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By the mid-1960s, EMD's General Purpose locomotives, known as "Geeps," had gained a favorable reputation with railroads.
The first twenty-cylinder diesel ever produced, the EMD SD-45 set new standards in power and performance in the very competitive diesel market of the mid-sixties.
This 195-ton workhorse achieved a record-setting 3,600 horsepower, 600 more than the popular SD-40. 400, the first production SD-45, the "Hustle Muscle" in honor of the unique combination of power and speed produced by what was at the time the most powerful single-engine diesel-electric on the rails.

GP-7, introduced in 1949, had set the standard for the series of locomotives, and the GP-40, which came along 16 years later, was to be yet another improvement in the GP family tree.
With about one-quarter of the 1,200 units produced still active, the SD-45 is still a familiar sight on today's railroads more than 30 years after first hitting the rails.
Realistic, slow-speed operation is controlled through the industry-leading Proto-Speed ControlT system. Remotely controlled Proto-CouplersT which can be fired open at any time in conventional or command modes gives the operator unprecedented switching functions for a truly fun operating experience.

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