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Unfortunately, Lukyanova is never in the news for rescuing children from landslides or doing amazing things for humanity. Of course she has a right to her opinions, but the right to say her opinions are terrible and stupid is also protected by the Constitution that I thought Conservatives liked so much. All the hate here, yet if it was a guy dressing up as a barbie doll everybody would be cheering him on for expressing himself. No, you can’t escape the Kardashians because people like you consistently click on articles about the Kardashians. Gee, when did people start being sooooo touchy about things and getting their poor little feelings hurt. This is one of those moments where I find myself bored, surfing the internet, and clicking on anything. This woman is mentally ill and needs help, which being afflicted with narcissism and paranoid delusions she will probably never get.
No matter how you wrap that package it is still unattractive, deranged, psycho, and downright stupid.
HONDA SCOOTERSThis page contains a year by year overview of Honda’s scooter lineup in the USA and Canada. The Bounty Hunter star Jennifer Aniston likely follow the Cameron Diaz footstep, she was reported to have a nose job while she was caught visiting the plastic surgeon’s office Dr. Onika Tanya Maraj or Nicki Minaj is not only well-known for her eccentric appearance, but also plastic surgery rumor that comes to the surface. Unlike other Hollywood celebrities, Ashley Tisdale tells us a different story about her rhinoplasty. In addition to breast implant rumor, The House Bunny star Anna Faris was also speculated to have a nose job in the past. Her efforts to turn herself into a living Barbie doll include plastic surgery, hair extensions, and more makeup than any 12 Kardashians.
Lukyanova’s taken to posting workout selfies on her Facebook page that show her without her standard eyelashes, contact lenses, and intense eye makeup. Even without all the makeup, Lukyanova still looks more like a plastic doll than a normal person.
First she insisted that human beings do not need food to survive and can live on light and air, like plants, despite the fact that human bodies do not possess chloroplasts and cannot in fact digest sunlight. She recently did an interview with GQ in which she spouted off against the evils of interracial relationships on the grounds that miscegenation is making humanity less physically attractive. I respect her choices to do what she wants with her appearance, but I do not, nor will I ever, respect a disgusting racist such as her. The author has deemed this woman as irrelevant, but insist on writing an article that makes her relevant. Abusing her verbally is not only cruel but worse than useless as it only fortifies her belief that she is better than everyone else and that she is being attacked for her superiority.
It is a statement based on her perception of beauty and does not display any hatred towards any specific races (in my humble opinion). As everybody knows, Kim’s nose was larger and bulbous, and the recent nose likely has been chiseled, moreover the nose bridge is getting narrower than before.
Some years ago, she was suspected to have numerous plastic surgery procedures such as buttock augmentation, breast implants, cheek augmentation, Botox and a nose job as well. Richard Westreich, a New York plastic surgeon explained that Nicki Minaj possibly has a rhinoplasty. The Gossip Girl star recent photo reveals that her nose is getting thinner and narrower tip than in the past, it looks cuter than ever.
Anthony Youn seems to agree with us, he explained that Blake Lively possibly has a nose job, it appears thinner and fit to her face, the result is very good. She was reported to have several plastic surgery procedures in the past, they are including breast implants, lip reduction and a rhinoplasty as well. If we are observing her photos before and after Destiny’s Child years, it is possible that she has some work done to her nose.

