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Metro Trains Melbourne is the current franchise operator of the suburban railway network of Melbourne, Australia. Metro Trains Melbourne operates a fleet of 381 three-car train sets on 830 kilometres of track.
As a strategy for improving train punctuality, Metro is trialling the re-introduction of platform attendants at some stations. The majority of rolling stock is owned by the Victorian Government business enterprise VicTrack.[8] However, Metro Trains Melbourne is ultimately responsible for maintaining the train fleet. Metro Trains Melbourne operates 16 train lines (Alamein, Belgrave, Craigieburn, Cranbourne, Epping (Soon to be South Morang), Frankston, Glen Waverley, Hurstbridge, Lilydale, Pakenham, Sandringham, Stony Point, Sydenham, Upfield, Werribee and Williamstown) and 1 special events train line (Flemington Racecourse) as well as the Melbourne City Loop. Metro Trains Melbourne currently utilizes the Metcard ticketing system, alongside the new myki smartcard ticketing system.
The Metcard ticketing system is being phased-out and is expected to be fully decommissioned in late 2012, leaving myki as the only ticketing system for metropolitan Melbourne. Like the other modes of public transport in Victoria, Metro Trains Melbourne employs public transport Authorised Officers, who are commonly known as ticket inspectors and have the right to exercise coercive powers under the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983.[8] The main responsibilities of Authorised Officers are to report ticketing and behavioural offences to the Victorian Department of Transport, they are also required to assist at major events and to provide customer service information. Authorised Officers are required to abide by the State Government-established 'Authorised Officer Code of Conduct' and violations of this code are prosecuted. Authorised Officers are required to submit a Report of Non Compliance with the details, specific nature and circumstances of the offence to the Department of Transport, who then processes the reports and decide upon any penalties. Metro Trains Melbourne entered into a franchise contract with the relevant Government agency responsible for public transport in Melbourne, namely the Director of Public Transport. On 27 July 2010, Metro Trains Melbourne experienced widespread cancellations and delays on most lines across Melbourne, impacting over 400,000 passengers.
The safety of rail transport operations in Melbourne is regulated by the Rail Safety Act 2006 which applies to all commercial passenger operations.[49] The Act establishes a framework containing safety duties for all rail industry participants and requires operators who manage infrastructure and rolling stock to obtain accreditation prior to commencing operations. Chennai, the Detroit of India, has finally joined the elite list of Indian’s cities with modern Metro Rail service.
The air-conditioned Metro trains can carry up to 1,200 passengers and has a top speed of 80 kmph.

In the coming years, 32 stations would be added along the routes to cater to more commuters. The minimum and maximum ticket fares are currently at INR 10 and 40 repspectively between Alandur and Koyambedu.
With Chennai’s traffic congestion getting intense every day, Metro Rail is expected to take a sizable number of vehicles off the road during peak hours. A first drive in a manual rickety old van was enough to pave the road forward for Sagar Patel. The new X'Trapolis fleet have a different seating layout to the original X'Trapolis trains (2-2 instead of 3-2).
Metcard and myki are both a time and zone based ticketing system, with validity periods ranging from two-hours to yearly, and two zones covering the Melbourne metropolitan area. The Code of Conduct states that an Authorised Officer may use discretion when reporting an alleged offender, and must supply their name and work address when asked.[15] If an Authorised Officer believes that a passenger has committed an offence, they have the right to request the offender's name and address after having explained the nature of the alleged offence to the offender.
The disruptions were caused by an electrical fault between Southern Cross and Flinders Street stations. The Act establishes the Department of Transport as the integration agency for Victoria's transport system. Accredited operators are also required to have a safety management system to guide their operations. 10 million inh.) currently has four rail corridors exclusive to the mass transit system (with separate tracks) totalling 149 Km. When not driving or riding, his dexterity shifts gear to voice passion through words via reviews, and news, all the while, closely monitoring updates from the auto industry. The train fleet travels over 30 million kilometres and provides more than 228 million customer boardings each year, over 12,000 services each week and carries over 680,000 passengers each weekday. Concerns from the Union regarding minor technical issues have delayed the entry to service for the trains from late 2009 to early 2010.
The Authorised Officers also have the right to request proof of the given information if the offender refuses to provide identification or provides false information, Authorised Officers will the contact Victoria Police.

Because most trains run through these stations, the number of trains able to be moved through was severely limited.[44] Problems with the real-time information systems at stations across Melbourne caused further difficulties for commuters. Sanctions applying to the safety scheme established under the Rail Safety Act are contained in the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983.[50] The safety regulator for the rail system in Melbourne including trams is the Director, Transport Safety (trading as Transport Safety Victoria) whose office is established under the Transport Integration Act 2010.
A further 26 Km on this line from Borivali to Virar has regular suburban trains running on the main line tracks (shared with long distance trains). Further, there are regular suburban trains going further and using the main line tracks (shared with long-distance trains). The Siemens fleet already have a 2-2 seating layout, and as part of the franchise agreement, Metro Trains Melbourne are required to alter the seating layout of the Comeng and original X'Trapolis fleet to 2-2 seating. The Act authorises the Director of Public Transport[48] to enter into contracts for the provision of transport services and this provision is the source of the power for the contract between Metro and the Director. No blame investigations for rail matters are undertaken by the Chief Investigator, Transport Safety.
Further, there are currently regular operations with a headway between 10 and 30 mins on other lines not exclusively for mass transit use (shared with long distance trains) totalling to 154 Km, in addition to the 149 km system. The two different lines from Kalyan onwards are Kalyan to Karjat (61 Km) and Kalyan to Kasara (67 Km).
In addition, the Transport Integration Act establishes VicTrack which owns the public rail network and associated infrastructure.
Alongside much of the mass transit tracks, the long distance tracks also carry 'fast' trains which do not stop at all stations. VicTrack leases public transport land and infrastructure to the Director of Public Transport who leases it to transport operators such as Metro as well as entering into franchise agreements with the operators for them to run public transport services on behalf of the State.

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