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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! Arts High School in Newark, New Jersey opened its doors to students in 1931 as the first U.S.
Newark was originally formed as a township on October 31, 1693, based on the Newark Tract, which was first purchased on July 11, 1667.
Newark was originally founded in 1666 by Connecticut Puritans led by Robert Treat from the New Haven Colony. Newark is surrounded by residential suburbs to the west (on the slope of the Watchung Mountains), the Passaic River and Newark Bay to the east, dense urban areas to the south and southwest, and middle-class residential suburbs and industrial areas to the north. Newark is New Jersey's largest and second-most diverse city, after neighboring Jersey City. The city is divided into five political wards, which are often used by residents to identify their place of habitation. The geography of the city is such that only the predominantly poor Central Ward shares an unbroken border with the downtown area (the North Ward is separated from the downtown by Interstate 280 and the East Ward is separated by railroad tracks; the South and West Wards do not share a border with the downtown area).
Newark has a humid subtropical climate according to the Koppen climate classification, with cool to cold winters and warm to hot & humid summers.
As of the census[3] of 2000, there are 273,546 people, 91,382 households, and 61,956 families residing in Newark; recent census projections show that the population has already increased to around 280,000. Poverty remains a consistent problem in Newark, despite its revitalization in recent years. The median income for a household in the city was $26,913, and the median income for a family was $30,781. There are nine council members are elected on a nonpartisan basis at the regular municipal election or at the general election for terms of four years: one council member from each of five wards and four council members on an at-large basis. His successor was Kenneth Gibson, the city's first African American mayor, elected in 1970.
Sharpe James, who defeated Gibson in 1986 and declined to run for a sixth term in 2006, was indicted on 33 counts of conspiracy, mail fraud, and wire fraud by a federal grand jury sitting in Newark. In the 2006 survey, Newark was ranked as the 22nd most dangerous city in the United States, out of 371 cities included nationwide in the 13th annual Morgan Quitno survey.[20] In the 2007 rankings, now performed by CQ Press, Newark was the 20th most dangerous city in America of 378 cities surveyed. Newark is the third-largest insurance center in United States, after New York City and Hartford. Though Newark is not the industrial colossus of the past, the city does have a considerable amount of industry.
Newark is the home of the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Rutgers University - Newark, Seton Hall University School of Law, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (Newark Campus), Essex County College, and a Berkeley College campus. For the first time ever, the MTA has made a regional public transportation map for New York and New Jersey.
It includes Manhattan's subway lines, as well as New Jersey Transit, Amtrak, and PATH trains between Manhattan and New Jersey. For out-of-towners staying in Manhattan and using public transportation to get to the game, it will come in handy. For New Yorkers, it's a cool new take on the plain old subway map, at least the Manhattan portion of it.
OnNYTurf's clickable, dragable, searchable Google mashup showing the subway and PATH lines in scale relation to the surface streets now shows -- ready for this? This map won't help answer questions such as why the West 4th Street station's entrance is actually at West 3rd Street, but it does document that fact visually. Unfortunately the domain is not owned by the people who made the amazing map that we wish we all had today.
Copyright NoticeThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Der Kern der Chinatown umfasst Canal, Mott, Pell und Doyers Street am sudlichen Rand der Lower East Side. Die Enklave ist fur den Touristen eine fremde Welt mit exotischen Geschaften in engen Stra?en, Fruchten und Gemusen, lebendigen Fischen, Krabben und Muscheln in den Schaufenstern und aufgehangten rot gebeizten Enten in den Schauvitrinen der Restaurants. Viele chinesische Schriftzuge zieren die Chinatown, ein Viertel des New Yorker Stadtbezirks Manhattan.