The High School Musical star had admitted having a rhinoplasty, but she denied if the work was about cosmetic enhancement. She was suspected to have several plastic surgery procedures to enhance her look, they are including breast implants, lip augmentation and a rhinoplasty as well.
Public noticed that Anna’s nose structure has been modified, it looks slimmer, pointier on the tip, and narrower at the bridge.
She might still be wearing some makeup, but it’s a dramatically lighter look than she normally goes for. She credits her terrifying fasting diet with her Barbie-esque waist and stomach, but seriously, human beings cannot digest sunlight. Normally when a celebrity strips off their makeup it serves to humanize them and make us realize that we’re all the same underneath. And why do we have teeth, taste buds, a stomach, intestines, a method to absorb nutrients and filter out toxins, etc.? I just think the idea of looking like a Barbie is only slightly less dumb than thinking sunlight feeds you.
Some of hottest celebrities who have been under the knife for Rhinoplasty are Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Lady Gaga, Mila Kunis, Nicki Minaj, Anna Faris, Ashley Tisdale, Jenifer Anniston, Beyonce and many more. Although she has denied the surgery rumor, but the before & after plastic surgery photos tell us the truth. The Jennifer’s representative Kevin Huvane admitted that she has a rhinoplasty, but he denied if Jennifer had a full rhinoplasty. After viewing her recent photos, it seems that her nose slightly smaller and the nostrils are getting narrower. As everybody knows that she was having bigger and thicker nose, and the recent photo reveals that her nose is getting thinner, pointier tip and the bridge has been chiseled.
Ashley Tisdale has openly told the public if she has breathing problems, and it is getting worse day by day.
A nose job is one of the most highlighted change in her appearance, as everybody knows, she was having a large and hooked nose, and the recent nose appears slightly smaller and pinched at the tip.
Judging her photos before and after Rhinoplasty, it seems that her nose appears more refined and elegant.
Although it can be achieved from smart makeup, but many fans strongly believe that’s the result of rhinoplasty. It is clear that she has done some work like butt implants, breast implants, Botox, lip augmentation and possibly a rhinoplasty.
The same as Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Aniston was also having a rhinoplasty for repairing the deviated septum. If the rumor is true, the result is very well done, it looks good and more harmonious to her face. Prior to modern scooters arriving here, Honda achieved success in the late 70’s with their P50 and Express lines of mopeds. Growing up, it is about my health, not cosmetic enhancement, said Tisdale in People Magazine interview. It was an updated version of this scooter called the Aero 50 that arrived in the USA and Canada for the 1983, alongside the larger Aero 80 scooter.
At the same time, Honda also designed a more conservatively styled scooter based on their Express line of mopeds.
1981 - 1982Honda made their first quasi-scooter foray into Canada and the USA with the moped based Express SR. The electric start, oil injection, 12 volt electronics, CVT (continuously variable transmission) and auto-choke were all amazing innovations at the time in machines this small.
While some of these features had been available previously on other scooters, they never had been all available at once and for such an affordable price.
Viewed by some as cheap, the plastic body panels were affordable, ding resistant and easy to replace in the event of a crash.
The Aero 50 (above) was a 2-stroke, 50cc offering decent acceleration and a top speed around 35-40 mph.

The Aero 80 has enough power to wheelie and that power in combination with its comfortable seat and beefed up suspension makes it a great choice for 2-up riding or for bigger riders. Once downside to these initial offerings from Honda is the lack of aftermarket parts that the subsequent generations of Honda scooters enjoy. Honda added the third and final member of the 2-stroke Aero family, the short lived Aero 125. Here is Honda Canada's brochure for 1984 scooters.Honda also added another 125cc and their first 4-stroke scooter, the Elite 125 (alove left). This scooter was the first member of the Elite family that would figure prominately in Honda’s scooter lineup for decades to come. It’s surprising that Honda chose to introduce the Aero 125 at all because Honda was clearly moving to 4-stroke motors for all but their 50cc scooters. The Elite 125 was the first look at a new generation of styling that Honda would continue to unveil in the form of the Elite 80 and Elite 250. This was confirmed May 12th, 2010 when Honda officially announced the PCX as a 2011 model in the USA.
For 2011 the PCX was not offered in Canada.Also announced on May 12th, 2010 was the return of the Ruckus. After apparently selling through the backlog of 2009 models created by the recession, Honda USA reintroduced the Ruckus as a 2011 model.
The 2011 Silverwing gained a new color ('Classy Black') and became available only as an ABS model.
Honda Canada followed suit a couple months later and but introduced this scooter using its Asian market name, the Giorno. The new style and addition of fuel injection were a plus, while the air cooling and steel tube frame were a step back from the previous generation. The new Forza (NSS300) was a replacement for the Reflex (NSS250), but this time around Honda opted to stick with the Asian name.
The Forza was an entirely new scooter that outshone its predecessor with crisper lines, beautiful rims, an extra 30cc and fuel injection. Also new was the 4-valve engine design and ABS, the latter being standard in Canada ($6399 MSRP) while adding $500 to the base $5599 MSRP in the USA.In traditional November release season, Honda announced 2014 versions of their population Metropolitan and Ruckus for the USA and Canada.
The Metropolitan got a new assortment of colors, with 2014 options of Pink Metallic (with white accents), Pearl Blue (black accents) and Candy Orange (black accents). Both of these omissions were surprising, as the Silverwing has been around since 2002 and was seemingly immortal, while the PCX 150 appeared to be a strong seller for Honda.
Also new are features like a larger glovebox, a 12V power port in the glovebox, a redesigned seat, new gauges, all LED lighting including the headlight and a larger fuel tank.The new PCX arrived in July 2014.
American’s can choose from black or white, while Canadians are being offered red or mahogany. USA pricing is unchanged from 2013 at $3449, while Canadian pricing is $3899.In early November, Honda announced the rest of their lineup. Honda announced the 2016 PCX 150 model in late May 2015 with stock arriving in dealerships soon after. The 2016 PCX 150 carries over unchanged from the year prior aside from new colors and a $50 increase in MSRP to $3499 ($100 increase to $3999 in Canada). For 2016 the Metropolitan makes the switch back to a high compression liquid cooled motor like the first generation.
It also gets an in-floor fuel tank allowing for larger underseat storage and the amenities are re-worked in the legshield with a new glovebox including a 12V charging port.

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