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The roots of this Boston neighborhood fixture originated in the heart of NY City, where Jimmy learned the craft of creating the famous style of NY Pizza. When it came to growing the family enterprise, sons Steve and George’s passion for the family business, coupled with the skills and work ethic learned from their parents were the key to the expansion of their restaurant.
At both of these well loved family restaurants, Jimmy’s traditional home made sauce, abundant salads, grinders brimming with fresh ingredients, or the array of pasta entrees keep the crowds coming back for more. The family continues to bring their love of making great dishes, offered up by the friendly and accommodating staff, and it is the quality and care that each dish is made with that will bring you back. The best fried-chicken, teriyaki-beef, pastrami, bagel, and sashimi pizzas (this side of Naples.) Apologies in advance to the purists. Imagine a traditional deli-style Reuben, but without the top slice of bread—or, you know, any pretense of restraint. A highlight of the daily “after-school specials” offered at Sunny Boy—the new Washington Square eatery by the JM Curley crew—these house-baked bagels get topped with marinara, fresh basil, and mozzarella. New York import Crave has figured out that the flaky, pan-seared scallion pancake makes a brilliant conduit for shuttling gobs of bold-flavored…stuff from plate to pie hole. Patrick Ahearn is known for his stunning architectural restorations and reinventions of Edgartown’s palatial waterfront compounds. If you’re like most Boston singles, you probably agree there are plenty of proverbial fish in the sea. Like many ancient cultures, the Egyptians and Greeks created structures like the pyramids and Parthenon to pay homage to great deities and rulers.

Metaphorically speaking, your hectic work life can lead to your office feeling like the center of your world. Ask the Outdoor Living Experts: What Makes a Masterful Barn, Garage or Storage Shed Builder? Leisurely Sunday drives can lead to beautiful site-seeing amongst quintessential New England backdrops. With its thriving wharf it’s no surprise that Plymouth restaurants provide plenty of fresh seafood, but what may surprise you is the community’s dedication to eating local. House of Blues is known for showcasing up-and-coming (and already-there) singers and bands at their legendary clubs around the country.
Stroll along the Greenway to Boston’s only architecture and design gallery for some creative play time with upcoming Family Design Days! Boston magazine partnered with The New England Board of Higher Education to teach readers about the vast educational options in the area.
Packard’s Corner is named for a onetime Packard dealership opened there in 1909 by Alvan T. After years of serving his famous over-sized slices to long lines of loyal customers, he and wife, Persefoni, moved to Boston to launch a long held dream. Their commitment to bringing good value to their new and long time customers, led to the opening of the South end and Tremont St. The same commitment and attention to detail continues today, whether its lunch, a family night out or to satisfy your late-night appetite.

It caught our eye only because the Day-Glo honey-mustard sauce—drizzled over layers of chicken strip, French fry, and mozz—is sometimes visible from our windows. Speaking of which: To fit an entire slice of this sashimi-themed, sriracha-mayo-laced pu-pu platter into your mouth at one time, you practically have to unhinge your jaw. Mei Mei’s recurring special posits a bold vision of old-world Sicily as seen through a Saugus-tiki prism, nimbly mashing up house-baked rosemary focaccia, mozz, and marinara with pulled braised beef shank doused in a honey-and-black-vinegar teriyaki sauce. We reserve the right to remove impersonators or personal attacks, threats, profanity, or flat-out offensive comments. If you were good at something and worked hard, that was usually enough to move up the ranks. Ask someone what they know about frogs and they may mention Kermit, tales of transforming princes, or general sliminess.
The experienced and welcoming staff at NY Pizza will always bring the love of NY style pizza, and so much more to you every time you visit!

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