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On the second photo in the first message of this thread, does the route map change when a different route is selected? Hi Jeff and everyone else but before the F ran to B'WAY Lafayette St and the D WAS THE Culver Line then to the Brighton Beach line and now the West End. MANHATTAN -- A Department of Sanitation employee was arrested for groping a woman in a Midtown subway station Saturday morning, police said. Anthony Marcelle, 50, a civilian employee within the department, allegedly grabbed the victim's buttocks as she boarded an F train at Rockefeller Center. New York Daily News F train derails in Queens F train derails in Queens A Manhattan-bound F train derailed in Woodside, Queens on May 2, 2014, injuring 19 people.

Cornell University researcher Christopher Mason spent 18 months collecting DNA samples from the turnstiles, garbage cans, railings and benches. Times Square, 42 Street: Perhaps the busiest train stop in New York City, Times Square has 114 different types of unique bacteria, including those associated with staph infections, meningitis, Italian cheese, sepsis, and radiation resistance.
Barclay Center, Atlantic Avenue– The most recent addition to the MTA Service line, you would think that this would be the cleanest station in the city right? Yankee Stadium, 161 Street- The Yankees don’t play until later on this year but this stop is a breeding ground for germs. This entry was posted in Blazing Topics, Entertainment, Entertainment News, News and tagged MTA, New York City.

It has 67 different types of bacteria, including food poisoning, diarrhea, radiation resistance, and oil cleanup. Grand Central has 128 different types of unique bacteria, including those associated with Mozzarella cheese, staph infections, urinary tract infections, and sepsis.
It has 96 different types of unique bacteria, including those associated with respiratory ailments, antibiotic resistance, heart-valve infections, and oil clean-up.

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