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Natalie DiVecceli stood outside Manhattan's Mount Sinai Hospital hoping her ride home would show up before the road travel ban in New York City."The city's closing down," she said. Some passengers stranded for hours on a freezing subway train during a 2010 blizzard are getting $2,500 from New York City's transit agency. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The cable network announced this morning that it will begin naming noteworthy winter storm systems this year in a bid to boost ratings public awareness and coordinate response efforts. The concept of naming winter storms makes sense, if only to spare the Twittersphere from having to come up with ever-more-awkward snow-related portmanteaux.
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New York City's roads have reopened and public transportation is beginning to return as the city cleans up after a deadly blizzard dumped 26.8 inches of snow on the city. The storm packed a paralyzing punch as promised Saturday, reducing much of the city of 8 million people to a virtual ghost town. The blizzard whipped up hurricane force winds while blanketing the city with at least two feet of snow.
The two-day storm is the citya€™s second largest blizzard since 1869, veering close to a storm that dumped a historic 26.9a€? in 2006. The killer storm contributed to more than 400 car crashes scattered throughout the city and at least five deaths deaths. On Long Island, a 94-year-old man died while using a snowblower in Smithtown and a 61-year-old man died shoveling in Nassau County.
The lights went dark on Broadway and the streets were closed to all but emergency vehicles by mid-afternoon. Hizzoner said Saturday afternoon that the massive storm was nothing to play with, warning parents to keep their kids inside.
More than 20 inches has fallen during the storm, making it one of the five worst in New York City history.
Pedestrians walk through the snowy streets of the Upper East Side as all cars but emergency vehicles are banned from driving on the road on January 23, 2016.

Broadway shows, after some gentle prodding from the mayor, announced all Saturday performances were canceled a€” with a promise the theaters would reopen for Sunday's matinees.
The Broadway shutdown was a huge letdown for Niklaus Miller, 21, and his pal Stewart Fullerton. A man pulls a boy on a snow saucer during a snowstorm at Central Park in the Manhattan borough of New York January 23, 2016.
Snow is seen on a bench and on the platform at Canal Street Station in Lower Manhattan, New York,. Felipe Valencia, 47, a custodian clad in ski pants, a ski mask and goggles, was shoveling snow outside 655 Third Ave. But most of the Saturday morning buses were eerily empty, and few pedestrians were willing to venture outside even before the city went under winter lockdown. Travel in and out of New York City airports and Newark will continue to lag through Monday as airlines preemptively cut hundreds of flights. More than 1,000 flights out of New York City-area airports were cancelled, including 90% of flights from LaGuardia.
The storm's arrival coincides with a full moon, ensuring that strong winds will combine with a high tide to produce significant flooding. A paramedic from Queens, DiVecceli said her ambulance had been stuck Saturday morning when the first of the more than 20 inches of snow expected to pound the city began falling. The National Hurricane Center has been naming tropical storms since the 1950s, but it doesn’t track blizzards in the same way. Instead, the Weather Channel has brewed up a list of names borrowed from mythology, ancient history, and, um, yoga. A 78 and 80-year-old man died while shoveling snow in Queens while a 67-year-old man in Staten Island also died while clearing piles of powder. Commuter rail lines and much of the city's mass transit was shut down, along with bridges and tunnels across the city and New Jersey. Saturday as bridges and tunnels in and out of the city were closed at the same time in a virtual knockout blow to the city that never sleeps. De Blasio also encouraged restaurants and other businesses open Saturday to close early, sparing night workers from making their way through the blizzard and giving the day shift a chance to flee before the travel ban started.

City bus service shut down at noon, although the underground portion of the subway still running. All arrivals and departures were eventually cancelled due to severe winter weather conditions at Newark and LaGuardia airports, with Kennedy at a virtual standstill as well.
In the back of the ambulance, DiVecceli's partner tended to a man with abdominal pains.DiVecceli asked a group of building workers whether she could borrow a shovel to free the ambulance.
Are we supposed to root for Winter Storm Rocky to beat the odds and knock out power to the Philadelphia area?
The Port Authority Bus Terminal, the busy Midtown transportation hub, closed its doors at 4 p.m.
All names that we can retire now that The Weather Channel has decided to plow into the winter-storm-moniker business. She "put the gas to the floor" and the ambulance, finally, jumped out of the snow trap, she said.A 15-minute ambulance ride to a hospital took nearly an hour.
The blizzard will almost certainly be among New York City's "top five snowstorms" in recorded history in terms of accumulation, Mayor Bill de Blasio said."We're going into uncharted territory," de Blasio said. The sound of clanking chains on the wheels of plows replaced the normal din of weekend traffic. With his New York flight also canceled, he was making a 22-hour train ride to Chicago, where he would try again to fly home."I planned to visit Chicago next year, but I'll get there earlier," he said. I've been to New York during other seasons -- in the cold and the heat -- but never saw it under a blanket of snow."Juana Estevez, 64, trudged 14 blocks to her job as a home care attendant.
I have good boots."Few cars traversed streets populated by fleets of plows and salt trucks.

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