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University of Essex psychologist Max Roberts has created a new map of the New York City subway system using concentric circles. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. New York’s public transit system differs from many throughout the world in that it charges a flat fare rather than a charge by distance. New York is an immensely walkable city, and hoofing it provides the added bonus of sightseeing as you go.
My general rule, given bearable weather conditions (anything but raining or freezing): If the subway journey is two stops or fewer, always walk.
That number will obviously go up on the local lines that stop every few blocks—or depending on your energy level. You get to the card kiosk and the big dilemma hits: Do you pay as you go or purchase an unlimited card? The MTA’s website is quite helpful when it comes to figuring out which card to purchase.
Another part of the new fare increases is a standard $1 surcharge for every new card purchased.
About the author: Suzanne Russo thinks of herself as equal parts California Girl and New Yorker.
Many of us are currently planning our upcoming summer vacations and who better to advise us on our trips than the millions of users at Trip Advisor? 2016 marks 100 years of the United States National Park Service, so it’s the perfect time to plan a National Park vacation. Now that winter is behind us, we can safely venture outdoors again and the most epic outdoor adventure (at least for those of us on the East Coast) is the Appalachian Trail. In 1968, a Presidential commission known as the Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission (ORRRC) recommended that the government protect the nation’s wild and scenic rivers from development that would substantially change their wild or scenic nature. There was a time when you could enter an airport with your dignity and pretty much anything that wasn’t a weapon.

The famed Great American Road Trip would be incomplete without visiting a few national parks along the way.
From April 16-24, the National Park Service is celebrating National Park Week with free admission to every national park. Red Bull Flugtag is almost upon us again which means a plethora of sometimes clever, sometimes not-so-clever, but always hilarious home-made, human-powered flying machines diving nose first into a body of water.
Last year, 161,000 Americans traveled to Cuba, an increase of 77 percent as President Obama continues to ease travel restrictions to the communist island nation.
You’ve seen gadgets like these in movies from Bond to Star Wars, a small device that allows humans to breath underwater without the accompaniment of heavy scuba equipment. As the world heats up, we might be one of the last generations able to enjoy all the beauty and splendor Antarctica has to offer.
Zermatt claims to be one of the best, if not the best, ski destinations for high-standard cuisine — and for a good reason. Moab attracts a large number of tourists every year, mostly visitors to the nearby Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.
Szponzoralt hirdetesekNew York City magyarulNew York (hivatalos neven City of New York) az Amerikai Egyesult Allamok legnepesebb es az amerikai kontinens negyedik legnepesebb varosa, az orszagon belul es vilagviszonylatban is az egyik legjelentosebb politikai, uzleti es kulturalis kozpont. A larger version of the map can be viewed at Roberts’ website, where the NYC subway map and others are also available to purchase.
The bright side, though, is that public transit still costs far less (and is often quicker, given traffic) than cabbing it everywhere.
Yes, it has its flaws, but on the whole New York’s subway system is a wonder—extensive, reliable (for the most part) and affordable, even with the fare hikes.
And at $2.50 a ride, regardless of distance traveled, they are among the cheapest transit fares worldwide. For example, instead of taking the train a few stops from Union Square to Soho, you can take a nice stroll stopping to watch some street performers in Washington Square Park and cruising through the adorable streets of the West Village along the way. She moved from San Francisco to New York four years ago to pursue her MA in English, and her obsession with all things New York life and history hasn’t dwindled yet.

Back then, airport food often consisted of mysterious sandwiches of questionable origin that nobody actually bought because you could just bring whatever you wanted to eat. So if you’re on spring break this week and looking for something to do, get in your car and head to your nearest park. And with Carnival cruise line beginning service from the US to Cuba next month, that number will surely grow. That year a diplomat from the Soviet Union working at the United Nations made a journey across the United States. It isn’t the easiest place to visit, but these photos should give you some motivation.
Kellemes kikapcsolodast kivanok a varossal valo megismerkedeshez!New York (hivatalos neven City of New York) az Amerikai Egyesult Allamok legnepesebb es az amerikai kontinens negyedik legnepesebb varosa, az orszagon belul es vilagviszonylatban is az egyik legjelentosebb politikai, uzleti es kulturalis kozpont. When I went to renew my 30-day MetroCard, the usual $104 fare had gone up to $112, as part of the subway and bus fare increases that went into effect on March 3, 2013.
This means that long distances are an especially good value, but short distances are best avoided.
The journey, not much longer than the train would take, becomes half the fun, and you avoid waiting on the subway platform and crushing into a crowded car. Conversely, a seven-day MetroCard costs $30 and is good for unlimited rides on the subway and non-express buses.
She is a freelance writer, director of the San Francisco-sponsored, New York literary pub crawl, Lit Crawl, and constant wanderer. Yeah, he’s 37, which makes him the youngest person to have done such — oh, and he hit all 198 countries within ten years.

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