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In conjunction with this week’s NMRA National Convention, the three-day National Train Show is taking place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Besides the 40ft covered hopper, tank car, and caboose samples that have been traveling with the Athearn booth for over a year, the only fresh models appeared to be a new run of the ex-MDC mechanical reefer in several PFE schemes. BLMA was showing samples of the TTX brown F89J flat and the preproduction pipe loads for the more modern pipe-flats. Exactrail was showing a flyer announcing a Trenton Bulkhead Flat in N scale, but only HO tooling samples were on display. Fox Valley Models had test shots of the shells for the upcoming GP60M and GP60B engines on display for the first time. Aside from his typical table of etched brass gems, if you asked the right question an RP sample of the upcoming Flexi-Van Mark IV flatcar appeared. 2014 National Train Show reportThe 2014 National Train Show was held July 18-20, 2014, in Cleveland. Bachmann HO scale Pullman 10-section, 2-bedroom, 1-drawing room 80-foot heavyweightPullman 10-section, 2-bedroom, 1-drawing room 80-foot heavyweight sleeper. Union Pacific M-10002 City of Los Angeles (1936-38) and M-10002 City of Portland (1939-41).
2012 National Train Show final reportThe 2012 National Train Show was held in Grand Rapids, Mich., Aug. I've listed the various pages in no particular order, essentially in the order in which I added them.
James Publishing used to sell a set of Old West building plans in HO and N scale: Sadly, they no longer sell them.
A soft cover book in magazine format containing black and white illustrations and pictures of numerous pre-1900 structures. There are fifteen plus structures with templates, photos, and comprehensive instructions for construction which are printed in HO scale, plus the actual dimensions of the buildings making it easy to convert to other scales. Die With Your Boots On is a French-language blog with excellent pictures of Western buildings, miniatures, and accessories. Designed by 28mm Studios they offer an impressive extensive range of Wild West and Medieval Buildings. Their range even includes an Old West fort for your cavalry.Also available is a set of laser-cut basswood signs, apparently based on the movie 'Blazing Saddles'. Dead Man’s Hand buildings are a growing range ideal for games set in Old West Cowboy towns and Mining CampTowns of the late C19th and early C20th. This range of Old West buildings was sold to Hawgleg Productions, and are having some teething problems. They are especially useful to the new gamer, as they provide a quick, easy & inexpensive way to build a decent-looking town. This book, printed in full colour on light card contains 10 models based on actual Western buildings. These are display rather than wargames models, so have a LOT of fiddly, delicate detail, and will take as long to build as a scratch-built model.
The Basic Set includes a stagecoach, 2 wagons, fences, hitching posts, small store, bank, general store, barber shop, hotel, county jail, blacksmith`s shop, saloon, trapper`s cabin, old mine, telegraph office, livery stable local undertaker`s parlor.and many accessories. Whitewash City is a collection of historically accurate Wild West building models, circa 1875-1900AD, in PDF (Acrobattm) file format. They have the advantage as being sold individually rather than in sets, so you can pick & choose which you want, and build your town at your own speed.
An optional accessory kit is available for each building, with (up to 14) choices of sign and pre-printed acetate windows. From the site: "This file, and the graphic files contained herein are part of PC WhistleStop, and are offered for individual use only. These graphics files are in WMF format and require either Windows and a draw program or desktop publisher; they will not open in a Paint program or bitmap editior.
If your application does not support Windows or the WMF format, you can find graphic converting software as freeware or shareware on the Internet. Matakishi has "Davestown - building a wild west town on a budget" which uses these buildings as a start.
Seite42A German-language site devoted to Disney stuff Has Western Town, Western Ranch and Old West Fort paper models. Lucky Luke's Town (Construire le village de Lucky Luke )A French-language site devoted to the 'Lucky Luke' comic books.
Has a Western Town of 7-8 buildings for free download: They are a bit cartoony, but the scale is good, so they can be used as plans for your own models. Pictors Studio has a tutorial about finishing their foamcore products as Old West buildings. The set contains: 5 prepainted 28mm pewter miniatures, a complete Western skirmish game from Nick Lund, and a Western town plan for you to print out and play on. Just the thing for a pick-up game, or to lure new bugs into the world of Old West Gunfights, they are the perfect gift and lure combined.
