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Monorails Australia is only concerned with proven high-capacity monorail systems that have at least one current operational example.
Trains must offer 'walk-through' capability so a passenger or security guard can walk the length of the train during normal operation. Bombardier: Bombardier has delivered several monorail systems and is keen to promote its new automated 'Innovia 300' monorail.
Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi manufactures a type of suspended monorail which may be of use in Australia if the guide-way design was improved. Intamin: Intamin has delivered one of its P30 monorail systems and has several more in the pipeline. In recent years Hitachi has produced monorails for a range of cities in several different styles. Walk along under the monorail and see how sharp curves and long spans are handled by Hitachi. Rail)Track pillars and support rail is the best yet seen for a Hitachi project proving it can be done. If Hitachi was selected to provide monorails in Australian cities we recommend using the 'Medium' or 'Large' sized trains. Monorail Trains may have between two to eight carriages with a claimed minimum headway of 75 seconds or 48 trains an hour each way. Monorail Trains may have between two to eight carriages with a claimed minimum headway of 75 seconds. We do not recommend the P30 monorail as it does not have a walk through design which we believe creates problems with security, safety and loading.
Property developer Morton has started construction of a suspended SAFEGE Monorails monorail for a new housing estate in the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow. Monorails Australia provided some support regarding this project via the Russian Technical Society and recommended a SAFEGE system due to typical winter snowfall in Moscow. The Italian company FCF SpA (Furno Railway Construction) is supplying the vehicles for the Qom Monorail in Iran and in October 2015 it won the contract for another monorail in Catania, Italy.
This video shows how a Bombardier monorail could be rolled out over congested roads to provide new public transport. Monorails are well suited to automatic driving due to the lack of any level crossings, pedestrians or other unpredictable interruptions.

During late night or early morning operations these functions may on occasions be performed by remote control from a command room.
This capacity for automation means that the system could affordably be run all day every day except for a one or two hour period in the early morning to allow for any guide-way maintenance tasks. Capacity depends on the time between services, the number of carriages and the loading per square meter. Rail for their medium-sized monorail product with a loading of four person's per square meter which would be considered the maximum loading in Australia.
There are a range of other monorail types that have been used or proposed which we do not recommend. Low-capacity monorails without a walk-through design and systems which have not been proven to work. These monorails do not allow passengers to move from carriage to carriage through the train.
3rd Feb 2016: Property developer Morton orders a Arrow suspended rail system for a new development. 2nd Feb 2015: Istanbul is building a 47km monorail network to deal with its crippling traffic congestion. 12th Jan 2015: Bombardier's Innovia Monorail 300 has won a Good Design Award for its latest monorail system. 2nd Aug 2014: Bankers and lawyers getting rich pushing billion dollar per kilometre roads like Victoria's East West link. 30th Mar 2014: Brisbane airport management is considering a Mass Transit System between the domestic and international terminals.
15th Mar 2014: Another large commuter monorail for Brazil is announced that is to carry 350,000 passengers per day and service 14 stations. 4th Mar 2014: The 'Airshuttle' proposal is being developed by tourism infrastructure entrepreneur Peter O'Brien, who describes it as a hi-tech alternative to a slow diesel train link that could take years to come online. 24th Feb 2014: 60km of new high-capacity monorails announced for Beijing to take pressure off of the subways. 4th Apr 2013: Tony Abbott confirms he will only fund roads ruling out expensive rail subway systems. Note the wheels are entirely under the floor.The walk-through nature of these carriages is optimised for maximum passenger loading and ease of entering and leaving the carriages.

Visit the Hitachi Rail web site for the full technical specifications of their monorail products. If the trains were automated (like at Daegu) we would like to see passengers being able to stand at the front of the train.
Note that in this image there are no unsightly cables under the guide-way which indicates this is not essential. Central seats conceal the wheel arches and give passengers the chance to sit facing outwards. In this image the guide-way has been covered at the base to improve the appearance (original image adjusted image. This is a new monorail system based on the Siemens H-Bahn system that has been in use for 30 years at Dortmund and DA?sseldorf in Germany but which is no longer advertised on the Siemens web site. Their 'bidirectional' model appears to be a flat-floor walk-through design so may be of interest if it proves successfull in Qom. This would still leave open the possibility of selling naming rights on each train which would allow the name and logo of the sponsoring company appearing on the train. Initially two-car trains could be used at 10 minute intervals and then gradually ramped up to eight-car trains every three minutes.
While these are tiny compared to the large commuter monorail systems we are talking about on this site they have operated successfully in their designated roles. In our view this creates an unacceptable safety risk for passengers in the event of fire or other problems on the monorail vehicle. The Sydney tourist monorail carried 4 million passengers per annum around its short loop of track for 25 years despite only seating 48 passengers per train.
This monorail suffers from travelling at below walking pace and having doors that must be manually opened one at a time by the driver! Urbanaut also proposes very high speed 'semi-maglev' rubber-tired monorails which no other established manufacturer is offering.

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