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Set 150 years into the future, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is an apocalyptic journey through a destroyed yet ethereally beautiful Earth. If there's something strange in your neighborhood, maybe think twice about calling the Ghostbusters. Based on the comedy of the same name, the game follows three paranormal experts as they run around New York trying to rid the city of ghosts.
Originally slated for release in late 2001, stealth action game Metal Gear Solid 2 was bound to virtually annihilate New York City.
But the game still had a little appetite for destruction after that, with characters waging battles all over Manhattan. Less intense than the other games on this list, Rampage is an arcade-style game where characters run around the world destroying major cities. Causing the main destruction are three monster characters: a gorilla named George, a Godzilla-like creature named Lizzie and a werewolf named Ralph.
Like Crysis 2, the third installment in this video game series is set in the city in the semi-distant future of 2047.

Main protagonist Prophet sweeps through the streets in the shooter game, seeking to get revenge against CELL, an evil military organization controlling the city. Ecco un video di presentazione di New York, inutile dire che non puo rendere la bellezza della citta . E’ stata definita la citta piu interessante del mondo, la citta  piu grande del mondo, la citta per tutti, la citta dove si incontra gente di tutti i tipi! Adele's Live in New York City concert special finally aired on NBC last night (December 14) and it was absolutely incredible!
This insanely detailed digital map of New York City was created by gamer Asterion for use in the PC game CitiesXL. The famous American metropolis is a popular playground for video games, but more for destruction than just admiring its skyscrapers.
Shooter games turn it into a battleground, while others fast forward to the future, transforming it into an apocalyptic wasteland. Protagonists Trip and Monkey journey to the ruins of New York City, on a mission to get Trip back to her village.

Swampy and dystopian, New York is transformed into an overgrown, dark wonderland under the rule of a corrupt power. Artist Patrick Jean created this short film, called PIXELS, in which classic video games such as Pac Man and Tetris are unleashed on the city streets, turning everything into a mess of pixelated rubble. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. 11 terror attacks occurred, the game's developers had to reverse some of MGS' features, including the terrorism-heavy plot and the scenes where half of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty get brutally crushed.
Situata nello Stato omonimo, essa e la citta piu popolosa dell’Unione, nonche uno dei centri economici e culturali piu influenti del continente americano e del mondo intero.
Baia di New York (New York Bay), e amministrativamente divisa in cinque distretti (borough ): Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn e Staten Island.

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