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Recently, I took Anna and Kellen to visit a children’s museum close to our home on the North Shore of Massachusetts. There is a collection of toy vehicles that includes some hands-on play toys, costumes, and wooden vehicles they can climb in. There is a small room dedicated to the history of costumes, where the kids can try their hand at some lacing activities. Galleries At The Wenham Museum, where you can see all visiual back in the day toys, dolls, and collectibles. President of The Kelly Automotive Group highlights major keys that make The Kelly Auto profitable, reputable, and one of top places to work. We are a non-profit organization providing ability-based exercise, arts and movement classes for people living with Parkinson's disease. The FBI wants you to be aware of this potential issue and to treat connected cars like other computer devices.
Hamilton-Wenham Community Garden still has some gardens free for growing your own vegetables.
Today it occurred to me that one year ago at this time, we (Kyle, Anna, and I) had just returned to St.
I also loved just spending time as a family this weekend, seeing almost no one but each other.
On Sunday, the kids and I spent hours playing in the snow while Kyle shoveled our two driveways. I think the strangest part about playing in the snow in New England was that we could hear the cries of seagulls flying overhead at the same time!
It is our first Christmas season in New England, after moving to the North Shore of Massachusetts in May. This was also the first year that two-year-old Kellen was able to actually help to trim the tree.
And for the perfect ending to the perfect day, Daddy cooked a pot of his famous chili, which we enjoyed in warm jammies next to our freshly cut Christmas tree.
Back in the days before the Internet and The History Channel, what little visual imagery I was able to glean about New England came from history books, encyclopedias, or the occasional book found by painstakingly flipping through the card catalog at my local library.
That pretty much sums up why Kyle and I try to show our kids as many interesting and historically significant places as possible.
Because I know that I have readers from other countries, I will digress with a brief history lesson. If you are not familiar with it, Plimoth Plantation is a living history village that shows visitors exactly how the Pilgrims lived in Plymouth Colony in the year 1627. We got to see how the Wampanoags made canoes…by slowly burning out the inside of a carved tree trunk over the period of a week.
We were also surprised to find out how warm the winter homes of the Wampanoags, called wetus, really were. After we left Plimoth Plantation, we drove several miles to the town of Plymouth, where Mayflower II (a replica of the original Mayflower) is docked in Plymouth Harbor. One last thing…since Thanksgiving is approaching, you may be talking a lot about Pilgrims at your house.
In case you ever wondered how residents of small, picturesque New England towns spend holidays like Halloween, I can now give you an insider’s perspective. First, you take your kids to one of the many small produce farms that dot every corner of the North Shore.
The farm provides your family with a hayride, a haunted straw maze, and one of these cool jumping bubbles.
Then, you go to the local elementary school and help* out with your daughter’s Halloween party. Our two-year-old son, Kellen, has started asking me and Kyle a new question about ten times a day: “Are you happy, Daddy? On Tuesday, I got to take a 16-mile bicycle ride through three gorgeous North Shore towns, with Kellen asleep in the bike buggy behind me. And I’ve been frustrated about the Parents Magazine Family Road Trip contest, which I am a finalist in.
This seasonal ritual is a perfect (and fairly brief) weekend activity for families with kids. This is the first time that my family has picked apples in New England, since we just moved here in May.
Honestly, I didn’t notice much of a difference between apple picking in Massachusetts and apple picking in Missouri. Photos by user 'listentoreason', with default photo number, size, and sorting options (can change). Better way to display more photos from your contacts - you must be logged in for this to work.

