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Hi everybody,After moving to Germany two years ago I came across a small CNC operated machine that could, of course, be used for building accessories for model railway. Hi David, Welcome to the forum I cant see the pictures either even though i've been to the site there the pictures look the same as here. There are no forces, other than torsional, hence the side forces which bedevil other designs are eliminated.
We are indebted to the Gold Coast Model Railway Club for photographs of the OO kit installed on their splendid layout and for some of the above description. Our kits can be fitted to the whole range of the Peco ™ turntable kits or to the South Eastern Finecast turntables. This operates by selecting the required direction of rotation and then pressing a start button. The mechanism uses a disc cut with slots and a photocell which sends a small light beam through the slots thus stopping the motor at the desired point. The required direction of rotation is selected with a slide switch mounted on your own control panel. Please click the images below to view two recent reviews which have been published in 'Railway Modeller'.
I cannot see the pictures either although when writing and previewing the post they were there. The weight of the motor is all the weight necessary for the bridge to sit firmly in the well.

We can also supply motorizing kits to fit other types of turntables including scratch built turntables. As I always wanted to build as model of an old locomotive yard from the steam era and there has always been a lack of some of “main features” for such a layout the idea was to build a model of a wagon or a small locomotive turntable.
I got a new job last year and that means that make it home for a one-two weekends in 2-3 months and there absolutely no time to push the development or something.
Each kit has its problems of speed, fluent movement, noise, slack in components, torsion, twist and evenness. The only requirement is that the design incorporates a shaft that projects down from the centre of the bridge to below the turntable well and directly drives the bridge. If further rotation is desired the start button can be held down until the deck is approaching the desired road and then released and it will then stop automatically at the next road. The control panel can be any reasonable distance from the turntable itself and can be the one used for your main controllers.
Regarding the indexing it is on its way too (in the section project – advance control board TOC 2 - I am not quite sure if I am allowed to put the link to my own site. By the way I am just looking some projects for the Queensland railway.But despite of that we are preparing a new control board… The HW is ready Sw approx. Motorizing the turntable requires understanding of where all the loads are bearing and how to balance loads so as to reduce twist and torsion. The Deluxe version would be suitable for club or exhibition layouts where extensive use is expected whereas the standard version is quite suitable for home layouts.

We can also supply couplings to fit threaded shafts from 8BA up to 0BA or from M2.5 up to M6. Perhaps it is blocked somehow.And H0 or 4mm is not a problem as it is a modular construction.
We supply all metal gearboxes with a 12 Volt motor, preassembled as a unit, operating at maximum speeds of either 2 rpm or 3.5 rpm and 'whisper' quiet.
The motor is suspended from its gearbox shaft co-axial with the centre of the turntable bridge. If turntable is already fitted into the layout it is still possible to mount the motor from the underside of the baseboard. Please send us your specific requirements using our enquiry page and we will advise if we can meet them.
And consequently smoother and less noisy movement.-Parameter setting via and USB port from a PC.
There is normally no extra charge for custom made couplings as they are usually no more difficult to make than our standard couplings. Then by pressing the respective button the turntable moves from the position to next one.But as the board is working, the turntable turns, just the user interface and some other supporting functions on the board have to be programmed.

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