Burlington Northern, FGE (block lettering), Santa Fe Leasing, Union Pacific Fruit Express, and Wisconsin Central.

Southern Pacific (two-tone gray circa 1954-59 and simulated stainless steel circa 1960, both without skirting) and St. All-wheel drive and electrical pickup, motor with dual flywheels, 6-pin plug for Digital Command Control decoder, directional lighting, prototype-specific grills, and Accumate knuckle couplers.
Bright graphical liquid-crystal display screen, 16 frequencies, 28 functions, and 11 transmit power levels. Their website (now gone) had pictures of the buildings that could be made from the plans, and they are quite inspirational.
This makes for a much sturdier and more durable building, as plywood is less prone to breaking, chipping, etc.
I don't know the scale, and they may be toylike (I don't know) but they are free, so have a look! You'll also find additional model railroading products in the Final NTS 2014 show report. You can also watch video highlights of the show!
Die-cast metal and plastic construction, dual-mode Paragon2 sound decoder, and traction tires.
Etched-metal screens, wire brake rigging, and 100-ton roller bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps. Plastic and die-cast metal construction, separately applied details, removable coal load, and detailed bay interiors.
Detailed underbody and brake system, separately applied details, and Kadee-compatible couplers.
Louis Southwestern (Daylight scheme circa 1949-53 and Dark Olive circa 1940-48, both with skirts). Injection-molded plastic model with Vulcan-style trucks and factory-installed knuckle couplers. Factory-assembled injection-molded plastic pipes with prototypical load configuration and simulated metal banding and wood cradles. Injection-molded plastic body shell with photo-etched-metal fans, plastic truck sideframes, and a prototype-specific cab and short hood.
Works with T9000 and RF13000 throttles and is compatible with AirWire900 decoders, Linkers, and drop-in decoders. Detailed cab interior, angled or standard blower ducts as appropriate, and railroad-specific cab detail. Separately applied detail parts, RP-25 contour metal wheelsets, and can motor with flywheels. Plastic and die-cast metal construction, Paragon2 dual-mode sound decoder, and factory-installed crew figures. Separately applied detail parts, metal grab irons and lift rings, and detailed trucks and underbody. Four-car sets feature powered car with five-pole skew-wound motor and three illuminated coaches with light-emitting diode interior lighting. Factory-painted and lettered brass models with detailed interiors and full-width diaphragms. N, HO and S scales include an extra wall, and all versions now have an optional front porch roof included!Features:Two building options: Build with or without the included optional front porch for two different looks!
Separately applied brake wheel, etched-metal brakewheel platform, underbody details, and optional interior and side bracing.
Prototype-specific cushioning devices and handbrakes, etched-metal running boards and uncoupling levers, and wire brake rods and air pipes. Injection-molded plastic model with Thermo King reefer unit, prototype-specific doors, 36” metal wheelsets, and body-mounted knuckle couplers.
Each kit contains seven colors in pan (cake-like) format, palette tray with cover, and Sofft applicators. Detailed cab interior, flat or flared radiators as appropriate, and railroad-specific cab detail. Northern Pacific (1967 as-delivered scheme and Union Pacific (1970 as-delivered or maintenance-of-way schemes). Original scheme, black lettering with herald, and black lettering with herald and white ends. Laser-cut acrylic and smoked-acrylic parts, tab-and-slot construction, detail parts, and adjustable length skywalk. Laser-cut wood, paper, plastic, and cardstock kit with siding, roofing material, resin and metal detail castings, and instruction booklet (figures and vehicles not included). Ultra-miniature radio receiver and Digital Command Control booster circuit connects to any National Model Railroad Association-compliant Digital Command Control decoder and converts it to an AirWire900-compatible decoder.
Micro-Trains 40-foot hi-cube boxcar with high-torque electric geared motor, pressure-sensitive cleaning disk, speed and direction control, and Magne-Matic knuckle couplers. Etched-metal walkways, wire brake rigging, and 100-ton roller bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps.
Laser-cut wood kit with etched floorboards, interior walls, removable second floor, and exterior staircase.
Convtr (standard version with built-in internal antenna), $99; Convtrex (with antenna jack for use with included plug-in 3” wire antenna or optional external plug-in antenna), $105.