Die chinesische Kuche gehort allgemein zu den besten der Welt, weil als Gebot der Armut die Koche auch aus vermeintlich minderwertigen Zutaten Kostliches zu zaubern verstehen. Chinatown bietet auch viele Einkaufsmoglichkeiten, insbesondere Tee, Ginseng, Mobel, Porzellan, Kleidung und Kleinkitsch aus Taiwan. Im Viertel Chinatown des New Yorker Stadtbezirks Manhattan dreht sich auch kulinarisch alles um das asiatische Land. Erst im Zweiten Weltkrieg lockerten sich die Lebensbedingungen und limitierte Zuwanderungen waren erlaubt. Bedingt auch aus der historischen Entwicklung ist die chinesische Gesellschaft immer noch eine geschlossene. Wenn Sie sich mit der Geschichte von Chinatown beschaftigen mochten, ist ein Besuch des Museum of Chinese in the Americas empfehlenswert. Beginn und Ende des Neujahrsfestes fallen nicht auf einen jahrlich wiederkehrenden Tag unserer Zeitrechnung, sondern „variieren“. New York City begeht das Fest insbesondere mit der Manhattan Chinatown Parade, die grundsatzlich folgenden Verlauf nimmt und meist am Sonntag nach Beginn des Neujahrsfestes zwischen 13 und 15 Uhr stattfindet: Die Parade beginnt an der Mulberry Street (Columbus Park) – Canal St.

Das Museum of Chinese in the Americas gibt Hintergrundinformationen und unter dem Stichwort „MoCAlender“ auch Hinweise zu Terminen von Veranstaltungen.
Zecker justified higher car insurance rates for drivers in New Jersey's largest cities because "cars in Newark are stolen and wrecked in far greater numbers"?
Newark has a population of 281,402,[2] making it the largest municipality in New Jersey and the 65th largest city in the U.S.
Its location near the Atlantic Ocean on Newark Bay has helped make its port facility, Port Newark, the major container shipping port on Newark Bay and for New York Harbor. Newark was granted a Royal Charter on April 27, 1713, and was incorporated as one of New Jersey's initial 104 townships by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on February 21, 1798. The city experienced tremendous industrial growth during the 19th and early 20th centuries, only to see decline and racial tensions in the second half of the 20th century, exemplified by the 1967 Newark riots. It has the second smallest land area among 100 most populous cities in the U.S, after neighboring Jersey City. The marshes were essentially wilderness, with a few dumps, warehouses, and cemeteries on their edges.
Its neighborhoods are populated with people from various backgrounds, such as African Americans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Italians, Albanians, Irish, Spaniards, Jamaicans, Haitians, Mexicans, West Africans, Brazilians, Ecuadorians, Trinidadians and Portuguese population. In recent years, residents have begun to identify with specific neighborhood names instead of the larger ward appellations. The still-affluent Forest Hill is in the North Ward, as are heavily Latino areas east of Mount Prospect Avenue. Measurable snowfall occurs each winter, but in lesser amounts than cities in the midwest at a similar latitude. The 1967 riots resulted in a significant population loss of both white and black middle classes which continued from the 1970s through to the 1990s. It enacts by ordinance, resolution or motion the local laws which govern the people of the city, and is responsible for approval of the municipal budget, establishment of financial controls, and setting of salaries of elected officials and top appointed administrators. Cory Booker, who had lost to Sharpe James in the 2002 mayoral race, won with 72% of the vote, soundly defeating Ronald Rice, the former Deputy Mayor. Five of the last seven Mayors of Newark have been indicted on criminal charges, including its three most recent Mayors: Hugh Addonizio, Kenneth Gibson, and Sharpe James.
A son of Italian immigrants, he ran on a reform platform, defeating the incumbent, Leo Carlin, who, ironically, he characterized as corrupt and a part of the political machine of the era.
He pleaded guilty to federal tax evasion in 2002 as part of a plea agreement on fraud and bribery charges. The grand jury charged that James illegally used city-owned credit cards for personal gain, illegally spending $58,000, and that James orchestrated a scheme to sell city-owned land at below-market prices to his companion, who immediately re-sold the land to developers and gained profit of over $500,000.
