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Use our building creation software to inexpensively add hundreds of model railroad buildings to your layout! Westfield Trailer Park was one of many mobile home communities that sprang up in response to this demand. Download plans in either N, HO, OO, or O ScaleScaleable to Z, TT, or S Scale - See tutorial on building to other scales.
Accurately scaled templates, allowing you to trace out and build to your choice of materials. This model is constructed with foam core walls and roof with a texture (stucco) finish, but would look equally authentic in a variety of building materials. Terrace houses are thought to have originated in Great Britain in the later part of the 17th century, and continue to be popular for both practicality and affordability. As children of the 1950's baby boom grew up to have children of their own, so grew the demand for affordable housing. ShareThiswould it be posible to post a pdf file or something like that of a printable waybill and car card?
The first step is to decide on how many sheets of cardstock or matte photo paper you will need, and place them in the printer. Select Portrait or Landscape, depending on the Pattern orientation, (the way it appears on your computer).
Scoring can be done on the printed side, but you can get much nicer outside corners if you score along the back side.

Before cutting out the sections visualize the assembly and how mating walls will attach to each other.
To make the sections easier to handle, you can cut them out to rough size with scissors, then trim more accurately.
If you miss any folding tabs, or accidently removed them, you can easily make extras from scrap cardstock and add them in.
You will develop your own preferences, but I find it easier to glue the inside walls rather than the joining tabs.
Glue sticks, (not the purple school type), a thin coating of white glue, or craft glue will work to assemble the sections.
Scotch tape or transparent tape applied to the inside surfaces will help to hold things together while the glue sets.
With practice you may be able to line up the wall corners by hand, but a jig can be used as well. Hint: If you know anyone with a framing shop or photo studio you may be able to get some scrap pieces quite cheaply. For some models it might be easier to slide the floor into place prior to adding the final wall. Reinforcements on the inside of walls will make it easier to add on any details such as this ticket bay from Plan 735c. Once you have the right angle established, remove the roof and apply more glue along the ridge.

A thin film of craft glue, or glue stick can be used to bond the roofing material to the roof sub-surface. Use extreme care when lining up and applying the roofing material, as it may be damaged if you have to remove and re-position it. The serrated lower edges of the roofing material give a more realistic shake roof appearance. Assuming that the soffit was seated evenly into the underside of the roof, the roof should now sit evenly onto the structure. If for some reason the roof doesn’t sit evenly, you can shim it with strips of paper or cardstock.
This small home had a building footprint of only 28 ft by 28 ft, but the two dormers allowed extra space in the attic for two extra bedrooms. The town also hosted terminals for both the Gravesend & Rochester Railway London, and the Chatham and Dover Railway. If using a hobby knife make sure you have a cutting mat underneath, and use a steel straight edge.
Remember to leave tabs on one of the ridge surfaces as well as any roof surface that needs to be mated to another surface.

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