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As dangerous, grim, and gritty as the subway used to be, however, it still had a mesmerizing, democratic quality. Actually, NextStop's new update has everything to do with MTA Subway Time and practically nothing to do with Subway Surfers.
MTA Subway Time was released to serve a particular purpose: to display the exact train arrival times for selected routes of the New York City subway system. While MTA Subway Time is undoubtedly well-intentioned, it is noticeably lacking in the graphics and usability department.
Fortunately, the API that makes MTA Subway Time's core feature possible has been made available by the MTA to third-party developers. Just like MTA Subway Time, NextStop is able to show the real-time arrival times on the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and Grand Central Shuttle lines.
In addition, the app displays a dot next to the countdown to indicate which type of information the arrival estimate is based on. The dot is green when the estimate is based on recent real-time information, yellow when based on older real-time information (between five and 10 minutes old), and gray when based on MTA's published schedules.
New York City’s subway system is often praised for being extensive and incredibly easy to use. To many outsiders, the system and its accompanying map is a work of art (even if the early Massimo Vignelli design holds a warm place in your heart) and a model by which to base transit systems all over the country.
The number of accessible stations and platforms are pitiful in comparison to the total number of standard functioning stops. No doubt, it’s disconcerting how hard the transit system is to navigate for disabled and handicapped patrons.
With only a few days left in the campaign, it is definitely no surprise that the funding goal has been met and exceeded. One of the most significant events in the annual design calendar took place in New York City this week: the Dwell on Design exhibition returned to the Big Apple for its second year, highlighting innovative new ideas relating to architecture and products, and tackling topical issues across the design industry. On a night of grand ceremony and big ideas, Bjarke Ingels picked up further recognition for his ambitious plan to increase the resilience of New York City in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.
Drones are on the rise, as we’ve seen with Foster + Partners’ recent unveiling of the world’s first “droneport” for delivering aid to remote regions of Africa.

The New York City subway system is a series of winding tunnels navigated by smelly train cars with odd odors that can only be described as human.
But there is one glorious and highly entertaining spot in each subway train — looking out the first car's front window.
Now a lot of the new subway cars with their fancy air conditioning have a special film placed over these windows, making it difficult for train enthusiasts to get a rats-eye-view of the subway's tunnel system.
Thankfully, someone strapped a camera to the front of a C train recently and traveled from 168th street through Brooklyn using this view. But then again, that should come as no surprise at all, given that both NextStop and MTA Subway Time deal with the real subway, while Subway Surfers deals with the virtual one. One such developer is Pliable Matter, which has already integrated that API in the latest version of NextStop. As such, it can automatically download the latest real-time information as you enter a subway station so that you have recent information available on the platform. Generally speaking, taking the subway is fast and typically much more efficient than being stuck in a cab or on a bus during rush hour traffic. Rapidly growing and increasingly urbanized cities — ahem, LA — need to work out a program that has just as much finesse.
For the disabled, the elderly, women with strollers or young children, the injured, and people with heavy boxes or luggage, the so-called “extensive” subway system is barely even useful. Just take a look at how few wheelchair accessible stops there are on some of the most prominent and far-reaching lines — hopefully you don’t need to get off between 96th and 231st Street on the 1. Why should they be relegated to ridiculously long bus rides or long waits for the few wheelchair accessible taxis?
He developed an app, Wheely, and is asking for funding through a Kickstarter campaign, to help wheelchair users with navigating accessible stations within the subway system.
Still, because the app is currently only developed for iOS systems, a stretched goal (if he can reach $10,500 or more) will expand Wheely's reach to Window and Android platforms. The commissioned architects for the exhibition design were Rotterdam-based OMA, and to marry the decor with the theme of haute couture — historically defined by the meticulous handwork of embroidery, pleating, flower and featherwork — the designers set up an articulate scrim structure, where scaffolding is well visible behind the translucent fabric.
Santiago Calatrava’s World Trade Center Transportation Hub has finally opened in Lower Manhattan, over 10 years after the Spanish architect first unveiled his plans for the project in 2004.
Here, gritty industrial areas become fashionable loft spaces, train tracks become elevated parks and defunct schools are revived as museums.
In partnership with Amsterdam-based firm One Architecture, BIG received the LafargeHolcim Global Bronze Award for the Dryline — otherwise known as the Big U — a hybrid project blending public park with anti-flood defenses that will soon wrap the southern tip of Manhattan. Despite this remarkable development, most drones are still used for recreational purposes, and, in the architectural realm, that means making majestic movies like the one below, providing a whole new perspective of construction progress on BIG’s West 57th condominium: The unconventional pyramidal building has been described by Ingels as a “courtscraper,” owing to its hybrid form that combines elements of a high-rise building with those of a traditional European perimeter block. And they also sped it up, turning the long ride into a timelapse — because nobody wants to be on the C train longer than they have to.

Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. In the 1970s and '80s, the rate of robberies soared, and for your average straphanger, the commute to and from work could sometimes be a harrowing experience. That is, unless you really take a look at how the NYC subway operates and who it leaves behind. Driscoll’s father is a wheelchair user and he quickly realized how much of a hassle it was to travel throughout the city in a timely and efficient manner. The dramatic, winged structure — known as the Oculus — has long been controversial, both due to its bold design and unexpectedly high building costs. In a metropolis of over eight million people, you’ll hear more than eight million opinions on the evolution of the city. The building topped out in the fall of 2014, and cladding is now being added to the building’s expansive, sloping elevation between integrated balconies that offer stunning views across the Hudson River. Even when the stations and lines were wheelchair accessible, sometimes there were issues with maintenance that left elevators out of service and that so-called accessible station became useless.
While only part of the building is accessible to visitors this morning, the entire complex will be operational later in the year, according to the Port Authority. The subway, like the city above it, was suffering from a financial crisis and from urban decay.
So, Driscoll’s app is a visualization tool that not only displays an accessible subway map but also lets users know if the elevators are in operation with real-time status updates. Behind the gate, the centerpiece of the collection — Karl Lagerfeld’s Wedding Ensemble for the House of Chanel’s Autumn 2014 collection — becomes perceivable, marking the heart of OMA’s white, ghostly cathedral. New York real estate website The Real Deal recently released a graphic that breaks down the building's much-publicized near-$4 billion cost for design and construction. Hughes asked four experts — architects Richard Meier, Bjarke Ingels, Annabelle Selldorf and Rick Cook — to share their views on the strengths and weaknesses of New York’s architecture and what we have to look forward to. Plus, it comes with a handy GPS tracking tool that tells users exactly where the elevators are.
Their insights extended past the city’s ever-evolving skyline to a larger discussion of the topics facing urban development today, from the value of green spaces to hurricane protection and the preservation of New York’s iconic landmarks. Striking a Balance: Tall Buildings and Growing Green Spaces The conversation began with each of the panelists discussing the relationship between the high-rise tower and open, green spaces.

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