These include 1,800 retail, 540 wholesale establishments, eight major bank headquarters (including those of New Jersey's three largest banks), and twelve savings and loan association headquarters. The southern portion of the Ironbound, also known as the Industrial Meadowlands, has seen many factories built since World War II, including a large Anheuser-Busch brewery. It is a port facility on Newark Bay run by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey that serves as the principal container ship facility for goods entering and leaving the New York metropolitan region and the northeastern quadrant of North America. Most of Newark's academic institutions are located in the city's University Heights district. Es ist die gro?te Chinatown innerhalb der USA und das kulturelle und politische Zentrum der Chinesen in New York.
Alle Erzeugnisse Chinas finden sich auch hier, insbesondere naturlich Zutaten zur chinesischen Kuche. Die ersten Chinesen sollen Matrosen gewesen sein, die 1847 an Bord einer Dschunke in die New York Bay einfuhren und auf Grund ihrer Fremdartigkeit eine Attraktion darstellten. Die Chinesen waren au?erst unbeliebt, schlie?lich waren sie bereit, harter und billiger zu arbeiten als andere Immigranten. Au?erdem kann man alles uber Reiskultur lernen und der rund 7 m lange Drache hat ein Gewicht von 1,5 Tonnen.
Grund ist, dass die chinesische Zeitrechnung sich nach dem Mondkalender orientiert und daher in 2004 z.B. It is the home of Newark Liberty International Airport, which was the first major airport to serve the New York metropolitan area. During its time as a township, portions were taken to form Springfield Township (April 14, 1794), Caldwell Township (February 16, 1798, now known as Fairfield Township), Orange Township (November 27, 1806), Bloomfield Township (March 23, 1812) and Clinton Township (April 14, 1834, remainder reabsorbed by Newark on March 5, 1902). In the 19th century, Newarkers mourned that a fifth of their city could not be used for development. The Central Ward contains much of the city's original history including the Lincoln Park, Military Park and the James Street Commons Historic Districts.
Also, being near to the Atlantic Ocean means Newark tends to have warmer winters than cities at a similar latitude or even somewhat further south, such as Chicago, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and St. There is a significant Portuguese-speaking community, made up of Brazilian and Portuguese ethnicities, concentrated mainly at the Ironbound district. During the 1967 riots, it was found that Addonizio and other city officials were taking kickbacks from city contractors. James had an initial appearance on July 12, 2007 and entered a plea of not guilty to the 25 counts facing him. The former, one of the largest insurance companies in the world, is still headquartered in Newark. The service industry is also growing rapidly, replacing those in the manufacturing industry, which was once Newark's primary economy.

The Port is the fifteenth busiest in the world today, but was number one as recently as 1985.[26] In 2003 the Port moved over $100 billion in goods. Als Begrenzungen im Norden gelten Kenmore und Delancey Street, im Suden East und Worth Street, im Osten Allen Street und im Westen der Broadway. Besonders mittags gibt es haufig „dim sum“, eine Art chinesischer Fast Food aus einzelnen Snacks gefullt mit Shrimps, Fleisch oder Gemuse, hei? und frisch serviert.
Das was der Europaer darunter versteht, ist eben ein stark europaisch gepragtes Chinesen-Essen.
Etwa 25 Jahre spater folgten ihnen chinesische Wanderarbeiter, die beim Eisenbahnbau in Kalifornien tatig waren oder wahrend des Goldrausches kamen und nun nicht mehr gebraucht wurden.
Die staatlichen Repressalien waren hoch: Zuwanderung war nur moglich, wenn ein Arbeitsplatz garantiert war und der Nachzug von Frauen und Kindern war auch bei chinesischen Mannern, die schon jahrelang in den USA lebten, generell verboten. So war Chinatown stets durch eine interne Selbstorganistaion gekennzeichnet, in kultureller, politischer und sozialpolitischer Hinsicht.
Newark was reincorporated as a city on April 11, 1836, replacing Newark Township, based on the results of a referendum passed on March 18, 1836.
