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The DASH catalog is an encyclopedia of Model Trains organized by category with photos, values and more!
In July of 2005, CSX vacated it Port Huron "Boat Yard" due to its sale to Acheson Ventures. In this photo is the depot, the drawbridge across the Black river and the sunrise over Sarnia, Ontario. You must be a hotel guest to be eligible for the raffle for free room nights A that will take place at the Saturday banquet. You are on site for all the convention activities; have a meal at the hotel restaurant, enjoy a cocktail with S gauge friends, or just relax in your room between activities.
Your reservation helps the host club make this convention a financial success by avoiding additional costs.
I recently offered to doodle some plans for a friend of mine who recently moved and wants to build an S scale CNR layout.
Train 179 would arrive at the station, unload people and express, turn on the wye, then spot the passenger cars on the lead to the freight house before retiring to the engine house for the night.
While many of the online towns are worth including on a layout, I chose Mildmay (MP 15.14) for several reasons. A bridge over the Teeswater River north of Paisley limited the branch to 4-6-0 and 2-6-0 locomotives. Prototype layouts are always a compromise and the big one here is that I have drawn Southampton as a mirror image. The furniture factories will be lovely imposing brick structures – and look big enough to justify carload traffic.
Train M329 would consist of a 10-wheeler or Mogul, a few freight cars for Mildmay and Southampton, a boxcar in LCL service, a head-end passenger car, and a coach. Arriving at Southampton, the crew of M329 would wye the train, do its station stop, and leave the passenger cars at the platform while freight cars were spotted as needed – including spotting the LCL car at the freight shed. Early the next morning, a crew would board an engine at the house, collect the passenger equipment for Train 178 and back it to the station. Returning to S would be a reversion to my routes as I chose American Flyer as a child because it didn’t have the stupid center rail! There are just so many great prototypes that can be done – in so many great scales and gauges!
I think about the pace of progress on the model projects I have on the go at the moment, and I wonder where I would find the time to build a layout, as they have traditionally be defined. I find my own Port Rowan layout is enough to keep me entertained and challenged, while still allowing me to enjoy the many other non-hobby activities that make up my life. I knew there was a similar spur in Port Elgin just five miles south and finally discovered it was to a large sawmill at the lake.

The kit features a detailed plastic body, plastic trucks and horn hook couplers, plastic wheels with metal axles and a detailed underframe. They yard, tracks and property will be converted from everything to a marshes, marinas, and condos. The May meeting of the SMSG will be held at Greg Rich's home in New Baltimore, Michigan.
SMSG members have also constructed a large display layout and purchased a trailer to store and transport the sections to local train shows and conventions. He’s fairly open to ideas and I thought it would be interesting to explore the possibilities in his new layout space. This subdivision was served out of Palmerston, Ontario and is written up in Steam Over Palmerston by Ian Wilson. After unloading passengers, the entire train would turn on the wye, then the crew would proceed to do its switching. The layout would require two small steam locomotives (a combination of 2-6-0s and 4-6-0s), two baggage-mail or full baggage cars, two coaches and an assortment of freight cars – boxcars, tank cars, stock cars, hopper cars, and so on.
The engine house will be right up front, where visitors can enjoy a fully-detailed interior.
For access, I would notch the benchwork under the turnip plant and build the structure on its own, removable base.
The passenger cars would be moved to the industry lead next to the engine house, and the crew would tie up. It would start in staging, make stop at Mildmay, then run straight to the station at Southampton. The passenger cars would be spotted at the station, then the crew would collect any freight cars ready to leave town – including the LCL car, which would have to be placed next to the passenger equipment. If I wasn’t so far into O scale narrow gauge and US railroading I could be convinced that Canadian modeling in S scale is the way to go. In fact, if one had the space, one could model the one-time line to the water, that went off the third leg of the wye. I’m glad my attainable layout examples are helping you define what sort of layout you could fit into your available space and time.
I’m sure we could put our heads together and find a suitable, achievable prototype that would use this same equipment. However, I’ve been unable to find out anything about the purpose of the spur to the lake. Mildmay also has a good variety of customers – and, for the most part, different than those at Southampton. The mixed might have a boxcar in express service, too – plus regular freight cars from and for online customers.

I specified #9 switches anywhere that a passenger car might travel, and #7 switches elsewhere. I made sure that the backing move in the alcove would be through the straight side of the switch, which will reduce the likelihood of derailments. The good news is, creating a mirror image of a terminal doesn’t change how it operated one bit. Lift it out of the way, put it somewhere safe (top of the dryer in the laundry, perhaps?) and then one could step into the scene to maintain track or scenery near the backdrop.
While the weight-restricted bridge north of Paisley was straight, something similar could be built on the curve – and the 5 mph slow order on this bridge would help extend the run.
After doing its unloading, the crew would wye the train, spot the passenger cars on the freight shed track, and tie up in the engine house. M330 would leave town, make a station stop at Mildmay, lift any freight cars from Mildmay, then head to Palmerston.
As it happens he lived near and was a friend of a distant relation of mine who drove the CN parcel delivery truck.
They also received other materials in Less-than-Car-Load (LCL) shipments via the freight shed. Some shrubs along the join line would conceal the lift-away nature of the plant, and trunk latches could keep it securely in place. This would require run-around moves since the train overnights in Southampton (leaving the cars within sight of the co-op or sawmill would likely result in strong words from those customers).
I visited there when I was about 12 and remember riding the truck with my distant cousin as his dad picked up and then delivered parcels.
So, in addition to all the normal activity in a terminal, there are interesting railway customers that would generate a variety of traffic.
We don’t yet have a CNR full baggage car in S, unfortunately – so I guess the mail contract is still valid!
Our platform delivers information and technology to make collecting more fun, efficient and affordable.
Schwalm also stacks lumber along the spur beside the stock pen, and Ian’s book suggests the company receives building supplies such as cement and wallboard as well. I was so enthralled I forgot to ask if it was logs or actual lumber that was taken off in Southampton.

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