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The Louisville and Nashville was originally formed in 1850 by the state of Kentucky, and in the 132 years it existed as a separate company, it operated nearly 7,000 miles of track throughout the south and midwest including the Appalachian coal fields of Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee. The Eastern Kentucky Division (later the EK sub of the Cincinnati Division), extended from Patio Yard at Winchester, KY into the rich coal fields of eastern Kentucky.
The Cumberland Valley Division (later the CV sub of the Knoxville Division), extended from the large yard at Corbin, KY on the Cincinnatti-Knoxville main to a connection with the Norfolk & Western at Norton, VA. They also seem like they would be good for a kit bash to create a totally unique structure. While just about any 4-axle locomotive could be seen on a mine run, the RS3s dominated followed by C420s and other assorted 4-axles such as RS36s from the Tennesse Central. Though the Family Lines was not a true railroad, all of the railroads began to paint their locomotives and rolling stock into the dark gray Family Lines scheme. In addition to the Appalachian fields, the L&N also hauled coal in the midwest and Alabama. From there, the lines branched out to serve dozens of loaders along branches with great names including the Poor Fork Branch, Clover Fork Branch, Catrons Creek Branch and Crummies Creek Branch.

There were several loaders along the mainline south of Corbin, but the major coal branch on the K&A was the Clairfield Branch, shared with the Southern.
The instructions could be a little better, but the kits aren't that hard to figure out.
The L&N, along with its long-time competitor the Southern Railway, also purchased part of the Tennessee Central after it went bankrupt in 1968 adding one more avenue into the coal fields of Tennessee. The Martins Fork Branch south of Loyall eventually connected with the CV main at Smiley, VA via Hagans Tunnel and Hagans switchback on its way to a connection with its coal-hauling counterpart, the Clinchfield, but this project was never completed. Branches included the Leatherwood Branch, Rockhouse Creek Branch, Lots Creek Branch, Carr Fork Branch, Smoot Creek Branch and Sand Lick Branch. The Martins Fork eventually replaced the original main as the new route to Norton, but the switchback remained, even though it required the doubling of trains and reassembling on the original main.
On the way to Norton, the L&N and Southern met at Pocket, VA (north of Pennington) where they shared the St. The EK also featured a helper district to get loaded coal trains up Elkatawa Hill between Hazard and Ravenna.

Charles Branch and again at Appalachia, VA where both interchanged with the small Interstate Railroad. The next one that I build I'm going to try and miter the corners to make it easier to hide the seam. Paul, VA starting in 1973 and lasting into the CSX era–this line was full of tall trestles and tight tunnels restricting the size of cars which could use this line.
On the West (railroad North) end of the CV, the L&N served the busy Cumberland and Manchester Branch out of Corbin and the Straight Creek Branch out of Wallsend Yard (Pineville).

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