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There are beautiful steam locomotives and diesel locomotives with sound and steam generator. It began as a distraction in a hobbyista€™s basement, but the worlda€™s biggest model railroad is now anything but. It is the brainchild of owner and creator Bruce Williams Zaccagnino, who not only built the 52,000 sq ft building in which it is housed but also painstakingly designed and handcrafted almost all of the uncannily lifelike scenery.'There's nothing like it,' he said. Bruce loved model trains as a kid but it wasn't until he was married that he started to build models in his basement.

His hobby got so out of control he then added five extra basements to his home to house his collection until he finally raised the money to create Northlandz.
She does so once a year as a charity event and this time around she greeted about 6,000 visitors. The entire modular model train layout is operated by DCC decoder LH 100, LS 150 and ESU Switch Pilot.
All functions, such as the start-up of locomotives, sound, noises and steam, are controlled digitally via decoders.

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