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Product DescriptionThis is the N Scale Platinum Series DCC Sound & Control Decoder - For Kato EMD F Unit by MRC. The low frequency was chosen so that the motor armature could turn slowly, one segment at a time for control at very slow speeds.
Whenever the oscillator ramp voltage is lower than the wiper reference voltage, the output of U1B goes high and whenever the oscillator ramp voltage is higher than the wiper reference voltage, the output of U1B is low.
Up to three total speed controls can be connected to U1A+, R5, C2 to run separate track loop functions. GuestTom1 month 13 days agoRon, I was wondering how much current the output stage can handle. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Many sophisticated and attractive model trains are available in the market now a days yet the basic principle in build a controller for it remains the same. Train motors generally have a 2 mS to 5 mS time constant and therefore the PWM period must be at least five to ten times as long in order to have good slow speed control.

Since the wiper reference voltage can be set lower than the lowest ramp voltage, 100% ON time is possible.
In Figure 1, the output is connected via R10 to the gate of Q1, which is an IRLZ44 MOSFET transistor. This provides stable operation of the op-amps during heavy current use by the train or lamp loads. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). I built a Model train controller which is equipped with Acceleration and deceleration control using the PWM technique.
Additionally, since the wiper reference voltage can be set higher than the highest ramp voltage, 0% ON time (100% OFF) is possible. In order to do that Duplicate R6-R12, C3, U1B, D3-D4 and Q1, use IC LM324 quad Op-amp for 2 or 3 channels. Also, I have several 5k one watt pots and was wondering if I could change the voltage divider of R6,R7 and R8 to accommodate a 5K pot.

Diode D4, on the other hand, provides a shunt pathway for the inductive spikes created by motor or inductive loads. The really cool thing is that this circuit oscillates at the same frequency even if the supply voltage +V1 changes!
R12 provides a light resistive load to Q1, while D4 protects Q1 from inductive load, voltage spikes.
I selected a value that was 10% less than the value of the control pot to ensure that the output could be set from full OFF (0%) to full ON (100%).
The U1B- input is connected to the junction of R5 and C2 which ramps up and down between 5 and 10 volts.
The 4.3K resistor value would probably work best, but it would reduce the adjustment range.

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