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The famous Toys R Us ghost picture shows a young man leaning on shelves in the background during a séance. The story about the haunting made its way onto a television show in 1978 called, That's Incredible.
Although this ghost picture is considered by most not to be a fake, we still must note that the shoes look more like tennis shoes and not boots from the late 1800s.
Toys R Us, at 130 East El Camino in Sunnyvale, has been featured on television's a€?That's Incrediblea€? and other shows.
The hologram of Ben is interesting, but I don't get why the set is called "The Ghost"?
If this show does surprise all of us and turn out to be watchable (many of us anticipated that The Clone Wars was going to be awful, but it was better than many of us had assumed it would be), I hope that Hasbro will offer some of these characters in the Black Series, or at least offer some sort of alternative besides these child-friendly 5 POA figures.
The cartoony look of the Clone Wars figures turned me off initially as well, but as I slowly developed a lukewarm appreciation for the show, the cartoonish CW figures slowly grew on me too. So you want figures based on the show, but you don't want them to look anything like the show. Resurrecting Obi-Wan (if only as a ghost) shows respect for continuity with the previous games and shows.
And isn't this supposed to be set before Episode 4, which would account for Kenobi being a hologram and not a ghost? While I'm still very skeptical about the show overall, any optimism that I have is bolstered by the fact that Dave Filoni is returning as a producer, but even more so because of Greg Weisman's involvement. Weisman is no stranger to collaborations with Disney, as his Gargoyles series is probably the most mature and substantial animated TV series that Disney has ever been affiliated with.

Also, his recent work on Young Justice proves that Weisman still has the potential to produce some great animated stories. Disney has made tons of shows that have serious situations and involved plots ever seen Gargoyles? The 5 poa is bad but it's where things are going now, the thing about making them in realistic style is ridiculous. They eventually made clone wars stuff in the realistic style but the actual toy line for the show was of course made to look like the cartoon.
Famed medium Sylvia Brown joined hosts Fran Tarkenton, John Davidson and Kathy Lee Crosby to investigate the store and conduct the seance while being photographed by professional photographers.
Psychics have said that the store is haunted by the ghost of a man who farmed the land on which the store was built. The story goes that many decades ago when the whole Bay Area was still orchards, there was a worker on a farm who was in love with the orchard owner's daughter. Not only is it horrid 5 poa stuff but it's that ugly cartoony animation look instead of looking like normal figures. I find it rather suspect that after the obliteration of everything eu the Jedi dude is suspiciously Kyle katarn-like.
To the surprise of the photographer and others, the ghost did not show up in other pictures of the same exact area, even when taken at the same moment with high speed film. According to employees at the time of the Sunnyvale, California Toys 'R' Us store, the ghost haunted the aisles and was known to toss toys from shelves, create cold spots, and make his presence known in other ways. It is not known whether she loved him back or not, but one day he was told that it could never work out between them.

A few even have stories about being alone in the stock room and seeing boxes move, feeling hands or someone steadying their ladder.
Expect something heavily sanitized and dumbed-down for a child audience: Mickey, Donald and Goofy in space, with blasters. The ghost is an apparently playful poltergeist, and often employees have opened the store in the morning to find the aisles strewn with toys, or have had balls bounce down the floors or teddy bears float down from the shelves.
He went into the field and started chopping wood to relieve his frustration, but in his fury he wasn't paying attention and the axe missed the log and went into his leg.
The Kanan and Ezra are 5 points of articulation, while the Obi-Wan Hologram features no articulation. Could the Toys R Us ghost photo show us that the Infrared spectrum is where some ghosts manifest? The ghost was believed to be that of a man from the 1880s with the last name of Johnson or Johnston, a ranch hand and preacher who farmed where the store sits today.
The store managers are happy to live with this mischievous ghost, as their sales climb every time a story is printed about the haunting.

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