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Following World War II, soldiers returned home to find new advances in aeromodeling, and some became so involved they opened their own shops.
Entering the hobby shop transports visitors back to a time when the Control Line model was king. This is our own latest and current track, which we started using in December 2007, and are still racing on today. The room size is about 35 x 12 feet, including the extension for the hairpin at the far end.
As an experiment, we initially had no walls except on the elevated portions (as seen in the top pic). Daniel Coelho, the owner of X-PERIENCE Paintball Arena in Florian?polis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, originally contacted us in April 2009 after seeing Harnois Race Park online.
Brothers Martin and Carsten, who live in Northern Germany (about 1.5 hours North of Hamburg), contacted me in June 2009. These guys included lots of cool details like miniature ad banners, bushes, tire barriers, and red & white rumble strips that actually rumble.
By locating all the drivers in a specific location at one end of the room, we were able to extend the track at the other end and still have everyone able to see the whole track. The elevated bridge provided an opportunity to indroduce some dips and rises, a feature I always wanted in an RC road course but have rarely seen it done in a realistic way. I intentionally built the straight incline so that the cars would catch a slight bit of air on the rise if taken at full speed coming off the bridge.
On the other end of the bridge, I sought to make the most of those dips and rises as well, by putting them in the middle of a reducing radius curve (or increasing radius depending on direction). On the lower sections on the floor, instead of curved walls we painted the track onto the floor, and the walls were built in such a way as to provide runoff areas as much as possible, except on the elevated portions.

Before building this bridge I considered and designed (with a basic CAD program) a cable stay bridge, a rigid arch bridge, a trush bridge, and others. I looked up the proportions online to determine how tall the arch should be relative to the length (20%). Initially I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to connect the cables in such a way that wouldn't look cumbersome and would allow for the tension to be adjusted, which would be necessary to get the road deck flat. One major thing I never liked about this track or any other track that we had in this hobby shop was that it was built at table height. In 2003, in one of our local hobby shops, they had built a table that was 20 x 14 feet for Mini-Z racing, but they had a very simple curve layout. In the remote control hobby section, you can check out electric powered cars starting from the animus up to the Savage from quality providers such as Traxxas, Helion, Vaterra, Axial, ECX, Arma and HPI racing. We stock a wide range of remote control planes and helicopters by Ares, Parkzone, Hobbyzone and Eflite, starting at $79.99 for the RTR Taylorcraft.
In the science section, we stock science kits, solar kits, microscopes, celestron telescopes, binoculars and spotting scopes, estes, aerotech and loc precision rockets and chemistry sets. In the puzzles and board game section, we stock a wide variety of puzzles from 30 pc to 3,000 pc including 3d and 4d puzzles. Watercolor Painting Class by Bob Virelli featuring wildlife, lighthouses, floral and fruit.
Step back in time as you enter our replica 1950s hobby shop, a place where dreams were just across the counter.
But first, the lane width is somewhat of a visual trick because there is always some runoff area making it affectively wider. Popular models include the rustler, stampede, slash, E Revo, Nitro powered T Maxx, rally, summit, invictus, dominus, nissan GTR, ruckus, jeep wrangler rubicon, wraith, and mustang drift.

Popular models include the gamma, sports cub, super cub, F27Q stryker, delta ray, visionair, P51D mustang, fucke wolfe and firebird stratos. In the tools and paint section, we stock everything to satisfy your hobby building needs including balsa wood, metal rods, glue and Aztek and Badger air brush supplies. We stock a wide range of remote control cars, trucks, boats, tanks, quads, planes and helicopters. The Ares Ethos FPV is an affordable large quadcopter with first person view, streaming live video direct to the controller. The plastic model section includes models of cars, trucks, boats, planes, tanks, figures, as well as space, gundam, horror and sci fi. In addition we offer games, crafts, toys, puzzles, science, slot cars, metal detectors, plastic and die cast models, airsoft, trains, tools and hobby supplies. Popular models include the barbwire, blackjack, rivo, revolt, spartan, miss geico, atlantic tug boat and the Cajun Commander Brushless Airboat. Professional grade includes the Blade Chroma, the DJI phantom 3 and the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 Drone with K4 Camera. For the train enthusiast we stock track, supplies and train sets from N scale to O scale track from Atlas, Bachman and Lionel.

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