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Diesel Charger had a double-header diesel freight train with two Conrail GP38-2 locomotives (One powered, one dummy), three freight cars and a caboose, an oval of track, railroad crossing, signs and utility poles and power pack. 36" track circle with a Santa Fe F7, two freight cars and a caboose, and signs and utility poles. 45-36" oval of track, Santa Fe GP38-2 lo-nose locomotive (usually the blue-and-yellow version), two freight cars and caboose, 17-piece bridge and trestle set, signal bridge, and signs and utility poles. Starter set with 56-by-38" oval of Power-Loc track, Santa-Fe GP38-2 hi-nose locomotive, two freight cars and caboose, signal bridge, signs and utility poles. Today's sets look ok, but Im not sure if they provide as much fun as their earlier offerings. This set would be good for if you wanted to start a model railroad layout with it; you would just set it up on plywood with grass on it (either the green material glued on, or a grass mat stapled to the plywood) and it'd pretty much be a good start right there!
Our first Layout consisted of in 1994 consisted of a Life-Like train set that my mother inlaw purchased on the Home Shopping Network. I still do have a bit of Power-Loc for one of the sidings, but the rest is now mostly Atlas True-Track, and it is now controlled by an MRC Tech 4-280 power pack instead of those little blue ones Life-Like supplies with their sets; both of those really helped improve performance on this layout. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. Copyright Kevin Childress: All images displayed here are the original works of Kevin Childress and may not be copied, reproduced, or used in any other manner without express written permission.

If you are interested in using any image from this collection, contact me through this page or through my website to discuss.
Take your time and look around - you're guaranteed to find a wide and diverse collection of subjects here! The last few pages would show the many products Life-Like would have available at the time. Little Joe offered an 0-4-0 saddleback ATSF steam locomotive, two freight cars and caboose, a country store and church building kit, three trees, some small signs and utility poles, an oval of conventional N-scale track and the usual Life-Like control pack. It's actually still manufactured today, but with a 47"-38" oval of Power-Loc track, and a SANTA FE F40PH and caboose! It's pretty much no different from Life-Like's train sets of the mid-to-late 1970s and 1980s. Again, 45-36" oval of track, with an 0-4-0 PRR steam locomotive and tender, three freight cars and caboose, signal bridge, and signs and utility poles.
The track plan once again consists of a 45-36" oval, and the train's engine would usually be either a Burlington Northern F40PH(!), Chessie System GP38-2 or a red-and-silver Santa Fe GP38-2 locomotive (all mentioned trains with ATSF GP38-2 lo-nose locomotives are silver-and-red warbonnet, unless specifically noted), three freight cars and caboose, bridge and trestle set, plastic autos and trucks and figures, trees, signs (including little plastic BURMA-SHAVE signs) and utility poles.
This one has a slightly-bigger 45x45" oval, Santa Fe GP38-2 lo-nose locomotive, five freight cars and caboose, blinking bridge and trestle set, signal bridge, signs (including Burma-Shave signs again) and utility poles. Later in this set's availability, one of the boxcars was replaced with a different roadname model, and the set would also include the operating dual-gate railroad crossing.

Some time around 2000-2001, it was renamed the "Super Power Charger," featuring a UP-branded locomotive and caboose, and dropped the signal bridge, only to revert back from UP to Santa Fe a short while after! I also have the 12th edition and I may do a follow-up post on what train sets were offered in THAT.
Most of the landscaping material is also from Life-Like (I think that's how they started out, sort of like how Bachmann started out mostly with building kits.) There is also a bit of Tyco and Bachmann in the mix.
All work is copyrighted to Kevin Childress and Kevin Childress Photography and as such, are protected by United States and International Copyright Law. I have also upgraded a few of my locomotives to knuckle couplers (like the Santa Fe GP38-2 hi-nose locomotive leading the freight train there), and plan to upgrade most (if not all) of the rolling stock and other engines as well. For the locomotives and certain freight cars I'm using Kadees; others I will use the SceneMaster knuckle couplers.

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