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Forgotten New York was the first-ever recipient of Outstanding New York City Website by the Guides Association of New York City in March 2015!
SmyczynskiThe four of us walked out of Macy’s Herald Square in New York City at closing time, arms full of shopping bags.
The Empire State Building is open until Midnight, let’s go up and see the lights of New York City.” The girls loved the idea and it was probably one of the most beautiful sights we saw during our three day adventure in New York. However, since I really, really hate to fly, and none of us wanted to drive there, we decided to do something we’ve never done before, travel by train.
Bleary-eyed, the four of us boarded the Amtrak train at the nearly deserted Depew station at 4:20 am. After the initial excitement, we tried to catch some shut-eye; not the most comfortable thing to do in coach seats.
When the sun came up, we watched the scenery fly past; once we passed Albany, the tracks follow the Hudson River all the way to New York. With luggage in tow, we walked the two blocks to our hotel, La Quinta Inn Manhattan, located in New York’s Little Korea section. In addition to being close to the train station, it was just around the corner from the Empire State Building and Macy’s, and only a 20 minute walk to Times Square. We spent a little over $300 per night, per room, with two people sharing a room, which is what we budgeted for.
If you want to splurge, you can spend a lot more at some of the more luxurious accommodations closer to Times Square.
One night we converged at Mary’s house and sat in front of her computer, looking at all sorts of information about New York.
Linda’s daughter-in-law, who grew up in New York had also put together a packet of information. As to everything else to see and do, we knew we wanted to go on one of the double-decker bus tours, see a play and do some shopping. However, we decided that rather than planning our trip minute-by minute, we would have a basic plan and do most things spur-of-the moment.
We bit the bullet, pulled out one of our cell phones and called Ticketmaster and ordered full priced tickets to Hairspray. It turned out to be a wonderful performance and we had really good seats considering we bought them only hours before.

Our group especially enjoyed walking through Times Square at night, which was much different than the last time I was in New York, over thirty years ago.
Most of the shops, including Hershey’s Times Square, the M & M Store and a huge Toys R Us with an indoor ferris wheel, are open until midnight. On impulse, on our way back from the theater, we stopped for pizza, something we probably wouldn’t do at 11:00 pm at home. We got tickets for the hop-on; hop-off “all loops” tour offered by Grayline, a good deal at $49 per person, because tickets are good for 48 hours, so you have two days to see the city.
While you can get tickets at most hotels and at the Grayline Visitors Center, these “red vests” work for commission and they really do work hard for their money. Since we had done quite a bit of walking the day before, we were content to just sit and ride. The ride is narrated by knowledgeable guides, so we learned many little-known facts about the city.
Once inside the park, it was hard to believe that we were in the middle of a bustling city. One of the highlights was seeing Strawberry Fields and the Imagine memorial to the late John Lennon, which is located near the Dakota apartment building where he lived.
As soon as we got off the bus in Chinatown, street vendors tried to sell us knock-off purses. There were also numerous sidewalk vendors and shops offering inexpensive items, like jewelry, sunglasses, ties, and more handbags.
Chinatown is interesting, but definitely a bit edgier than some of the other neighborhoods. Maitre D’s from each restaurant were standing on the sidewalk and turning on the charm as they tried to lure us in. We have the best pasta in town.” We finally decided on Napoli’s Cafe, which had very good food.
Then it was back through Chinatown, past the annoying purse vendors, to get back on the bus.
All of us were impressed by the beauty and architecture of the Gothic-style cathedral, which opened in 1879.
But no, since our hotel had an open-air, roof-top bar, we figured, what the heck, it’s a nice night, let’s check it out.

Sipping wine and whiskey sours, we talked about our day and enjoyed the great view of the Empire State Building. If we were in the market for diamonds, we could have shopped along 47th Street, which actually has street lights shaped like diamonds. However, we were lucky; one of the “red caps” saw the panicked looks on our faces and asked if we needed help.
He loaded our luggage on a cart, took us down the elevator and we arrived at the track just as our train did. Mary referred to him as our angel with his wings tucked in and said it was a beautiful thing to get on an empty train and have someone load your baggage. It was actually quite nice, with tablecloths, flowers on the tables and real dishes and silverware. The food, which was cooked to order in the small kitchen on the train, was really good and not too expensive. After diner, we headed back to our seats, and drifted off to sleep until we arrived back in Buffalo. Tickets can be purchased at the visitor’s center, as well as at most hotels and at each bus stop from red vested guides.
La Quinta Inn Manhattan (212-736-1600) 17 West 32nd Street, NY, NY SidebarSpend some quality time with your best friends.Girlfriend getaways, women vacationing with close friends or female relatives, are becoming increasingly popular. A recent survey conducted by the AAA showed that 24% of American women have gone away with friends in the past three years and another 39% plan on taking a trip with their girlfriends in the near future.
Another woman I know, who has several friends scattered around the northeast, has made arrangements for all of them to meet at a bed & breakfast inn in the Finger Lakes Region for a getaway. For a small fee, Suzanne will organize a customized women’s getaway in the Finger Lakes wine country or anywhere in upstate New York. Just tell her what you’d like to do and she’ll take care of all the details and reservations.

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