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When I came up in 2008 with an idea of a big terminus station on a small model train layout, Munich Central Station (= München, Bavaria) had been in my head as an inspiration. The covers also provide enough space to create a model train landscape, because all rails run underneath. I've recently verntured into N-scale trains in an effort to have something small and compact to work on while I design and build my larger O-scale layout.
I got the O-scale version of this car that Atlas makes and was so impressed I couldn't help but get one in N scale. The idea was to place everything which is not worth to see, like narrow curves, under two lids - one on the left side, one on the right side.
A simple press board with 2 x 1 meters is the basis of this model railroad layout (= approx. In front of the station building the terminal halls, selfmade from corrugated paperboard on a wooden subconstruction.
I don´t care much about model railroad epochs, but many modellers are oriented towards a certain era to be as realistic as possible.

Many hobbyist prefer that era, because everything is possible - from steam engines up to diesel or electric locos. UI Codes were introduced for standardization by the UIC, an international association of railways. I started out with a Bachmann starter set that included a circle of track, a Santa Fe engine, 3 freight cars and the transformer for $50! So, for any of you that are wondering how big (or small) these things are, here's a shot of my Santa Fe SD-40 next to a quarter.
Admirers get at invaluable internet experts when things seemed ho scale model train layout plans not too complex.
While I was at it, I bought 4 extra Bachmann freight cars for $9 each as well as a pack of 6 5-inch straight pieces to make a larger oval of track.
For me a track plan must be easy to realize, fit the size of a compact desktop format, and I want to come to an end quickly within some weeks. Ho 4x6 Track Plans.Building the right type of train table for your HO scale layout is essential for.

Usually the hobby starts with a model train set consisting of a simple oval, a loco and some wagons.
Granted, they don't do near as much cool stuff as the big O trains do, but they are still pretty neat and actually kinda cute.
My only complaint, if you want to call it a complaint, is that these things are a bitch to keep on the track. I've got a few Atlas N-scale cars on order right now, and I will probably try to add an Atlas engine at some point. It's really hard to get a good focus on these tiny pieces, even with my modest wide-angle lens, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

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