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There is an expansive antique doll collection (which my daughter didn’t care much about, but for a young doll lover, this would be lovely). I counted five large model displays upstairs, and then there was a large room downstairs with more models than I took the time to count. I'm thankful to be spending the holiday in #STL with our families for the 1st time since 2009. As many of you know, this is my family’s first winter in the Boston area since moving from St.
We have officially moved to the Land of Many Blizzards…and as you will see…so far, we are loving it! It snowed most of the day on Saturday, which made it even cozier to be stuck inside with no plans and lots of Chinese food. Louis and send them our way, then our first Christmas season in New England would be perfect! Louis learning about the history of the United States, I was fascinated by the events that I read about…but they all seemed like they had happened in another world.
I couldn’t really picture places like Plymouth Bay, or the streets of Boston, where Paul Revere made his famous ride. The Pilgrims were the first European settlers in what is now the state of Massachusetts, and founded Plymouth (modern spelling), one of the first successful colonies in North America. The recreated village is located on the shores of the Atlantic several miles from Plymouth Colony’s original site, and is about one third of the original size. The day we were there it was pretty cold, but the wetus were almost hot inside thanks to the fires that were kept constantly burning. The location of this large boulder is, according to the history textbooks that I had, the site where the Pilgrims disembarked from the Mayflower.
I have now read many children’s books on the topic, and have several that I would suggest.
If you’re lucky, she is still young enough to think that you are really cool and is delighted by your presence.
Lately, I have gotten to take quite a few bike rides with the kids, really getting to know the lay of the land. Whichever apple orchard you visit, it is bound to be overflowing with pumpkins and hay and hot apple cider and all the wonderful-smelling things that signal the beginning of the coziest time of year.
We did not have to drive as far to get to an apple orchard because in New England, there are produce farms on pretty much every corner. They did not give us one of those nifty long poles with the hooked basket at the end of it in Massachusetts.
The apple-picking weather in New England was much more appropriate for the activity than it usually was back in Missouri. To also remove yourself from searches for specific user names, you will need to set your Flickr profile to be hidden from searches. Flickr Hive Mind is currently consuming about 13.6 terabytes of network bandwidth per year (not including the photos themselves)!
And considering that my family spent about four hours bouncing from room to room to room, I think it was entertainment money well spent. So even if the downstairs exhibit is the only one that is permanent, my son still would have been delighted with the find.
Since then, we have had LOTS of kid-friendly adventures exploring the incredible history and scenery of New England. Especially when you are still trying to recover from a insanely busy trip, followed by a long week of work, paired with the fact that you left to go out of town on Christmas…which means that the mess that you returned home to was not pretty. The kids said about 1,000 funny things that I enjoyed immensely in the moment, but did NOT write down to blog about later. It was the first time that we have really been able to play in the snow since we moved to New England (when Boston had the big blizzard right after Christmas, we were home in St. They sailed from England on a ship called the Mayflower, and arrived in Plymouth Bay in November of 1620.
There is also a partial Wampanaog village that shows you how the Native Americans lived during that time.
But even though I had a wonderful knowledge base to work from, I still learned all kinds of new things at Plimoth Plantation. Also, I thought the half-shaven hairstyle you see on this Native American was a fashion statement.

It was interesting to see how the insides of the wetu were lined with built-up platforms piled high with fur pelts, creating warm beds for the entire extended family. Since moving to New England, however, I have learned that none of the original Pilgrims ever referenced this rock in their memoirs.
I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to explore this exciting part of the United States and to teach our kids about history in such memorable ways! While many of these posts are also included in the Travel Adventures category, I thought I would dedicate one section specifically to all things New England – just in case that’s what brought you here! These sites, dedicated to the history of the Pilgrims, are located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, now less than two hours from where we live. But when I asked about it, I learned that braves shaved the side of their head that they would draw their arrows from when hunting. In addition, we thought that the entire village smelled great…a wonderful mixture of campfire, roasting meat, and boiling spices. It was hard to imagine how 102 people could have survived that two-month journey in such a small, dank, dark space. There is a band and dancing, sack races and an obstacle course, and of course, hot dogs and hot chocolate.
This past Saturday, Kyle and I took the kids to explore Lexington and Concord, where the American Revolution started.
Which is good, because summer-like temperatures never really work well with the cute fall outfits that you feel obligated to put your children in so that they will look adorable in their apple-picking photos. If you live in the Boston area and have a little one who loves trains, you really should take them to check it out. Here’s a difference that I have noticed between New England snow and Midwestern snow. It was pretty funny to see the group walk by with the one costume-less short kid right in the middle. Because usually, the kids just end up being crabby because they’re so hot, and thus look red, sweaty, and whiny in the photos.
I always dread the post-holiday clean-up, but after it is over it feels soooooo good to have it done. I just think that it would have been really cool for a kid who loved history as much as I did to be able to see all of the places that I read about firsthand.
After half of the original 102 Pilgrims died during their first harsh winter in the New World, they made friends with the nearby Wampanoag Indians. I would like to think that Anna gained an entirely new appreciation for how the Native Americans lived as a result of our visit.
It was all so much different than I pictured it when learning about the Mayflower in elementary school.
Plymouth Rock is, however, thought to have been a notable landmark that the Pilgrims would have seen upon their arrival in the New World.
Louis, if you get twelve inches of snow (which we do, once every 10 years or so), it will likely be melted within a few days. These Native Americans taught the Pilgrims the skills they needed to survive in the wilderness (planting, hunting, fishing, etc.).
You can go into their homes, follow them around the village, and ask them anything you want to know. Since then, Boston has been hit with ANOTHER blizzard (I think we got around 20 inches at our house on the North Shore). In Massachusetts, if you get twelve inches of snow (or any amount, for that matter), it seems to stick around forever.
After a successful harvest in the fall of 1621, the two groups celebrated with a Thanksgiving feast…a event acted out in countless American elementary school plays with Pilgrim hats, Indian headdresses, and cornucopias. I always pictured Plymouth Rock as a boulder that was still part of the landscape, perhaps with a plaque nearby.
Maybe this is the only way that they’ll have the chance to do the kinds of things with their kids that we get to do all of the time. The rock has long since been moved to a safer location, where it sits at sea level in a pit, with a gallery built around it. So THIS is what Kellen’s face looked like when I took him to a museum that had more trains than his little brain knew how to process. How funny is it to see a two-year-old hunched over an iPhone trying to perfect his Angry Birds strategy?

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