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Sometimes you have to do things backwards, such as adding model railroad scenery to a semi-completed layout. Below is a picture of the new model railroad scenery around the fisherman's boat by the bridge.
The trackplan originally came from "101 Trackplans" that Linn Westcott did for Model Railroader many years ago.
I painted the mountains and hills on the backdrop with mixtures of inexpensive craft paints. At the left end of the two sections was a box for car cards and a panel for the relays that routed frog power and signals. If you are curious about the Internet, social media like Facebook and Twitter, and want to know more about what's going on in the wide, wide world up in the clouds, and especially if you have any desire to do something for yourself, I urge you to take a little time to watch the video below. If you are a beginner, you may want to subscribe here to get access to my newsletter, which will give you more great info.
This model railway scenery ultimate guide will show you how scenery can be used effectively for any model train layout.
Track ballast is the most important aspect of nearly every model railway train layout that your are likely to build. A badly constructed ballast scenery can make even the most interesting train layout look amateur. Ballast scatter mats do not look as realist as homemade scatter as it looks too neat and tidy.
This stuff is a sponge material that already has ballast particles and is laid under your track. We have two main options when it comes to using hill scenery within your model railway layout. Requires the use of a chicken wire frame and then you add the plaster impregnated fabric on top of this. Hi i have submitted my name etc and have never received your free quick starting quide or any other free material. Building model train scenery is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of model railroading.
Ground Goop - The first layer of ground cover used to cover the plaster cloth or other scenery base before applying turf and trees, etc. Modeling Winter Scenery - Best tips for creating snow, ice, icicles and snow-covered trees and structures.
I was very interested in your recent article about the West Yorkshire layout modelled around Sowerby Bridge in the grimy 50’s. Regarding my waterfall & stream model, it was my first attempt at modelling a water feature and I was very pleased how it turned out. I found however that the scenic realistic water which I paid ?10 for, shrunk as it dried and I needed to apply more to fill the pools both in the stream and the pond at the base of the waterfall.
I list my models on EBay UK where I seem to be getting a good response, which is where I purchase most of my model bits & pieces. I have booked a trade stall at a Model Rail show in November and am hoping my new venture will be a success.

I love your emails and wish that I had the space to build a large layout similar to the ones that you have featured in your articles. Martin I thought my rock formations looked quite realistic but after seeing yours, yours are far superior to mine. Hi Martin, what model rail show will you be attending in November,I will try to look you up. Beautiful water Martin, I must grasp my courage in both hands, then there will be two top water modellers in Yorkshire. I include a link to my facebook page which shows some more of my scenery & some trees that I ventured into making (not all are home made but the best ones are!). THe facebook pictures show some very different rock colors to the ones above in this article.
Many modellers are afraid to ballast their track because they don't want to gum up the works. If the region you want to model is not nearby, try to find some magazines, train or otherwise, that show the scenery and some train tracks.Here's a picture of some branchline track a few kilometers from my house in Stayner, Ontario.
The ballasting grains at the iron ore mine in Youngstown are a reddish colour to reflect the iron ore in the soil and what's spilled from the ore cars. Don't neglect to put nails,  tacks or poster board tacks at the end of sidings until you get around to scenicking the area. I also draped newspaper over everything to keep the scenic material off the rolling stock and the scenery that was already in place. This was touched up later.On the second pour I added a few drops of green transparent resin dye. The stream went under the bridge and then curved sharply left in a narrow channel towards the backdrop.
This was about all one could do before companies like Noch and Woodland Scenics appeared on the scene. You need to learn how use scenery before you can ever hope to master the art of creating awesome train layouts. Handmade or built scenery is the cheapest option and for some types of model scenery it is also the only option (hills, rivers, rocks’¦etc) Handmade scenery can be very tricky to create properly and many railway beginners can end up with a lot of mess. I spent my childhood in that area, skipping school in the afternoon’s to visit the loco shed (depot) and a few years on sleeping in the rail station waiting room because I had missed the last bus home at night. My friend and customer David from South Wales sent me an email with this link on it which shows my scenery pieces I sent you in 2011.
Although I did attend 6 model rail exhibitions in 2012 and am booked ito 8 for 2013 accross the north of England. Here's how to go about it.The first thing to do is to walk alongside some real track and study the color of the rails, ballast, and surrounding scenery. It was photographed in the autumn so I could capture the color and look of the weeds and foliage.The rail has a smaller cross section than mainline track.
Changing ballast color adds visual interest.If you have an interchange or place where two railways cross, consider using a different color ballast for each railroad to differentiate them. If the track was glued down with white or yellow glue, soak the piece of track with windshield washer fluid.Leave it for half an hour then use a scraper or plastering trowel to work it up from the roadbed base.

I needed to use them in my Utopia Northern layout that I was building (since dismantled due to a move).The sections had a lot of dual gauge track and turnouts from previous layout incarnations that I was loathe to throw out, especially after reconnecting all the relays and other wiring between the sections. In this layout version, the narrow gauge used it as a switchback from Port Feron through Collings Woods and up to the logging camp at Payne in the Aspens. Some suggest misting the backdrop with white to tone it down and increase the feeling of distance.I have also added trees, especially in front of the backdrop to disguise the edge. Now there's a lot of attention paid to grass that stands up by using an electrostatic applicator.The first ones were expensive. A good quality finish is sometimes easy to achieve with bought scenery but it can start to get expensive. I has to apply some more ‘water effects’ mixed with white paint onto the fall to try make it effective. In my openion, no amount of theoretical knowledge will work, unless one uses his imaginations.
I also change grain sizes using HO ballast on the mainline and N scale ballast on the sidings.The N scale ballast looks better with the code 70 and code 55 rail on the sidings. Also, it doesn't stink up the house.It's important to take the time to get the proportions correct.
The standard gauge trains usually used the track to North Point via the ridge unless a train had to switch Collings Woods.Standard gauge trains entered from Utopia at the right end through the tunnel and climbed past the fisherman to enter a tunnel at the left end that goes to Underhill North. I think that I added too much white to the mixture which I need not to do in my next water model. I followed their recommendation to use Hob-e-Tac adhesive to apply the foliage.In the past I hadn't had much success with this adhesive.
But in the end my 1st attempt looked super and the buyer remarked “how realistic “ the model was. This year I have introduced LED lighting strips, Static grass & applicaters as well as the tree making kits. Other water effects could be added with Modpodge or other commerical product.I need to practice on a scrap project before I try this. So I am exited to start, my first show is in March at Heywood , Lancashire followed by Sheffield & Bradford then Shildon National Rail Museum.
I used it under some commercial turnouts that id's paid a lot of money for and they were ruined forever. This stuff, like water, will find the smallest pin hole in the scenery base.I had previously poured some sand across the joint by the fisherman's boat to form a sandbar in the river. Experiment on a siding or a piece of spare track.Use full-strength white glue or yellow carpenter's glue on the sloped sides of the cork roadbed or use matte medium.
Matte medium retains a rubbery consistency that can help absorb sound.Apply ballast with a soft brush.
A small plastic drinking cup, the triangular kind, is a good way of controlling the spread of the ballast when pouring it onto the glue.

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