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Southbound trains board on Track 1 and northbound trains board on Track 2, unless otherwise announced at train station. For a schedule in the opposite direction, see the Paris Beauvais Train Schedule in the downloadable full PDF schedule below. For complete step-by-step instructions on completing this journey, see Beauvais Airport Train article. You may also check schedules online through sites mentioned in my train route planner article although I have noticed some errors with their suggested itineraries so beware. A Picture Schedule is a series of pictures that are sequenced in an order either horizontally or vertically for a specific purpose. Whether for curriculum, social skills, behavior, task analysis, or organization, we hope you can find the schedule you need. The Connecticut Department of Transportation supports the operation of two passenger rail lines and three branch lines in Connecticut. The New Haven Line, consisting of the New Haven Main Line and the New Canaan, Danbury and Waterbury Branch Lines, is operated by Metro-North. ConnDOT is committed to improving rail service as the new equipment, new rail cars and new train stations are brought on-line. Users can choose from over 30,000 images or upload their own pictures touse within their custom schedule. Sequence Schedules: Sequence Schedules shows 2- 6 pictures under boxes labeled with ordinal numbers above.

Checklist Schedule: A Checklist Schedule shows pictures and words listed vertically with a checkbox in front of each item.
Numbered Schedule: The Numbered Schedule also shows a vertical llist of picture and words, with a number rather than a checkbox in the front.
Remember that Lessonpix members can use any of our 30,000 clip art images or upload their own for the pictures in the Picture Schedules.
The New Haven Line serves stations along the shoreline from New Haven to Greenwich and on to Grand Central Terminal in New York City. This schedule allows the person (students or possibly geriatric adults with dementia) to check off when each item in the schedule is complete. The train is a great analogy often used in teaching sequence such as beginning, middle, and end.
If the train is an area of interest for the child, tasks or parts of the day may be presented in the Train Schedule for the child to follow. Shore Line East serves stations from New London to New Haven, with select trains continuing to Bridgeport and Stamford.
A train analogy may start with simple activities  (begin climbing the ladder and end with sliding down the slide). When each task is completed or when good behavior is demonstrated, a sticker or stamp may be placed on the train above each picture. For example the format of sequence schedule can be used for tasks such as: 1 wash hands, 2 get lunch box, and 3 eat.

This numbered list is a great way to visually organize information and show expectations clearly. It may progress to be used with beginning, middle and end of a story - eventually with more than one detail in the middle. For example, the Strip Schedule may be displayed near sinks to show steps in washing hands.
It can be used as a behavior list for a child to demonstrate each task is complete such as chores or homework. The Strip Schedule may be placed on a desk with visual cues for attending (looking eyes, hands to self, raise hand, etc). A group of students may receive an individual list with specific activities in different sequences to allow cooperative learning groups that change as the groups change to the next activity. During a family night at school, the student may use the checklist as they show their parent around their classroom to see their accomplishments. Morning tasks for a child with Autism may be placed in the child's bathroom for visual reminders.

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