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This entry was posted in Lego Set Review and tagged 7597, Chase, Lego, Lego Toy Story 7597 Western Train Chase Review, Review, Story, Toy, Train, Western. Students will investigate how the effects of magnets change when their position in space is changed.
Table 1: Set of donut magnets on a pencil, a blank sheet, and color pencils for each child. Table 2: 3-5 vehicles of "Thomas the train" or other magnetic toy train cars (see below for example), a blank sheet, and color pencils for each child. The teacher assigns each child to a group and table (4-5 children per group), and manages the rotations after periods of 5-10 minutes such that each group has visited each table in the end.
Today I am reviewing the Lego 7597 Toy Story  Western Train Chase from the Pixar movie, Toy story 3. Prepare 4 tables with 4-5 chairs each, and set up the materials corresponding to each table. The students are asked to put out their arms and connect hands with the student across from them. Short recap of each table by letting some children show their paintings and explain what they found. Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions and conducting careful investigations. Measure length, weight, temperature, and liquid volume with appropriate tools and express those measurements in standard metric system units.
I am worried that these toys have lead in them, especially because I don't know where they were made. This Lego set includes six minifigures, Woody the cowboy, Jessie the cow girl, Bullseye the trusty steed, Buzz Lightyear the spaceman, the devious evil doctor pork chop, and Rex, the dinosaur.
Younger children create “necklaces” by putting together a nice combination of colors and spaces between them, and paint their choice on a blank sheet. Depending on the orientation of the train wagons, they stick together, or they push each other away. Older children drop the small magnet 10 times on the table without the large magnet and children color the upside-lying color of the small magnetic on their worksheet (attached).
As a basis for understanding this concept and addressing the content in the other three strands, students should develop their own questions and perform investigations. Older children measure the distance between the magnets, depending on their orientation and number, and paint these distances on a worksheet. The children find a combination so that the train can run without losing a wagon and paint their train on a blank sheet.

The children try to hold together the magnets according to these combinations, and find out if they stick together. Now, students again are asked to reach out their arms, but this time, the children on the left side are unable to connect hands with those on the right. Children that finish early create another combination of colors and distances between magnets. On the worksheet sheet (attached), they mark the combinations that stick with a smiling face (and the ones that do not stick with a sad face).
Do the home testing kits work?Answer: The recent recalls of lead-containing toys have raised many concerns about the safety of our products. The set itself is rather big, there are a total of 584 pieces, and extending at 23 inches (58 centimeters) and 4 (10 centimeters) inches tall. Children that finish early try aligning the bar magnets on the long side and see which combinations stick.
Although lead is a naturally occurring metal that can be found practically everywhere — in the earth's crust, batteries, water pipes, pencils (okay, not pencils -- I meant crayons), and even food -- its levels are generally declining in our products and in our environment. All the pieces were put in separate bags, they are divided this way to make it easier to assemble one train car at a time, so you’re not scrambling for that one piece you need, which I thought was a good idea considering how big it is. Lead was used for decades in gasoline, paints, and other household products, with its use steadily phased out since the 1970s in the United States, Canada, Western Europe and elsewhere.
There are a total of four train cars in this set, there is the main train engine that suits the name “Western” because it looks exactly that. This phase out is the direct result of lead's health risks, which may be particularly large for babies and young children who are growing so quickly. It also came with three other train carts, a small first class passenger cart, a money train cart (complete with a trap door and a box of dynamite) and a passenger train.
Depending on the upside color of the large magnetic wand, the small magnet always lands with the corresponding color up. These risks include blood and brain function damage and growth slowing, with these risks increasing with the amount of lead exposure.
Only a small complaint, but for the cars, (excluding the main train) it was difficult to snap on the wheels for the cars, it takes a little strength and patient, but I have none of that so I had someone help me.
Children are generally exposed to lead when they eat lead-containing paint chips or as more recently reported, when they eat or suck on lead-painted or containing toys. Another complaint I had, was that in the passenger cart in the movie those little ugly troll dolls in them, but this set didn’t have it.
Older children that finish early turn around the magnetic wand and repeat the game on a new worksheet.

Although the United States and other countries have long had federal standards for lead in paint, toys and jewelry with unsafe levels of lead are still often sold in the United States, even as recently as this past month.
It would’ve been pretty cool to see in the set, but seeing the size of the cart itself, wouldn’t have been a great idea to put them in.
When caught, these unsafe lead levels prompt toy recalls and often stricter regulations.What this means for you, your children, and their toys is not entirely clear.
In addition, you should have check the Consumer Protection Safety Commission's (CPSC) list of recalled toys and remove any toys on this list from your home.
Seeing how this is a Disney set, it wont be around for much longer, so you should get it now! If your children have not been tested already, you should ask your doctor or health clinic to give your children a lead blood test to make sure that your children's lead exposures are within healthy limits.Beyond these steps, you could remove all painted or metal toys that are made in countries without strong consumer protection and occupational safety laws.
The best and most surefire way to test for lead is to send your toys to a lead-certified professional laboratory. A list of these laboratories can be found at the National Lead Information Center (1-800-424-LEAD).
Prior to going this route, you may want to test the toys for lead using one of the many home lead testing kits that can be purchased at hardware stores or over the internet. These kits generally use chemicals that change color in the presence of lead to give an idea of the amount of lead in the tested surface.
Since they often cannot tell high lead levels from low lead levels, these tests are not recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).
Some home test kits, however, may be recommended by a state or knowledgeable agency and may help you decide whether additional testing of your toys for lead is necessary. You should remember that these home lead tests are far from perfect and that a negative result does not mean that there is no lead in your toy. It just means that there is less lead than can be detected by the kit.There are many resources to learn more about what you can do to reduce your children's exposure to lead. For example, the NLIC website has fairly complete information about lead and its health impacts, while the US EPA published a good pamphlet on lead testing. Please keep in mind that her answers are just her interpretation of available information and should not be taken as the only viewpoint or solution to a problem.

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