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This model was built by a master model engineer-a leading member of our club who has been in engineering since leaving school and rose to senior positions in the world of “real” engineering.
Now, still owning several other self built 7.25”g locomotives, he has decided to downsize while his meter is still running.
Twin injectors, triple displacement cylinder lubricators operated by the regulator as in full size GWR locos.
She has twin injectors, tender hand pump, steam brake, tender handbrake, mechanical lubricator, excellent cab layout and comes with twin carrying cases.
The GWR 55xx is quite rare in 5” gauge and this model is scratch built and has been nicely run in. Now back from the paintshop she looks superb - please NOTE:- the mottled appearance of some of the paintwork is due only to the scattered sunlight. She has a crosshead pump, injector, steam brake, large mechanical lubricator, oil cups for axles, pole reverser, etc.
Built by a very experienced and successful model engineer,this model was on display for some years but now we have just had her in steam running on the club raised level track. Responds sensitively to the slightest movement of the regulator and each beat is crisp and clear throwing a well defined puff of steam into the air - superb. If you are looking for a pacific type loco to run endlessly for hours on end on the club track then look no further. When the full sized locomotive was being built it had been allocated the name, “Lancashire and Yorkshire” but for some reason it never came to a naming ceremony so she ended her days unnamed. A good quality built example of the Ajax, the 0-4-0 version of the 0-6-0 Achilles having the same power output as the Achilles but slightly shorter in the cab though more significantly she has greater power than the Simplex due to larger cylinder bores - a real heavy duty passenger hauler and ideal for the beginner because firing the loco while on the move is so easy.
The loco has been run regularly on a club track but more importantly has been very well looked after and maintained - built by a very good model engineer.
We have had her in the workshop and given her a full examination, hydraulic test and run her in steam on the rolling road - she performs really well. A superb example of the rarely seen 5”gauge GWR 51xx Large Prairie built by a toolroom engineer with many years of model engineering experience.

The Trevor Shortland design is notoriously complex and super detailed, hence their scarcity. It has a professional Cheddar silver soldered copper boiler with their original certificate. She has twin injectors, tender hand pump, mechanical lubricator, tender handbrake, pole reverser, etc. She has been to the workshop, tested in steam and now has a full boiler certificate expiring, Hydraulic, August 2019, Steam October 2016. This model of Martin Evans is highly regarded as being a very powerful model in this gauge. Many so-called compounds are in fact twin high pressure cylinders because machining a “working” compound cylinder block is a very complex operation. Comes with special spanners - for ashpan release, canopy bolts, various other bolts, stainless steel firing shovel and pricker, stump puller, effective handbrake, set of drawings as supplied my MJEngineering. The silver soldered copper boiler now has a full boiler certificate, expiring, Hydraulic, March 2020, Steam May 2017. Click on the name of the railway below to view information including History, Opening Times and Locomotive Details.
Please do not use any content from Miniature Railway World, without prior permission from the Miniature Railway World team. I drove this engine when he first brought it down to the club, fresh from his workshop ,and it was an experience I have never forgotten for she took off like a powerful motorbike - the sort of acceleration I have never known since. Carefully maintained and looked after by the previous owner in a private model engineering club and now it has just returned from the paintshop.
Fresh from the paintshop, looks as new - the actual shade of green is slightly darker than shown in the photographs.
When first built it reacted with the etching primer and now could do either with a repaint or rubbing down as the reaction ceased some years ago. She has TWIN axle pumps, hand pump, pole reverser, a large generous mechanical lubricator, etc.

An adaptor for this purpose can be seen behind the righthand rear steps-it connects to the blowdown valve.Never steamed.
It was a not quite completed model when I bought it but now on completion it has been to the paint shop and looks great . We have compiled a list to get your child chugging on their way to locomotive heaven.The Workshops Rail MuseumThe holy grail of all things train related – The Workshops Rail Museum, North Street North Ipswich is a must see for train enthusiasts of all ages. The quicker job can be done, as I have done on one panel to good effect, by rubbing the affected areas with wet and dry emery and then painting with an aerosol of enamel paint obtained from Phoenix Paint- code “BR Pre 1954“.
Not only do they have examples of steam engines, electric engines, passenger trains and lots of other train related paraphernalia, there is a working blacksmith’s workshop with free tours throughout the day.
This feature I later had put on my 7.25” Britannia because it is so “instant” in emergencies and can be relied on to smoothly bring a very heavy train to a hault. Spend a while tracking the trains on the huge model railway, then continue on to the “Nippers Railway” indoor railway themed playground with costumes, carriages, bikes, signals and more to engage your train loving Brisbane Kid.Each school holiday period there is a themed exhibition with additional special activities. There is a cafe onsite or you can obtain a pass out to retrieve a picnic from your car and enjoy lunch in the shade of a tree. If they have a current exhibition it will be notes on the Brisbane What’s On CalendarSteam Train RidesWhy not book an hour long ride on a historic steam locomotive that leaves from Brisbane’s Roma Street Station on the first Sunday of every month?
See exhibits of different gauge trains and rails, Queensland Rail history, demonstrations and interactive displays.
Find out more here on our article about the Mary Valley Steam TrainsBrisbane Train Themed ParksThe Samford playground offers heaps of train themed fun.

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