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The train was built in 1997: I find the existence of a single unique train set rather odd, but I assume the KCR thought it through when they made the purchase.
Normal operations see 7 to 8 carriages in use, of the total of 12 carriages having been built for the train: the spare carriages are stabled in the Ho Tung Lau Depot at Sha Tin.
During my visit in 2010 the entire train set was covered in advertisements for the Guangzhou Asian Games.The remainder of the Guangdong Through Train services are operated with China Railways rolling stock by the Guangshen Railway, a Chinese state-owned enterprise. These services run once a day but to alternating destinations: with the Beijing train leaving on odd days, and the Shanghai train leaving on the evens, at least until there is a month with an odd number of days, when they swaps over.
To achieve this overtaking moves can occur at stations with multiple platforms, such as this run through at Sha Tin station.The non stop trains are still displayed on the platform indicators at MTR station, with a warning displayed to ensure passengers stand clear.
An interesting fact to note is that as per Chapter 558B Mass Transit By-Law prohibits the direct discharge from toilets onto its tracks after the electrification in 1982, toilets on Chinese trains (most of the older models discharge directly onto the tracks) are locked in the Hong Kong Section. Soon after the introduction of Chinese electric locomotives running the cross-boarder service, KCR (the former operator) denied the Chinese electric locomotive access to its tracks on the grounds that the pantograph is not compatible with its system causing excessive wear to its grids.

During those periods, the diesel service resumed with the exception of the KTT This problem was resolved when they decided to use the KTT pantograph which was designed for both systems. I would have through that if the Chinese already had a electric railway operating on their side, then something compatible should have been chosen for the Hong Kong side. And no, thought historically when the KCR was opened in 1911, most rolling stocks were HK rolling stocks.
It wasn’t until the KCR (Chinese Section) was electricfied in 1998 that the KTT is introduced (the only HK rolling stock serving the international route). Sadly though, KTT has seen increasing numbers of break-downs due to the lack of time for service. It ran as 2 sets at the begining, then as 1 set doing 3 returns a day, then to 5 returns a day now.
This has made it too busy for service and has seen an increasing number of breakdowns due to lack of maintenance.

Given KTT still being a top-of-the-line train in modern days standard despite 14 years of service especially when it charges the same price with its Chinese counterpart.
It is predicted that MTR will not replace the train should it be discommissioned since the service only accounted for minimal percentage of its revenue.
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