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The R14 was a New York City Subway car built in 1949 by the American Car and Foundry Company. While they ran in solid consists on the Flushing line, the R14s never did so on the mainlines, always being intermixed in trains of newer cars and were never placed at the conductor's location. Car 5944 has been converted to R71 de-icer car RD340 and is currently at the Westchester Yard.

R12 (New York City Subway car) - a very similar model also built by American Car & Foundry Company. They were a "follow-up" or supplemental stock for the A Division's R12s and look exactly the same, except for a different floor pattern. It is now a part of the New York Transit Museum, and is currently at the 207th Street Yard, most likely awaiting restoration but has suffered some fire damage.

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