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MTH's Amtrak Surfliner Set and its Metrolink Set are particularly popular with area model train enthusiasts.
Mike originally had been a subcontractor for Lionel until Lionel found out about this model he was offering directly to the customers, and Lionel then cut its ties with Mike. MTH has even made an Amtrak Surfliner Set, a Metrolink Set and many other Southern California favorites.
Come by Milepost 38 and check out the largest selection of MTH Railking products in California.
Well, in my case all I have to do is look at my pocketbook and realize there is no way I can afford this and it makes the decision not to order that much easier.But, it is a nice set and I am glad somebody is doing it.
In model trains, the rule of thumb is the usually something is released in HO scale before any other. Okay, you still have me confused, as the video review was posted in October 2010, the set was featured in MTH's catalog in 2010 and all the online stores seem to report selling out in 2010.
I checked with a hobby shop locally (I had to call them on something else and asked about this as well). I am very happy to share that today I took delivery of the MTH SRM transport model train set, including a set of six boxcars that were offered separately (the boxcars were used as buffers between the cars carrying the loaded motors). Robert, great to hear the news!I'm just glad that I was able to lend a hand and that you were finally able to get this set. In case anyone is interested, there are two MTH Solid Rocket Booster Transport trains available on the MTH Trains website.These sets do not include the locomotives but are quite rare as Robert will attest.

They said these cars actually were very recently released.If so, that's normal as model train companies often will advertise something that doesn't yet exist as tooling or even in the form of a blueprint (you've all seen the same thing for some space models, too, of course). I just checked MTH's website and neither this one, nor the previous version released back in '04 show as available at any retailers.Trains, especially in O-scale, do have limited quantity releases. Thank you to those who e-mailed with tips, and to Joe (press4meco) for putting me in touch with the collector who sold me the set.I somewhat forgot how large O-scale is.
Thank you for bringing it to all our attention a couple years ago.It really is a great and unique display piece.
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Consequently, the rocket section is loaded atop a heavy-duty flat car and transported by rail in a unit train to the launch area where it is then assembled. I had originally planned to build a shelf to display the set but I didn't take into account how long the train would be, especially with the boxcars added, too. It'll look great on display!Be sure to post some pictures whenever you are finally able to get this up and on display. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The route traveled takes the train southeast via the Union Pacific, Kansas City Southern, CSX and Florida East Coast routes. Each rocket section is covered with a removable large steel cover for both protection and secrecy as to the car's load.

Often each car in the unit train is separated by "buffer" car that can absorb any impact caused by a derailment or other mishap.
Most recently some individual booster transport cars (not from this set) were listed, but never sold. The buffer cars can take the form of additional flat cars with covers or a boxcar. The Premier Line six-car Solid Rocket Transport train includes five 47' TTX Heavy Duty Flat Cars with covers.
The cover houses different sections of the rocket, each of which can be removed from the car and assembled into a free-standing rocket.
I was into trains as a young kid so getting this set just served to bridge the gap between my interest in space and model trains.To see if I can help out, I put out a request on the "want to buy" subforum on the model train forum I also frequent.
A sixth car in the form of a streamlined passenger coach serves as the Transport train's crew car. This set can also be combined with a 6-car Union Pacific Hi-Cube Box Car set for use as buffer cars.
I'm looking forward to more photos being released, but for now, here are the available images from the 2010 MTH catalog:Click to enlarge.

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