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Today, just a little after 1pm, we rode the inaugural 7 Line train from Times Square to Hudson Yards. En route, the tunnel was notable mostly for its lack of graffiti–a condition that will surely soon change. On the concourse level of the station, one floor above the tracks, animated screens announced the new station. The $2.4 billion project was a long time coming, heralding the new Hudson Yards development currently underway.
Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, SRT, Mopar and the Pentastar logo are registered trademarks of Chrysler Group LLC. President's Day 2014 Monday is a federal holiday and the New York MTA will have a special schedule for holiday hours on Monday Feb. Most New Yorkers would know how to get around the city even if they were blindfolded, those who live and work in the city know the schedules almost as well as they know their own address.
Hudson Rail Link, the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry and the Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry are not operating. Roz ZurkoHartford Top News ExaminerRoz Zurko is a freelance writer originally from Milford, Conn.
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New York – Erika Menendez, the disturbed woman accused of shoving a man in front of a New York City subway train to his death last month said that she did it simply because she was having a bad day.
Menendez is also mentally disturbed, but admitted that she doesn’t take her medication. Since I bought my iPhone on June 30, I’ve been looking for an easy, high-quality method for viewing the MTA Subway map. What I wanted, was the ability to view a PDF, or large PNG of the system map – and to be able to zoom in and drag it around easily.
Filemark Maker gets around the limitations outlined above, by writing files to a temp location on the device’s HD, by using Safari bookmarklets. As a pristine new subway train pulled into the station, the crowd of excited passengers–which was as diverse in age, ethnicity and temperament as New Yorkers can get–applauded. In fact, by 2025 the MTA anticipates that it will be the busiest station in all of New York City.
For the folks who just arrived and for those visitors to the city, the mass transit system is so massive that it can be confusing. The phone’s built-in Photo application “optimizes” all photos and images down to a dimension and resolution that doesn’t work well for images with lots of small text and details.
There was even a doomsday transit man, proclaiming to whoever gave accidental eye contact that the system was never supposed to be this way.

The station looks much like described to us on our visit deep down into the construction in 2011. The MTA Long Island Railroad will add one extra westbound morning train on the Ronkonkoma Branch.
None of this dampened the spirit, as applause returned again as the overhead speakers announced that this would be the first train ride to Hudson Yards. In order to bypass the Lincoln Tunnel, the Hudson Yards station is deeper than many stations at over 80 feet below street level (though not close to the deepest, which is 191st Street at 180 feet below). She has been a guest author on BBC radio and her online articles are read by more than a million people each month.
This did work for me, but I found the MTA’s PDF map sluggish when zooming or dragging around. And, I had to drill back through the Mail menus to get to my Yahoo mail account, (as I’m primarily a Gmail user).

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