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Monitoring includes scouting to determine if pests are present and when they are active or vulnerable.
Tea scale has 2 – 3 overlapping generations so crawlers and adults are present almost all the time after the first crawlers emerge in May.  Thus applications will kill crawlers but may leave some adults. Dove non specificato altrimenti, i contenuti sono rilasciati sotto una Licenza Creative Commons.
The most conspicuous characteristic of an infested plant is yellow splotching  on the upper leaf surfaces, an effect of feeding insects underneath. Therefore, if adults are treated with a contact insecticide the scales will live to produce another generation later that year.  Crawlers can be killed easily because they are small and unprotected by a cover. Follow up later in the year to determine if the population is growing and crawlers are still being produced.
Una due giorni intensa e produttiva, in un’atmosfera speciale e apprezzata da tutti i presenti, che ha visto anche la proclamazione dei primi Outdoor Industry Awards. In the Southeast, tea scale is a serious pest of camellias as well as Chinese and Japanese hollies.

Eggs are yellow and lemon shaped.  Eggs are always found within the armor of the female scales. The flat, yellow crawlers migrate to the newer growth on the plant and soon attach themselves. Therefore, the first thing to do is flip the over female covers to determine if the scales are alive.
It  has  also been reported on bottlebrush, dogwood, ferns, euonymus, mango, Satsuma orange, tea plant, orchids, and yaupon. A live female will be an yellow blob that releases juice when you smash it.  If no live scales are present it is important to educate clients that these will eventually weather away but require no further treatment.
When the population of nymphs is dense, the undersides of the leaves may be covered with this cottony secretion.
The nymphs molt 18 to 36 days after hatching, and a second molting occurs about a week later.
The life cycle is usually completed in 60 to 70 days.  Crawlers hatch throughout  the  year,  although less frequently  in  cold  than in warm weather.

Because of the many overlapping broods, crawlers hatch continuously from February to November.
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