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When it comes to the process of buying an apartment, NYC trumps Boston in terms of sheer difficulty. One great characteristic of both cities is that they share an amazing mix of architectural styles. If quality of life is strictly defined by cost of living alone, you’ll generally get more for your money in Boston than you would in NYC.
When it comes to finding a new apartment in NYC, you have a lot of decisions to make — starting with East Side vs West Side. Harlem is a magical place filled with history, beauty, and charm, and it's suddenly become one of the hottest tickets in town for investors and homeowners alike.
Manhattan is a city full of different neighborhoods, each with their own distinct atmosphere and charms.
My online associates and colleagues are usually unaware of my little secret, but I'm not an original Charlottean. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Seriously, some of these photos from New York don't look bad at all compared to what I've see while riding through North Philly.
While the Buckeyes love to bash Michigan, I don't think you could pay Michigan to take back the Toledo you stole in the 19th century.
Co-ops are more common in New York City than they are in Boston, and getting past New York co-op boards can be an excruciatingly daunting experience. You’ll find 200-year-old brownstones brimming with gorgeous vintage detailing flanking sleek, hip high rises.
In NYC, brownstones can be found all throughout the city, including in the West Village, Chelsea, the Upper East Side, Harlem, and the Upper West Side. A combination of hip bars, funky stores and access to top universities make this neighborhood perfect for young people and families alike .

Home to a mix of residents ranging from young families and professionals to med school residents, it’s highly walkable, and public transit in the area is a dream. You trade storage, space and backyards for one-of-a-kind shopping, the theatre and 30 places that will deliver a breakfast sandwich at 3 a.m. My momma's place has an outdoor living room (because she's fancy, huh) -- complete with a couch, ceiling fan and ottomans. I will never, ever be the one singing "keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside", but it sure is great to have some family and friends who've gone 'Green Acres.' There is nothing better than escaping the hustle and bustle of Gotham for a time, especially during the upcoming holidays.
I would definitely classify myself as one now, but before I settled in Queen City, my roots can be traced back to New York. NYC has a lot of inhabitable vacant apartments in buildings of poor neighborhoods, but less completely vacant buildings then in the past.
I recently went there and there wasn't a spot without a homeless a slumy spot or papers and stuff all over the streets. The sheer amount of financial and background information that the average potential NYC co-op owner needs to get together can be overwhelming, and that doesn’t even include the stress-inducing co-op board interview. A similar neighborhood in NYC would be the West Village, but you’d pay a lot more money to live there. My knee-jerk reaction to hunger pangs is to jump online and scour Seamless Web for something to satisfy my craving. However, most people don't have outdoor living spaces like that so I can't really count it in the comparison. Christmas lights outside, big Christmas trees inside and room for an actual dining table for dinner? You can't beat Lake Norman Homes on The Pennisula or the history of the homes in Myers Park. Belive it or not, the blocks like in the first pic are usually the worst areas (dense, lots of poor).

This battle between New York and Boston will solely focus on the NYC and Boston real estate markets. So, as I spend a week in my childhood (suburban) home, I have to wonder: How do city apartments and homes in the suburbs really stack up? Cozy is fun for about a week until you realize that you have WAY too much crap to fit into an apartment.
The convenience of having a car, somewhere to park it for free and not having to deal with city traffic is one of life's greatest pleasures. Seasonal wardrobes, holiday decorations, bagel cutters -- lots and lots of stuff and nowhere to put it in the city. On the other hand, one of life's other greatest pleasures is cocktailing it up at happy hour or bottomless mimosa brunch (yes, that's a real thing) and knowing a lovely cab driver is just an arm hail away from getting you to and fro safely.
Two bedrooms in Boston’s priciest neighborhoods like the Leather District can cost as much as $5,000 per month, while NYC rents for similar spaces can go for even more. In my mother's house, however, there are a slew of closets, a crawl space, a basement, two sheds and an attic. If you’re thinking of getting an apartment in NYC or Boston, check out the brief overview below. BUT, if you are lucky enough to have a balcony in the city, you are lucky enough to have a spectacular view no matter where you're located.

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