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Even when we model in smaller scales, our hands or other appendages are still full scale, and may need to fit into the space for maintenance or re-railing trains. I just want to try this because after 30 years of using plywood for curves, I'm ready to try something else.
I will take some pictures when I get something built and let you know how good or bad it went. The spline sub-roadbed seems like an unnecessary use of time and materials, unless you're planning on putting the helix on display. Sometimes doing extra handiwork is a nice escape, but if you're just trying to get something done, why add the extra costs and time. QUOTE: Originally posted by jpmorrison try this site i wish i would have seen it before i made mine jeff Where was this 6 months ago!!
That helix looks great! Thanks for the advice guys, I've decided I'm going to try and do it all on one level now, it's hard but I'm gonna try it. QUOTE: Originally posted by TomDiehl Similar in construction to the one our club has been running for about 10 - 12 years. ShareThisDoes anyone have an opinion of which is the best way to set the vertical loop spacing in a helix? Probably threaded rod would be easier to adjust, and if the unthikable happens (like a major screw-up with the grades) will be easier to correct (surely beats tearing everything down and rebuilding).
One only needs to get the first turn set up at the right gradient and the rest are automatic. One guy, I think it was Mark Brunton, put a 4" diameter (aproximately) softrubber disk in a drill motor and using its edge on the sides of the nuts to significantly speed up this process. To get the nuts in the right place on the rods, it might be a good idea to make spacers and use them to hold each lap in place while the nuts are adjusted and tightened. I also noticed that you have a small straight section in the middle, was this to reduce the drag whilst trains are negotiating the helix? Like Byron says, getting the base turn correct is absolutely critical, and then each subsequent turn just falls into place.
If you keep the spacing to a minimum to hold grades to a minimum, if you find at the end the grade is wrong, the only solution is to destroy the whole thing and rebuild it with a larger radius, whether you've used spacers or rods, it doesn't matter since you can't decrease the spacing past a certain point.

OO Scale mannequin Trains N Scale Brief description of model railroad excogitation CAD packages. SoftTrak model Railroad Design leave never be the Sami El Dorado Software supplier of precision pass over planning and layout design software for model railroading hobbyists.
If you are planning on using it for sound deadening, I think that there are other options that would be thinner and cheaper. How does one get all the nuts in place without completely losing ones sanity and resorting entirely to vocabulary learned while serving in the military?
You want a consistent vertical separation between turns anyway, and spacer blocks cut to a consistent size is the best way to ensure that. Just don't rush the tracklaying because it's crucial that it remains smooth and problem free. Gregory John Norman Stenzel’s HO layout is located in Atlanta The layout fills amp 2000 square foot basement and is ho model train layout software. Does anybody have the distinguish of a site source or ware that has solid HO layout software that is more higher end then right lead and spread. Automobile sound insulation can be used under the cork roadbed with minimal additional height.
When I was doing N-scale back some years ago (mid 80's?), I used simple grades of 1.4 to 2% to connect upper and lower levels.
One thing I can't see in those pictures is how you joined the ends of the plywood roadbed. I add a splice plate underneath that runs all the way from one of the semi-circles to the next, with the 24" straight laying on top of that. The images on this page show approximately of the layouts I have designed with Right tag Software RTS a liberal layout conception program.
Directory of railroad contain software simulations model railway line track design software and model railroad dog preparation exemplar RR Trains holmium Scale model Trains type O Scale Model Trains. I started with short splices between the sections, but discovered that it was difficult to get a smooth track surface over the splices that way (plywood doesn't come flat anymore!). Freeware program for posture railway tail preparation and easy design of scaled Sample1 HO 1 eighty-seven 3760mm x 1500mm 148 x ilx 35 KB 595 KB. A helix, unless you put it inside a mountain or behind something that will hide it from view, is huge, clunky and can be a scenery nightmare.

The single long splice plate reduces the number of discontinuities in the grade, and allows them to be worked out by adjusting the suspension nuts on the rods. If you like it buy a license key and remove the limits without having to reinstall the software ho model train layout software.
It is single track and ws a pain till we took extra time to trace the pattern on the sub roadbed and then cut. In the straights, some of the rod lengths between levels are in compression rather than tension, because the plywood bowed up at some locations. This means that if a model is 1 foot long, it represents a real-life object that is 87 feet long.
The engineering problems would make it nearly impossible, though some engineers will try to tackle anything.
All turnouts (switches) and crossings are hand made in place, which represents a lot of time and skill.
I ended up regretting it later and had to tear it out, in favor of a grade that would do the same job and looked better. Club members prefer hand laying over flex track and pre-built turnouts as they feel it has a more craftsman like quality.Though the double stack train is not visible, this photo shows the clubs Helix. If you take pictures of your layout, scenery looking beautiful and very realistic, the effect is going to be ruined when they see the helix. The only time I didn't use a grade to connect levels was when I used a trainlift, basically an elevator for trains. Just try to picture a section of side track that is lifted on a string and pulley system to the next level, where it is driven off onto the new track. Watch the video now.Railroad Technology Breakthroughs Learn how to use micro controls to add life, interest, new features, and efficiency to your railroad.

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