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Rimenough depot is a fictional small Diesel depot based loosely in S.Wales in a time period of 2002-2006. EWS own the 10x 2 foot (plus either 5 or 7 foot of fiddle yard) of land that two sheds (4 roads) sit on and perform light service, re-fuelling and cleaning to the sheds main occupants which are class 37 locos. The layout packs a number of "holding" roads into the depot area which will see visiting class 20, 31, 33, 37, 47, 50, 57, 66 from DRS, Freightliner or Fragonset, as well as EWS class 60, 67 and 66 that stop over between turns. Towards the rear of the layout there is a main line that can either be used to run from one fiddle yard to another, or the more common practise of in and out from the same fiddle yard but via different tracks. The depot is supplied with fuel via a couple of TTA tanks, usually brought in by a 66 or 60.

There is no real strict running order, a card system is used so that everything gets a turn but at shows the schedule can easily be interrupted if a spectator want to hear and see a particular class run.
Rimes while Dave Woolnough did the superb backdrop, if only I could make the rest of the layout as good!
The layout is available for shows, normally at little or no cost to organisers (size = 15ft or 17ft x 2ft - operated from the front).
A blue - yellow liveried British rail weathered scale model railway engine alongside a second diesel electric class 37 locomotive on a model railway layout. Class 153 and 158 use this feature as they leave the nearby fictional main line station and use the "loop" to run onto fictional valley lines.
The depot's 08 then does a bit of shunting between the various light engine movements that make up the majority of the action on the depot.

I have also had much appreciated help from Gwynne and John Chivers in learning other DCC things, most of which I have forgotten!
The Valley line is the reason the depot is active, supplying Top 'n Tailed class 37 for 3 coach passenger trains, loosely based on the Rhymney service.

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