Laser-cut wood kit with etched floorboards, one-piece removable roof with trusses, positionable doors and windows, laser-cut shake shingles, and laser-cut window glazing. The listing for the SW1500 is the next item on the list.Electro-Motive Division SD50 diesel locomotive. Five-pole can motor with flywheels, die-cast metal chassis, RP-25 contour wheels, and prototype-specific details. Railroad-specific details, 33” metal wheelsets, and see-through etched-metal running boards. Factory-painted and lettered brass model with detailed underframe and working ditch lights.
Laser-cut wood kit with etched floorboards, resin and injection-molded plastic detail parts, loading ramp, stairs, and optional extension platform. Topics include track plan and benchwork, scenery, track, ballast, wiring, building a trestle bridge, and more.
Detailed cab interior, railroad-specific details, and Quick Plug for Digital Command Control decoder.
New paint schemes: Landmark (Uniopolis or Washington Court House, Ohio) and Cargill Salt (three road numbers). Tinted window glazing as appropriate, factory-installed grab irons, Proto-Max couplers, metal wheelsets, and car name and number decals.
Prototype-specific details, see through etched-metal running boards and crossover platforms, 36” metal wheelsets, and 100-ton trucks. Kit features cast-resin coal tower, office and warehouse, electrical house, and heating oil tanks. Five-pole motor with flywheel, die-cast metal chassis with plastic boiler shell, decoder or decoder socket in tender, and RP-25 contour wheels.
Limited-run 10-car Deluxe Edition train (price to be announced) with factory-printed car names and numbers, factory-installed light-emitting-diode lighting, and more than 150 Preiser figures will also be available at participating hobby shops and from the manufacturer.
Features herald panels sized and positioned per prototype, detailed upper deck including prototypical crown and deck tread, die-cast metal underframe, and 70-ton roller bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps. Louis-San Francisco (Frisco), Union Pacific (North Little Rock lettering in two numbers, UPY patchout in one), and Union RR. Detailed cab interior, Mashima can motor, railroad specific models, and Quick Plug for Digital Command Control decoder. Five-pole skew-wound can motor, prototype-specific details, raised B&O capitol dome herald, stainless-steel grills, and Proto-Max couplers.
Cast-resin kit based on modernized car with Hutchins universal roof, “booted” ribs, AB brakes, and decals. Etched-brass kits with rivet detail, laser-cut wood walkways, and brass railings, ladders, and bracing. All cars featured injection-molded plastic body, metal wheels and axles, and Kadee-compatible knuckle couplers. Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, separately applied detail parts, and golden-white light-emitting diodes. BC Rail (three paint schemes), Canadian National (four schemes), Canadian Pacific (two schemes), CSX, Herzog, Procor (two schemes), and Sultran. Prototypical sound and lighting effects and motor control for diesel and steam locomotives.
Compatible with direct current and Digital Command Control in multiple scales (large scale locomotives have some limitations on DC). Three numbers per scheme unless noted; also available undecorated with horizontal or vertical shutters. Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, redesigned truck sideframes, and die-cast metal chassis. Boards are available for Alco PA and PB diesel locomotives and Electro-Motive Division GP7 and GP9, GP38-2, F3A and B, SD70MAC, SD40-2, and GP30. Dash 8-40C: Canadian National (red, white, and black or 15th anniversary, two road numbers per scheme) and Ferrocariles Nacionales de Mexico. Canadian Pacific (Multimark paint scheme), Government of Canada (CNWX or CPWX reporting marks), Saskatchewan Grain Car Corp. Handheld laser for activating switch machines, couplers, building lights, sound effects, and animation. Post-1971 prototype: Interstate Commodities (ex-Golden West Service), Solvay (original or Transitech repaint, two road numbers per scheme), Union Pacific (Building America scheme or with Western Pacific reporting marks). Prototype-specific details, wire grab irons and uncoupling levers, and Kadee scale knuckle couplers. Two numbers per scheme; also available undecorated (5,111-, 5,182-, and 5,277-cubic-foot-capacity models). Car features four horse heads peeking through windows on both sides of car, positionable doors, metal wheelsets, and E-Z Mate Mark II couplers.

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