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Although used vehicles with salvage titles typically sell for less than similar vehicles with clean titles, the discount doesn't reflect the actual loss in market value. State compliance with NMVTIS is federally mandated, but while states ramp up their programs, the bad guys - including curbstoners selling welded-together wrecks - still have workarounds. There are also things you can do to check for collision repair before you visit your mechanic. Uncover the telltale signs of collision damage with this free field guide from Stop Curbstoning. Find out how much one curbstoner can cost your city in this special report from Stop Curbstoning.
SALVAGE DEALER INSTRUCTIONSSalvage Motor Vehicle Pool: Any person who as an agent for a third party engages in business for the purpose of storing, displaying, and offering for sale, salvage motor vehicles to motor vehicle salvage dealers. Junk Vehicle AffidavitIf you do not remove your vehicle, the owner of the property may dispose of it or may sign an Affidavit of Sale to be used as an ownership document to A separate WSP inspection form must be included with your title application.

Damage DisclosureThe original title for that vehicle must be returned to the Motor Vehicle Division within 10 days and the division will issue a salvage title for a fee of $5. Used cars: Are You Buying A Wreck?To get an idea, however, Consumer Reports analyzed some 10,000 cars and trucks offered for sale at 35 locations in 23 states one week last summer. Buying Or Selling A Used Vehicle?Buying_used_cars.qxd reliable and accurate information on a vehicle such as salvage or junk title from a dealer, by law, the dealer is required to file the title papers on behalf of the buyer. The Kit Car List of 32 Ford Coupe Kits and Bodies and 1932 Ford body parts available today.
Inclusion on KitCarList™ is not a referral, recommendation or endorsement of any kind. Exercise extensive due diligence before doing any business with manufacturers, builders and dealers.
According to the article, "Five Reasons to Avoid Salvage-Title Cars," a salvage title reduces a vehicle's value by 50% or more.

A look at the compliance map on the official NMVTIS website shows potential loophole states within a few hundred miles drive from just about anywhere in the US.
It means that extra caution is due when buying any out-of-state vehicle licensed in areas not currently in compliance with NMVTIS: Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont, plus the federal district of Washington, DC. That's why a hands-on inspection by a trusted mechanic is an essential part of any used car buying decision.

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