his previous film was about homunculi made out of burlap bags and a post-apocalyptic world where soul-sucking machines dominate the ruined landscape. Because very small model trains are filmed moving in real time, it is a complex production that requires a great deal of intense focus.

Then a rubber mold is made, and several copies are cast in a mixture of resin and auto-body filler.
Each replica is reworked into different expressions, from which a final silicone casting is taken. Yes, the same Shane Acker responsible for that potentially-great-but-actually-horrible movie 9, a film about a rag doll in a post-apocalyptic world. The son is introduced into this world of Sodor, a place his father visited as a child but can’t remember. The son is introduced into this world of Sodor, a place his father visited as a child but can’t remember.
There is a bonding experience.”With Acker calling the shots and WETA working on the production design, there’s no reason to doubt that this Thomas the Tank Engine movie won’t be a visually-pleasing interpretation of the character and his world.

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