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Red and gold rustling leaves, weirdly shaped fungi, the smell of damp mosses… A walk through a wood on a bright autumnal day can bring joy to the heart. Our woodlands range in age from long-standing forests through which our ancestors hunted to modern-day plantations which provide materials for building and paper.
Our woodlands come alive at dawn – tawny owls hoot to each other, and wrens, blackcaps and warblers fill the air with song. During the day, small herds of roe and fallow deer roam between the tree trunks of our mixed woods, red squirrels bustle around the treetops in pine woods and butterflies alight on flowers at the forest floor. In woodlands, dead and rotting wood is important for fungi and insects like the impressively horned stag beetle. Tawny owl, sparrowhawk, great spotted woodpecker, treecreeper, nuthatch, jay, blackcap, garden warbler, nightingale, goldcrest, coal tit, crossbill, firecrest, roe deer, red deer, badger, fox, grey squirrel, red squirrel, wood mouse, dormouse, bluebell, wood sorrel, early-purple orchid, wood anemone, dog’s mercury, primrose, herb-Paris, red campion, oak, ash, beech, field maple, hornbeam, birch, Scots pine, lesser stag beetle. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. If you go down to the woods today, you could well be in for a surprise: you might find you're the only one there.

The Southeast Woodland comprises approximately 20  acres in the southeast corner of Timberhill.  It borders a ridgetop meadow in the center of the property. Recovery of the understory plants has been inconsistent.  After three prescribed burns yellow ladyslipper orchids appeared clinging to the side of seepy bluff overlooking the ravine at the north end. But  ectomycorrhizal fungi that have fruited here since we began managing this woodland have compensated for the lack of floristic quality.
This entry was posted in Fungi, Land management, Plants and tagged Oak savanna fungi by SBrown. Founded by William & Sibylla Brown in 1993, Timberhill Oak Savanna comprises 200 acres of woodlands, prairie openings and wetlands in Decatur County, Iowa. But the trees of our woodlands have a much deeper story to tell – one of fascinating creatures and ancient practices. Broadleaved woods are composed of deciduous trees, mixed woods of both deciduous and coniferous trees, and pine woods often of non-native trees planted for timber.
Great spotted woodpeckers, treecreepers and jays visit broadleaved and mixed woods, while goldcrests and rare crossbills flit between the trees of conifer forests.

As night descends, mammals like foxes, bats, badgers and dormice come out to forage and hunt.
But The Wildlife Trusts manage many woodland nature reserves sympathetically, and encourage others to do so, too.
Pockets of other conservative plants such as false hellebore are scattered through the rest of the woodland, but much of the understory is still in early stages of recovery. A mix of coppicing, scrub-cutting, ride maintenance and non-intervention all help woodland wildlife to thrive.
Bolete spores are released from inside these pores.)  Several have been species new to Iowa records.
Visits to forests and woodland across the country boost the rural economy and have proven personal health and wellbeing benefits.

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