However, in the 20th century, the Port Authority was able to reclaim much of the marshland for the further expansion of Newark Airport, as well as the growth of the port lands.
Industrial uses, coupled with the airport and seaport lands, are concentrated in the East and South Wards, while residential neighborhoods exist primarily in the North, Central, and West Wards. By these methods the Council decides "what" the city will do about any particular matter, and then the Mayor and cabinet members decide "how" to do it.
He was convicted of extortion and conspiracy in 1970, and was sentenced to ten years in federal prison. However, James was eventually found guilty on fraud charges by a federal jury on April 17, 2008 for his role in the conspiring to rig land sales at nine city-owned properties. Many other companies are headquartered in the city, including International Discount Telecommunications, New Jersey Transit, Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G), and Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey.
In addition, transportation has become a growing business in Newark, accounting for 24,000 jobs in 1996. Plans are underway for billions of dollars of improvements - larger cranes, bigger railyard facilities, deeper channels, and expanded wharves. Grell, bunt und lebendig ist die Welt in Chinatown, hoffnungslos uberfullt und manchmal etwa schabig.
Mehr als zehn buddhistische Tempel liegen in diesem Gebiet und selbst die Telefonzellen sind als Pagoden gestaltet. Man bedient sich von den Servierwagen, die unablassig durch die Tischreihen geschoben werden. Als Folge dieser Restriktionen lebten um 1900 nur etwa 40 bis 150 Frauen in Chinatown, die Zahl der Manner belief sich auf etwa 7.000. Einen Bericht zu Chinatown bietet USATODAY in englischer Sprache unter der Uberschrift „New York’s Chinatown: Food, shopping and the Year of the Rooster“. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the wealthy congregated on the ridges of Forest Hill, High Street, and Weequahic. It also renders advice and consent on the Mayor's appointments and policy programs, and may investigate, when necessary, any branch of municipal government.
A special meeting of the Municipal Council may be called by the President or a majority of its members or by the Mayor whenever an emergency requires immediate action.
Die traditionelle chinesische Kuche differenziert daher zwischen Kantonesisch, Szechuan, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hunan usw. Folge dieser „Junggesellengesellschaft“ (Bachelor`s Society) waren das Bluhen von Prostitution und Opium-Konsum.
The Council also authorizes a continuing audit by an outside firm, of all city financial transactions. Uber die damalige Situation der Chinesen schrieb der aus Hannover stammende Weltreisende J.J. Der chinesische astrologische Kalender baut auf einem 12-Jahres-Mond-Zyklus auf und gibt jedem Jahr den Namen eines Tieres. Benjamin kurz nach dem Goldrausch: „Sie verdienen in diesem Lande in der Tat alles Beileid, denn sie werden daselbst schlechter als die Hunde behandelt. Die Bevolkerung asisatischer und pazifischer Herkunft hat sich in den letzten zehn Jahren in New York verdoppelt, liegt aber immer noch um die 7 % und ist damit die kleinste Minderheitengruppe der Stadt. Hohepunkt ist stets die Drachenparade (dragon parade), daneben gibt es zahlreiche weitere Veranstaltungen in den Stadtteilen. Dann kommen die Verwandten aus den anderen Stadtteilen zu ihren Familien und das Leben ist besonders bunt.
Wenn jemand einen Chinesen umbringt und ihn seiner wenigen sauer verdienten Dollar beraubt, so hat er im voraus keine Bestrafung zu gewartigen, da man auf diese Nation vor Gericht keine Rucksicht nimmt, und auch kein Wei?er geneigt ist, zugunsten des verlorenen „himmlischen Bewohners“ ein Zeugnis abzulegen.
The South Ward comprises poor and crime-ridden areas and the low-income Weequahic district. Finally, the East Ward consists of Newark's downtown commercial district, as well as the heavily Portuguese Ironbound neighborhood, where much of Newark's industry was located in the 19th century.
Today, due to the enterprise of its immigrant population, the Ironbound (also known as "Down Neck") is a very successful part of Newark.

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