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Inequality in the US is a huge issue, and this inequality can be seen by looking at New York City's neighborhoods. At the city-wide level, we can see that the southern half of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island have the highest incomes in New York, while eastern Brooklyn and the Bronx are struggling. We can also take a look at each borough in turn to see how income is spread out within each part of the city.
In Manhattan, we can see that incomes are pretty high stretching from the financial district at the far south of the island up through the Upper East and Upper West Sides surrounding Central Park. Northwest Brooklyn features two affluent regions: a stretch from Downtown to Park Slope, and the frequently discussed gentrifying neighborhoods around Williamsburg. The Bronx has been the poorest of the five boroughs for decades, and this shows in the swath of white and light blue on the map. Staten Island is less densely populated than the other four boroughs, leading to its block groups being somewhat larger in area than elsewhere in the city. This striking map of New York City median income overlaid with shooting locations comes from RedditorA im_an_actual_dog, and it appears to be legitimate.
Most shootings appear to occur in low-income neighborhoods such as Crown Heights, Harlem, and areas of the Bronx.
The map was based using Redditor ronanconway's shooting map that shows shootings for the first eight months of 2013.A Blue markers indicate non-fatal shootings and black markers indicate fatal shootings.
I used to run a crime blog for the city, and I still maintain a number of homicide and crime maps for a bunch of cities along the east coast, and it's local news that supplies all of those.

Some lower-income NYC neighborhoods do appear to buck the trend a€” Sunset Park, Borough Park, and Bensonhurst in Brooklyn seem relatively safe, as do Washington Heights and Inwood in upper Manhattan.
The median household income across New York City stands at $50,711, according to 2010-2012 estimates from the U.S. The WNYC Data News Team is part of a public radio station supported by audience contributions. With such a large and diverse population spread across so many dynamic neighborhoods, it can be hard to get a sense of what New York City is actually like.
The maps show the differences between New York City neighborhoods across a number of factors, including income, unemployment and even noise pollution.
Seven out of the 10 top noise locations are on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, according to data from Socrata, a site specializing in displaying government data in easy-to-view formats. High rates of pickpocketing and grand larceny make up most of the reported crime in Manhattan, according to data from the New York City Police Department. Brooklyn and Staten Island have some of the lowest air quality during the day, according to Breezometer. The survey provides an amazingly comprehensive look at the demographic, social, and economic makeup of the country. Eastern Queens has slightly higher incomes than the central parts of the borough, and the western half of the Rockaways also has more affluent communities.
My particular sources are the Daily News, NY Post, DNAinfo, the twitter feeds NYCityAlerts and NYScanner, and some local sources like CBS and NBC news.

Homicide and shootings tend to make the news reliably in a way that robberies and other crimes don't, so while there are surely shootings that did not make my list this is a good picture of shootings. Census Bureau's American Community Survey, mapped by neighborhood -- technically Public Use Microdata Areas, or PUMAs. In this data set, for the first time, the Census Bureau has released ACS estimates at the block group level. Also, official statistics often count shootings in which there was no injury; my list is comprised of only shootings in at least one person was injured.
A few PUMAs changed shape slightly between surveys, which could have a minor effect on our calculation of the change in those areas. A block group for an urban area is essentially a block, a small group of blocks, or a small neighborhood.
As a caveat, it should be noted that, as comprehensive as the American Community Survey is, block groups are still areas with very small populations, and so these are just estimates, subject to a fair amount of uncertainty. All figures adjusted to 2012 dollars, and all ACS survey data is subject to margins of error, which are indicated on the map.
Previously, data at this fine geographic scale was only available from the results of the full Census, performed every ten years.

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