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Though we are only familiar with a single MTA map, dozens of other maps have attempted to make the NYC subway, er, reasonably comprehensive over the years. The subway map we all know today is loosely based on a famous 1972 design by Massimo Vignelli, an Italian-American designer whose gem-coloured diagram eschewed geographical honesty for visual clarity. So what did the New York subway system look like before our current tan-and-rainbow map emerged? Embedded into the sidewalk in front of 110 Greene Street just south of Prince Street is a floating subway map 90 feet long by 12 feet wide.
The piece, in this case, is a floating subway map by Belgian artist Francoise Schein made of stainless steel bars, terrazzo flooring, and glass rounds with lights embedded into the ground, blown by the artist herself.
Put them in charge of a couple of tons of metal, plastic and petrol, and people do some stupid things.

The work, entitled literally Subway Map Floating on a New York City Sidewalk is model of the Manhattan subway map, at least the 156 stops of the system as it was in 1985 when the piece was installed. Accessible to anybody, it reveals the subway system on a scale between the real and the miniature of a subway map. But those early maps also held a mirror up to the technological and design currents in the world at large. Dash Cam Owners Australia has put together another compilation of Australians being morons on our roads -- and this month, you get to see all the crashes and fender-benders you've been waiting for. The ways in which information was conveyed were changing rapidly in the first half of the 20th century: From the way printing presses worked, to the development of san serif typefaces, to a revolution in how graphic designers thought about communicating through images.
She seeks to install a public art piece (supported by a real-estate developer) but has to get it passed by the community board.

Then she is mocked by an officer in the Department of Transportation for her idea, this was the 1980s after all.
But in an act of persistence, it gets approved, and the piece of work becomes an award-winning piece beloved by residents.

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