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With 24 lines and 468 stations, it is easy to see why so many people ride the New York City Subway. The NYC subway currently uses a MetroCard system that requires passengers to a pay their fare at a vending machine or station booth. One of the advantages to taking the subway is that it can get you anywhere you want to go in New York. Every station that you visit for the subway is going to have a 500 to 600 feet long platform where passengers can catch their trains. Majority of the subway stations were built before the Americans with disabilities Act was passed, so they were not very accessible to people with disabilities. One of the most interesting features of the NYC subway is the entertainment that is provided. Many people that live in New York rely on the subway system as their sole mean of transportation because of how urbanized New York is.
The photo map shows the New York Subway, PATH and NJ Transit Lines, including the 7 line extension, the first phase of the Second Avenue subway and the East Side Access.
Even with all of its problems, the NYC subway system is definitely one to be appreciated. This mesmerizing image is most certainly a reminder of just how massive and complex the whole thing is. I love the Paris metro and that everyone opens the door WAY before the train has stopped moving and non chalantly pops off. Although its dodgy due to the amount of pick pockets, its nice and air condition and it blew my mind that my phone worked on it.
I loved the fact they piped classical music throughout, and yes the air conditioning was blissful. Although a bit more useful than 'x minutes', it seemed to constantly jump either way by 10 seconds.
It's air-conditioned and at some stations there are speakers that play a little 'the train is coming!' song. And Barcelona because its open all night and allowed me to stay at primavera until silly times of the morning. The Metro in LA and the MUNI in San Fransico are both clean and modern - the MUNI is even carpeted and comfy. Budapest is a really weird shape and they should just get ticket barriers and get rid of the annoying ticket people. As for Paris, I don't think I've ever taken The Metro and not had someone ask me for directions. They're building a similar thing under a new city near Abu Dhabi, presumably for exactly the opposite reason. No matter what station you're at in Manhattan, a bit of underground walking and you will appear at either Canal Street or Times Square. I'd consider myself a seasoned metro system user, and I found myself just going fuck it, getting on a train and hoping for the best.

At busy intersection stations, they instruct people to get off the train on the left hand side and get on the train on the right hand side of the carriages. Used to be able to buy one of those (strippenkartjes) and not stamp it until the ticket inspectors came on board.
Bangkok: tokens instead of tickets, super air conditioning, odd advertising jingles playing in the train. But the best was in Hamburg where the ticketing system is almost impossible to work out if you don't speak German. First time I went to Newcastle I went down to the platform at Central to get the train to Haymarket. Also liked Shangai's for having screens showing classic Premier League goals and also for being the most comfortable.
They may have the worst metro systems in the world, but Dublin has the best taxi drivers, without a doubt. Stations designed by Norman Foster, and you can get a train from the city centre to the beach. To be fair, I think if you're going to build something underground you should at least make it feel like it's underground, fuck strip lights. I do like the way that last trains will sit and wait for connecting trains that are delayed. Construction on the subway began in October of 1904, which makes it one of the oldest transportation systems in the world.
Most public transit systems only operate certain hours of the day, but to keep up with the busy lifestyle in New York the subway, as well as the buses, run 24 hours a day.
Even if the subway station isn’t right in front of your destination chances are you can find a station within walking distance of where you want to go or the bus can get you the rest of the way. The one thing you need to be aware of with the platforms is that they normally serve more than one train.
To make them more accessible some stations had elevators installed in quite a few stations. Every year MTA sponsors a “Music Under New York” program that allows about 70 street musicians to compete with each other and the winners are awarded the high traffic locations. The subway is by far the fastest and easiest method of travel in New York because it can take you just about anywhere you want to go at any time.
But here’s an incredible mash-up from map enthusiast Anorian that offers a much different perspective on exactly where the subway travels.
Looking a little closer at the picture, you can easily make out major buildings like One World Trade and the Empire State Building, as well as the city’s streets and avenues. That wasn't the good bit, the good bit was that a man who had asked us if we needed help when we first arrived asked us again the next day at a station on the other side of town.
It seems to mean got, and, what in addition to generally being used as a briding word like ah and umm.

It is also one of the most extensive subway systems in the world because of how much area it covers. Even though the subway runs 24 hours a day, not all stations are going to be accessible 24 hours a day. With the MetroCard, you can purchase a card for the basic fare, which is currently $2.25 per ride. The one thing you need to be aware of is that some trains offer you local service, which means they will stop at every station.
When using the platforms you will want to make sure you look at the signs hanging over the tracks to find out which train is stopping where, but you will also want to look at the approaching train to see which one it is. Other important stations have been marked by the MTA as needing to conform with the ADA once they start undergoing major renovations. Currently over 100 groups and soloists perform in the “Music Under New York” program in the subways giving over 150 performances each week.
Taxicabs are also quite popular in New York, but the subway is a cheaper and faster option. An amalgamation of digital photos taken from a commercial plane and the expert mapping of each line, this beautiful image is far more captivating and insightful than any printed or online map out there.
How to tell if the station is open 24 hours a day is to look for the green globe at the station entrance, if it has a red globe that means it is only open during certain hours.
You can also purchase unlimited ride MetroCards, which are available for 1, 7, 14, and 30 days for different prices. Other trains only offer express service, which means they have limited stations to stop at to get people to their destination faster. There are also different platform configurations depending on how many tracks are coming into the station, which the platform configuration dictates where the trains will stop at a particular station. If the red globe is lit that means that the station is closed, but if it is dark that means that the station is most likely open.
Up to three children who are less than 44 inches tall may ride the subway free with a paying adult. For example, a 2-track line can have a platform that is in the center of the tracks or it can have 2 side platforms. However, anybody can perform on the subway platforms and mezzanines as long as they follow the rules set forth by the MTA’s policies.

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