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The model portrays a small town gas production plant in the midst of extensive industrial development. This was my third appearance at the Inverness MRC exhibitions and my first when the overall effect of the layout could be appreciated even though there is still much to be done. This layout represents two parts of the Highland railway's line which ran between Forres and Boat of Garten.
A demonstration layout showing how easy it is the get started using only off-the-shelf components.
Using the steadiest of hands, Dave Patterson applies the deft finishing touch to his model carriage. This scene can be considered to be quite remote from the other even if it is only a few inches away. The gas-holders rise and fall, the wagon turntable operates and wagons enter and leave the foundry.

A long way from the first time I was there with just the station track laid and two loose tracks running round the back behind a static display of N scale trains. Unfortunately some visitors missed the upstairs exhibits which meant that we were fairly quiet up there.
His addition may not have been noticeable to the crowds who descended upon the Model Rail Scotland exhibition yesterday.
There is no particular attachment to one railway company, but there is a strong London Midland and Scottish Railway bias due to the availability of that stock. At the Gas Works coal wagons arrive full and leave empty, for coke wagons the reverse happens. All the visible track-work is by C & L, laid on a full-size plan drawn on a CAD system. However, that meant that I was able to have several long conversations with those who did make it upstairs.

But for Mr Patterson, you can only suspect that does not matter.For this is the zone of the enthusiast.
To the right of the retort house are the gas purifier boxes, to left there is a governor house and two small gas-holders concerned with pressure regulation. A canal cuts across the railway scene requiring extensive bridging; it disappears under a warehouse.

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