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Would someone please be kind enough to tell me why the World War II vets never received the enlisted and active duty pay they were promised? Jacob BA?tter via flickrThe job market is picking up, and workers are increasingly jumping ship. A new Payscale report published on Thursday rankedA  Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance CompanyA as having the highest turnover rate out of all of the Fortune 500 companies. Other companies with high turnover include Amazon, AFLAC, and Google with employees sticking around for an average of one year. According to the report a€” titled "Companies with the Most & Least Loyal Employees" a€” companies with the highest turnover are mostly in retail and information technology industries. As for the high turnover in technology, Bardaro said that's just because the industry is hot. While the report looked at how long the average employee remained with a company, tenure is not the same thing as loyalty. Payscale's report recorded data collected from 250,000 people working at Fortune 500 companies in the past year (July 1, 2012 to July 1, 2013).
It looks good for manufacturing companies; Not so much for retail and information technology. Employees unions are studying estimated pay scales and would certainly be registering its suggestions soon.
After nearly two months of waiting, the North Carolina legislature has erupted in a budget compromise. To begin: if you are a young teacher, the new budget bill, and its new, six-step teacher pay scale, appears very rewarding.

Teachers in the first several years of their experience are rewarded a worthy and well-earned pay increase.
That salary schedule, which was the last teacher pay scale before the economic downturn of 2009 forced the state government to freeze salaries, is awfully telling when put next to the 2014-15 proposed pay scale. If you only look at the 2013-14 numbers, the proposed budget looks like a great deal--an average pay increase of $2,129, thanks mostly to the big jumps in the first 12 years of the pay scale. But when you stack the proposed 2014-15 scale next to the 2008-09 scale, the numbers tell a different story. Again: if we simply adopted the 2008-09 salary schedule this year and adjusted it for inflation, the average teacher would make $4,212 more. Make no mistake--Thom Tillis and everyone up for re-election in November is shilling for your vote. While this budget proposal is a step in the right direction, it still falls thousands of dollars short of what teachers were promised just six years ago.
Bardaro said this has a lot to do with an older age group typically working in these industries. Dearness Allowance for Government Employees, CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NEWS - DOPT, DOPT Orders, Expected DA & more. The bill, which was publicly posted last night at 11pm, can be passed into law as early as this weekend.
These new educators, who have labored nearly their entire careers without any raises, will see their paychecks jump by as much as 18.5 percent--nearly $6,000 for teachers in their fifth year of service. Under that scenario, out of the 32 steps of the scale, 13 pay grades earn less money in the 2014-15 budget.

What that comparison fails to take into account is the simple cost of inflation over the last 6 years. Given that it's taken an entire month beyond the start of the fiscal year, and that House Speaker Thom Tillis is more than ready to hit the US Senate campaign trail full time, this budget proposal will likely sail through to the Governor's desk. Teacher pay turned into a lightning rod issue because public educators demanded it to be one.
And while few are willing to admit it, the lack of funding our government claims is fueling our limited ability to raise teacher pay is due in part to the dramatic and far-reaching tax cuts enacted by our legislature in recent years--tax cuts that are already falling hundreds of millions of dollars short of initial projections. What they've yet to do, so far, is admit that rebuilding and restoring our public school system to a funding level it experienced within this decade will mean raising taxes.
The Senate is likely voting as of the writing of this post; the House can pass it as soon as the bill has been public for 48 hours. If the 2008-09 salary schedule had been kept in place and updated each year to account for inflation, the average teacher would earn $4,212 more than the 2014-15 proposed budget would pay them. While politicians ignored educators last year, they learned their lesson and rushed to raise salaries, even to the point of legislative deadlock, because they knew legions of Republican teachers would vote against them if they didn't.

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