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I have not been able to identify it, except that it was by Hornby with "Made in Great Britain" embossed on the bottom.
It won't be very close to Ariah Park, as the old station and the other buildings I plan to include have been moved around a bit, compared to their real locations, but I hope to keep something of the atmosphere of this quiet country town in its busy farming community. My layout idea uses the removable sector plate and turntable from Endal Street, with a flat or low-relief background for the grain elevator.
Here is a mark-up of one of the photos, with a small coal bunker (probably too small to be practical, but looks better than nothing), hooks front and rear for the couplings (simple loop-link couplings, to hook over the horns on the Trix TTR wagons I plan to use as rolling stock) and some rear buffers.
I ordered some yellow LED's today in preparation of putting lighting in the layout buildings.
I am just wondering, whether asking for the equivalent of a little over $ 60 would be too much.
Galaxy - you don´t have to be crazy to be a model railroader, but it sure helps sometimes! In addition to railroad equipment awaiting restoration the Museum is home to a train station that was moved from the town of Hobbs. I saw this little engine and trucks in the window of a shop in Ariah Park, in the wheat and sheep farmland of the Riverina, in south-western NSW.
However, a lubrication service (paper-clip dipped in WD40, applied to axle bearings and worm-wheel)) and cleaning the wheel contact surfaces with a wire-brush in my Dremel tool transformed it.
I was especially fascinated then by layouts with lots of scenery, tunnels, etc, enclosed in tiny spaces. As Ariah Park is the first place in NSW to use bulk-handling of wheat, back in 1916, and has a magnificent grain elevator and silos, I hope to remodel Endal Street as "Ariah Park", an a lavish A3 size baseboard.
The buildings in front of the sector plate will be high enough to hide the sector, allowing it to be used as a "fiddle yard", where a Giant Hand can remove, rearrange and insert engines and trucks.

Please remember that the station is staffed only on weekends and then, usually by only one person. Each train that operates on our railroad must have authorization from the dispatcher on duty.
Carl defines "micro" as anything less than 4 square feet in size, and many on his site are much smaller than that - little working micro-worlds! It becomes a hidden "rest of the world", where loaded wheat trucks go to, and empties arrive from. I think I got the PR-3 installed but every time I tried opening JMRI my computer quit working and froze. We think that Doctor will recommend either a bone fusion, an ankle replacement, or do nothing and just continue on with the brace she currantly has. My last statement (which is 2 months old, not getting them again) showed I had $500.00 extra in Escrow. If you are riding a train departing from the Museum then you will pass through this station to get your tickets and board the train.
We sell other souvenirs of the Museum such as pens, pencils and mugs along with other rail-related items such as photos of classic railroading and railroad equipment from the collection of Jay Williams.
Every train's qualified crew members (conductor, engineer and brakeman) must sign on and off duty in the dispatchers office.
I expect an electronic pulse-width modulated controller will enable it to run very slowly, as is fitting on a micro-layout. In addition, the occasional passenger and goods service can run through the turntable to the station.
She was very worried as what vision she has remaining has been deteriorating for about the last 2 months.

You can leave a message but we may not listen to it until the end of the day or possibly later. Then the caliper was knocked off and fell to the ground and busted the brake hose off at the center support bracket. Anyway, he took one look and said the vision loss was due to the catarac removals she had done last year and sometimes the lens gets cloudy. While I have no particular evidence for its early use in newspapers and by other commentators it is easy to imagine that the phrase would have been popularised by writers seeking to dramatise reports of unjust or dubious decisions. The metaphor is based on the imagery of the railroad (early US railways) where the allusion is to the direct shortest possible route to the required destination, and particularly in terms of railroad construction, representing enforced or illegal or ruthless implementation, which is likely to be the essence of the meaning and original sense of the expression.
The history of the US railroads includes much ruthless implementation, and it would have been natural for the metaphor to be applied to certain early expedient methods of US judicial activity, which like the railroads characterize the pioneering and nation-building of the early independent America. That said, the railroad expression meaning force a decision remains popular in UK English, logically adopted from the original use in America.
1970s and earlier) when it referred to the practice of progressing the production to the printing press stage, under pressure to avoid missing the printing deadline, without properly proof-reading the typesetting. I put the wheel back on and turned a couple of the lug nuts finger tight so if Mr Murphy says the stand should fail for some reason it won't slam the front end into the ground.

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