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Hi, as mentioned elsewhere in the forum Penzance participated in the British N gauge meeting in Germany last weekend.
Hi, at first I have to welcome all those who have not lost the patience to have a look at this thread since updates have become scarce. These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to. To confirm your understanding and acceptance of this please click on OK to continue using the site. 8 over and under track plans as well as other more complex structures using cut stone or dioramas. You don't have room for a coaling plant.  Are you going to put an access road to the right of the turntable or is one of the roads at the bottom the access ?
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The track needed to be varnished where I applied weathering powder which was on many occasions. However the combination with the rest of the modular world required a single track changeover, whilst my original fiddle yard design is directly attached to a prototypical four track alignment. It?s basically due to changes in circumstances of my job, I have to work some 200mls from home at the moment so I?m in contact with my layout on weekends only.

The solution was a purpose-built, but non-prototypical small modular section reducing the group of four tracks to one by modelling a fictious station entry featuring three buffer stops. The one and only advantage of this situation is I?m not in need of my workroom at the moment so I could convert it into a railway room with the station modules arching over my desk.
With the modular standards originally demanding entry signals for stations at least, I noticed far too late I wouldn't get my hands on any appropriate working signal before the meeting on time. However, I try to make the best of it and kept on working on smaller items in my company flat during weekdays? evenings. However they are only single-armed so you need to double them and then replace the neon tube style lights with a balloon type one.
The makeshift solution features a rather old minitrix two aspect light signal roughly turned into a generic British light signal by taking parts of a ratio signal kit, both of which I still had in the scrapbox.
Until now I focussed mostly on buildings, but since I didn?t have too much experience in the construction of buildings entirely from scratch, I decided not to begin with major structures such as Penzance station building, but with some more ordinary flats at the very right end of the layout. Not really an easy conversion for such a simple item, but I have no better idea at the moment.
However I have the Tomix working semaphore on order to give way for a more adequate design in a nearer future.
Mk1 edition of outer Chayandour Cliff road is just a generic representation of the real thing, as each of the buildings makes use of heavily modified bilteezi kits.

All older Mk1's got a new paint at the endings, making them a better fit to the new releases. Finally, I'd like to encourage anyone who both likes to work on his very own layout and to meet with fellow modellers to create a larger arrangement to build their layouts in compatible modular sections. I checked the major continental makes of working lights (Brawa, Viessmann), again found nothing suitable. The meeting has proven again it's a great fun to operate your layout as a part of a greater alignment in a timetable operation, welcoming interesting trains you may not usually have in your station or on your tracks. This has been a whole lot of work and my respect for those who are modelling prototype including building each and every building by scratch has ever grown since. I?m in good hope progress on the layout is not going to cease with focus on the buildings in the nearer future.

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