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The rajputana Sheraton at Jaipur and the Jaypee Palace were excellent but The Park in Delhi, wasn't in the same level, the public spaces like corridor were dirty. This train runs between New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling and counts among the most wonderful journeys of the world.
The proposal to lay down a train line between Siliguri and Darjeeling was put up by one Franklin Prestage.
Just after the introduction of railways in India, there was a proposal to build a rail line up to it.
The Barog railway station is somewhat special as the train stops here for about 15 minutes to enable the passengers to have some refreshments from the restaurant here which is regarded as the best of any hill station in India. The journey that you undertake through this train is truly amazing as it is not only the distance that you cover but also the altitude that you gain that takes your breath away.
The reason for building this track was that it was very difficult to reach Udhagmandalam (now known as Ooty). The journey commences at Mettupalayam, passes through the plain areas only for about five miles and then goes up to Ooty. Matheran is an incomparable hill station and is easily accessible from Mumbai as it is only 108 km away from Mumbai. The Toy train at Matheran starts its journey from Neral on the Mumbai Pune line and ends at Matheran.
Although the journey takes only 90 minutes, yet the visual delights that it offers along the way are tremendous and beyond comparison.
Neral - Hardal Hill - Jammapatti Station - Bhekra Station - Mount Barry - Panorama Point - Simpson Point - Matheran Bazaar. Please mention your other travel requirements related to catering, accomodation and lifestyle needs. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to know about exclusive new products, special events and updates!
Enter the station detail of your travel (the station code, for ex JP for Jaipur), the date of travel. You can make the full process from cleartrip website while making your first train research.
Not necessary, if you are a CBSE or ICSE student, you have to study third language only till 5th class. CHANDIGHAR, Punjab (March 24, 2014)—Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has launched Panj Takht Darshan, a special spiritual journey sight seeing train, that from March 21 to 31, 2014, provides an opportunity for Sikh devotees to visit Panj Takht Sahiban, all five of the temporal seats of Sikh religious authority, at one stretch. IRCTC’s chief regional manager RK Sondh said that the special train for Railway Yatra, Panj Takht Darshan, could be boarded from Jammu, Khatua, Bharoli, Gurdaspur, Batala, Amrtisar, Beas, Kartarpur, Jalandhar, Phagwara Ludhiana, Dhuri, Bathinda, and Delhi. But those who board the train from Beas, Kartarpur, Jalandhar, Phagwara, Ludhiana, Dhuri, Bathinda and Delhi, will be given separate tickets for different trains departing from Amritsar. The special saloons in toy trains on Neral-Matheran railway has received overwhelming response from tourists, with income from bookings having witnessed a four-fold increase since its introduction on November 22, 2012, say Central Railway officials.
Between April 2012 and February 2013, 45 bookings were made from Neral to Matheran while 56 bookings were made from Matheran to Neral, helping the CR earn Rs 1.18 lakh.
The saloons have been modified with provisions made for comfortable seating, especially for a small family or group of friends travelling together. At present CR operates six shuttle services along Neral-Matheran as only three locomotives are in working condition. The Neral-Matheran railway line was built in the early 20th century at a cost of Rs 16 lakh. India and Bangladesh railways have decided to issue return journey tickets of Maitree Express. It says, with this, passengers in Bangladesh would be able to buy return tickets for all classes of travel in Maitree Express from Kolkata to Dhaka from the ticket counters in both sides, according to a news agency. The return journey tickets would be available from 30 days up to 2 days prior to the date of journey, excluding the journey date. Request mods to delete this post as this is false information and slander, both in one post. After undertaking a survey to find a suitable second operational point, officials zeroed in on Hadapsar station, and sent a land reservation proposal to the PMC.
Also, the entry and exit points to the station need widening so that passengers get adequate space while accessing and leaving the station,” said Pune division railway manager Suneet Sharma.

