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New York contains the largest assimilation of art, photography and writing ever assembled on the subject. The year that Altman’s film was released is the year that the last season of Mad Men, which finishes its run this Sunday, is set. Every time I see Peggy’s New York Film Festival 1964 poster, I want a copy for my house. Episodes are crammed with historical and pop cultural references, but very rarely are they front and center. Shock treatment, LSD, race riots, Weight Watchers, moon landings, assassinations — the entirety of America in the 1960s was fully and richly presented, in far greater volume and diversity than perhaps even a college course would provide. I Ching was so pervasive that Wonder Woman was redesigned in ’68 as mod secret agent w. Setting the show in New York, but not filming it here, seemed, at first, like a troubling and even annoying decision.
History has been a vivid hue on Mad Men, as vivid as one of Pete Campbell’s most flamboyant ties. Undercover officers (members of the Morals squad) frequented gay bars in the 1960s, luring men who propositioned them. The Greek-inspired coffee cup debuted in NYC delis in 1963 so that would have been a fairly unfamiliar sight. The star attractions are the vivid re-creations of Don Draper’s office and kitchen (the Season One version, sans Betty), so chockablock with precise details that it feels less like a set and more like a period room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The show also serves as a miniature fashion exhibition with displays of color-crazy costumes from the show’s most popular characters. Perhaps we’ll see other New York museums tackling other great examples of period television.
Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men, presented by the Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria, Queens. The sky-high haven of  Don and Megan Draper was invaded by imposters, glamorous lesbians and even the encroaching sounds of a dangerous city.

And then we got an enigmatic new character, one who I fully expect to see hanging out at Stonewall in the summer of 1969, his Greek coffee cups replaced with watered-down cocktails. The city was in a veritable lock down throughout the day, with many businesses and schools closing early on April 5.
Those invited to speak at the gathering were friends and admirers from a variety of fields. Others who spoke at the rally included actor Ossie Davis and activists Florynce Kennedy and James Forman.
The following day, mourners marched from Harlem to an all-faith rally held by local religious leaders in the park..
The April 5th rally for Martin Luther King wasn’t even the most unusual thing to happen in Central Park that day.
Our thanks to the New York Observer for including us in their roundup of favorite NYC-centric podcasts! The Bowery Boys Book of the Month for April will be revealed on this month’s podcast with a review and an interview with the author next week. Its narrative spans the citya€™s entire 500 year history, from its rural beginnings, when the land was owned by Lenape Native Americans, right through to the bustling metropolis that it is today. Measuring 42cms x 32cms, it comprises of 756 pages, 100,000 words and over 1,000 photographs, amongst them the work of Berenice Abbott, Weegee, Jacob Riis, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Steichen, Diane Arbus, Evelyn Hofer, Jerry Schatzberg, David Bailey, Patrick Demarchelier, Helmut Newton, Norman Parkinson, Ron Galella and Annie Leibovitz. Mad Men had the luxury of a cast of fictional characters, so history can coalesce around them with convenience.
It’s equally festooned with vintage artifacts, interspersed with laptops and other signs of modern life.
Why should we care so much about his perpetual indiscretions when the world around him has shifted?
The hottest show off-Broadway, Hair, was prepping for its official Broadway opening that April.
A few seasons ago, the admen of Sterling Cooper took to wooing the organizers of MSG who were prepping the destruction of Penn Station.

The landscape of television comedy was cluttered with novelty premises and perfect families dealing with contrived scenarios which always, always resolved in a happy freeze-frame.
It was in a recognizable place, and its characters were changed by events that were vividly real. Joan made out with somebody at the Electric Circus, while Peggy went to a happening at Washington Market.
Throughout this article is a sampling of a few of my Mad Men Tweets over the past few years to illustrate some of the details that the production team has incorporated into its shows.
Johnson, who planned a surprise trip to the United Nations that day and touched down his helicopter in the park!
But these posts are about a specific element of New York history from the 1960s and can be read even by those who don’t watch the show at all. The chapters are written by the cream of New Yorka€™s literary talent, including archive pieces from David Remnick, John Updike, Don DeLillo, David Halberstam, Pete Hamill, Tom Wolfe, Gay Talese and EB White, with new commissions from James Sanders, Anthony DeCurtis and Pulitzer Prize-winner Paul Goldberger.
For the first time it felt like a show was operating by the same cosmic rules as its viewers. It sits like a juicy footnote at the bottom of the page, waiting to reveal another facet of the story. Weiner and the Mad Men production team can infuse entirely new themes, sometimes with traces of irony, that only reside within the borders of an episode. Far from history being a binding and limiting framework, Mad Men has turned it into a set of playground monkey-bars from which to playfully swing.

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