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First of all we would like to thank Geoff from the core of our heart for sharing a great model train layout images. Here are four snapshots of this great model train layout built using N scale model train layout. An advantage of N scale is that it allows hobbyists to build layouts that take up less space than HO scale, or put longer track runs into the same amount of space, because the models are smaller (by nearly a half) than they are in HO scale (1:87). Well, the biggest advantage of this layout is it takes far more less space as compared to HO scale model train layout.

N scale model train layout is very much popular in Australia, USA, UK and Japan.The locomotives used in N scale layout is powered by DC motors.
Always remember that the tracks are the basic feature of any model train layout and they must be designed in such a way that it should withstand at any conditions. This layout is equipped with so many great accessories which are very much responsible for building a great realistic N scale model train layout.
This layout is very much inspirational if you do not have a huge space to create an amazing model train layout.

The best place to get the inspiration is either model train videos or you can visit model train exhibitions. Meet the people who have already created awesome layouts and keep building great model train layouts.

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