There are two platforms that can accommodate 12 coaches each, and a single foot-over bridge (FOB) connecting them.
There is no security guard or Railway Police Force (RPF) personnel deployed at the station.
One of the staffers said, “In the absence of security guards, and easily accessible restrooms, local urchins have converted the station into a night shelter. Work of increasing the height of platform #2 is currently underway, alongside construction of a toilet for physically challenged commuters. Vipul Alekar, another commuter, said, “To board a long-distance train, we go all the way to Pune. An exhibition to commemorate the 160 years of history was inaugurated at the Central Railway Station by P K Misra, Divisional Railway Manager, Southern Railways, here on Wednesday.
On 16 April, 1953, the first journey on a steam engine driven train commenced from Mumbai to Thane.
After 160 years the Indian Railways now operates over 11 thousand trains every day travelling a distance equal to three times that of a journey to the moon from the earth and back, and catering to a population of 2.2 crore, which is greater than the populations of Norway, Sweden and Denmark put together.
The Indian Railways is one of the top employers in the world boasting a strength of over 14 lakh employees who benefit from medical, housing, pension and education schemes. The Indian Railways has been instrumental in the railway growth of countries like Tanzania, Iraq, Columbia and Mozambique. This is a tiring repetition of stats and other useless stuff about the decaying entity called the India Railways.
Also the fact of huge number of employees indicates wastage and inefficient deployment of resources. I am waiting for the day a no-nonsense mantriji who understands large organizations to completely revamp the IR.
Popularly known as the "Toy Train", The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a romantic approach to Himalayas. Budkins are friendly bendable wooden character figures for little hands and big imaginations. Although the 83 km long journey takes about nine hours to reach its destination, the wait is worth it as the magnificent views of landscapes that you get to savour are truly enchanting.
The earlier train was very different from the one that runs today as it was only a four wheeled trolley covered with canvas. After the proposal for the railway line was submitted, intense discussions followed and then an adhesion line was preferred to the rack system.
To climb up, it uses Alternate Biting System which is also called the rack and the pinion system.
The landscapes visible from Matheran are exceptional and the air, pollution free as the place is a vehicle free zone.
Come Hardar hills and the ascent begins but the real treat comes at the Jamnapatti station where the track and the road run together for some distance and get separated after a while. It is quite complicated for a foreigner, but it depends if you have an indian phone number or not and an indian bank account or not. Once you register all your details, they will send you a code by SMS and another one by email, then you will have to use the two codes to confirm you account. Select the e ticket, and the Quota (general, tatkal or ladies) and click on « find train ». They will ask you to create an account on IRCTC. Fill the form entering your personal details, chose an IRCTC username, and enter a dummy indian number (of 10 digits and usually starts with an 8). Between April 2013 and February 2014, the figure has risen with 236 bookings made from Neral to Matheran and 104 bookings from Matheran to Neral, helping the Railways earn Rs 3.99lakh. However, with a plan to boost sale of tickets on the hill railway, the CR introduced the facility for passengers too. A CCTV camera has been attached outside the saloon, which connects to an LCD TV inside to help passengers enjoy the scenic beauty of the hill station easily. If Hindi is the local language then Hindi, if it is some other language, then that language. I can't wrap my head around people like you who are so adamant on destroying their own culture. In the proposal, we requested the PMC to reserve the land surrounding the station for transport facilities.

During emergencies, an RPF constable is called from Loni railway station or Mundhwa police station. So we keep the toilets locked during daytime and give the keys only when passengers ask for them. This first passenger train with 14 coaches travelling a distance of 34 kilometres marked the beginning of a heritage that would grow to become one of the the defining points of India itself, the Indian Railways.
It is now the fourth largest railway network in the world, having tracks that span a length of 63,940 kilometres, covering all the places in India from Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari at the Southern tip, all under one managing authority.
With the growth in economy, the Indian Railways has also developed to modernise facilties and increase the length and number of passengers on each train.
It manufactures and exports coaches to Thailand, Myanmar, Taiwan, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Nigeria and Bangladesh. Although the idea began to take shape in 1854 itself, it took another 40 years to begin work on it. He obtained permission from his father and based himself at Neral and started working on the project from there. Then complete the reservation form, the name of the passengers, and click go, then click on make payment.
Now, you will receive an email from IRCTC with your username that you choose, your password to login and your email « OTP ».  They will send you a link to activate this account, but you are supposed to enter the mobile OTP code, that you didn’t recieve as you gave a fake number. Explain in your mail that you are a foreigner (give your name), that you don’t have an indian number, and that you want to recieve this code in you mail address to activate and synchronise your cleartrip and IRCTC account. Script is not big deal still learning a different language is there and people in these states have learnt hindi easily while not forgetting their local language. Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy is credited with financing the railway line and his son Abdul Hussain Adamjee Peerbhoy for planning it. For example, I would destroy my Bengali culture if I was speaking Hindi, English or any other language instead of Bengali in a place where one would expect me to speak Bengali.
While one side of the station is surrounded by industries and a vast expanse of open space, the other is encroached upon by slums.
The staff comprises eight from operational section, three commercial workers and two housekeepers.
Today, a train could have up to 24 coaches extending to half a kilometre and carry up to 1,500 passengers.
The coaches of Shimla Toy Train are very well appointed with wall to wall carpeting as well as glass windows that enhance the overall appearance of the toy train.
First, a Swiss inventor Riggenback started work on it and built the line up to Conoor by 1899. The attractions to watch out for en route are the Panorama point and Simpson Tank after which the train reaches its destination, Matheran. Daily, 16 passenger trains (8 up and 8 down) pass through the station for Solapur, Manmad, Baramati and Daund. A journey through the rail network could give one a glimpse of hundreds of languages and thousands of traditional delicacies. These coaches are custom built, with better materials, quality control and strict inspection and also cost more.
If it is written for exemple AVAILABLE 8 in the 3A column that means there are 8 more seats in the third class.
The Babus balk at the same export quality coaches for Indian Railways since the costs are 2x or more. This goes back to the babu mentality to under estimate budgets and the moment they see 2x the natural tendency is to provide 1x.
If you book this ticket, you will know if you have a seat at least two hours before the train arrives, and you won’t be able to cancel this ticket if you have the seat. If it is written RAC 18 for exemple, that means you are on a waiting list but you can still take the train (maybe you will have to share your seat with someone).

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