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Now, this chart by transportation geek Adam Froehlig of the traffic volume of the entire A Interstate system proves that nowhere else in America is there a worse corridor as long as the I-95 stretch between New York and Virginia. The sociology of the American Civil War can be viewed through a medium that was coming of age in the middle of the 19th century: photography. The Library of Congress has over 1,000 photographs of the Civil War in its American Memory collection. At time of the charge across the stone wall at foot of Marye's Heights, General Joseph Hooker was in command of the Federals and General Fitzhugh Lee in command of the Confederates.
This article was written by Douglas Perry, a teacher at Gig Harbor High School, in Gig Harbor, WA.
Of the 618,000 deaths on both sides during the Civil War approximatly two thirds (414,000) were the result of disease.
Over the past couple of years both before & during my stint as Regimental Hospital Steward and first aider, I have observed a few problems with health that with a bit of forward planning can be eased.
Remember to take care around the camp fire, never grab a hot kettle or pan with bare hands the handles get very hot and can cause quite a bad burn, always use a glove. Remember after the long battles at Eastnor Castle last year, all everyone wanted to do was soak their feet in a bucket of water. The Delaware stretch is downright pleasant, albeit expensive, with ample rest stops and a fast flow of traffic.
I-95 transitions from interstate to dozens of miles of parking lot in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard. The National Archives and Records Administration makes available on-line over 6,000 digitized images from the Civil War.
Ayers of the University of Virginia allows students to compare and contrast a Northern town with a Southern one before, during, and after the Civil War. From the Records of the Union Army the different diseases and the fatalities from them are listed below.

Yes they can happen and 2000 was a prime example, remember Hale Carnival, we had quite a few go down due to overheating, but the heat can be deceiving, take Stanford Hall in 1999, very hot on the Saturday for the skirmish in the woods with the trees holding the heat in. A few precautions beforehand can help stopping you getting blisters, always make sure that you boots are the correct size, leather boots need care to help preserve the natural suppleness of the leather, always use the correct dubbing and polish for them.
The formation of the Constitution corrected the autonomy of individual states that the Articles of Confederation did not harness.
Mathew Brady and his associates, most notably Alexander Gardner, George Barnard, and Timothy O'Sullivan, photographed many battlefields, camps, towns, and people touched by the war.
In these cases remember to drink plenty of water, both before going on the field and on the field, ALWAYS make sure you take a full canteen with you on the field.
All chopping of wood should be done in a clear area away from others, keep a special lookout for children coming close to you.
It is best to wear 2 pairs of socks the inner cotton and the outer wool, a bit of talcum powder in you socks will help keep your feet cool. Still, the young country struggled for 75 years to find a graceful balance between the power of the federal government and the several states. Avoid drinks like coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks during hot weather as theses can cause dehydration, if you want a warm drink tea will quench your thirst better than coffee. Never let young children play with an axe, if you are uncertain how to use an axe safely, ask someone to teach you. If you get your feet wet or they sweat a lot, remove your boots and socks when you get back to camp and dry your feet. Photographs show camp life, routines, war preparations, the moments just prior to battle, and the aftermath of battle. Always wear boots when chopping wood preferably steel toecaps, and always 'ground' the blade in a lump of wood or put the axe carefully away when you have finished using it.
If you get a blister don't pop it, cover it with a clean dressing or if it's quite a bad one see your fist aider.

Today, America defines itself from that point forward, as it still seeks a more perfect union and equality for all its citizens.
The primitive technology of photography required that subjects be still at the moment the camera's shutter snapped. NEVER sit on the floor chopping at a piece of wood with an axe; one slip could slice through an artery quite easily. When cooking always make sure that the food is cooked through properly, boil the water thoroughly if you are uncertain about it, I know quite a few of us have had upset stomachs at one time or another. The study of war journals and artifacts has developed a network of people, particularly located on the East Coast, who perform Civil War re-enactments. One of the other problems that has occurred is that people have not eaten enough before going on the field, remember you could be expending a lot of energy running around the field wearing a wool uniform. Recently, these groups have helped American filmmakers portray the war in realistic terms in movies like Gettysburg and Glory and in other documentaries on key Civil War battles. Thus, the more modern technology of cinematography fills the gap left by photography in recording the battles. Also if you feel unwell before going on the field, stay in camp, there is always some one back in camp that can keep an eye on you.
Another problem I have come across is people getting bits of paper & powder dust in their eyes, this is usually caused by people dropping the paper from their cartridge down the barrel of the musket and on firing it disintegrating and blowing in some ones eye. As another safety precaution remember don't stand or march in front of the artillery and keep an eye open for ground charges. If you carry a bayonet on the field make certain that it cannot drop out of its scabbard accidentally.

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